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  • Freelancer Discovery can i start the original story?

    i have patched my game with discovery storm's wake but starting a new game dose not initiate the original storyline from unmoded FL. Is there a way i can still do it with this mod or do i just have to patch FL to work on Win10 and forget about all the extra gooddies included in discovery?

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  • help me find likes of cresta soft drink, please?

    Allured by soft drink that is frothy, rather than carbonated i seek someone whom would help me find this oddity.(no not coffee) Preferably the suggestion should be widely available.

    As for reasons why i amlooking for it: it fascinates me, just the mere concept of it: soda that is not carbonated but instead very frothy. Also Polar bear in shades was memorable enough mascot for me to find it irresistible .)

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  • Cities: Skylines?


    i am thinking about getting the game on some nice discount day but before that occurs i must plan ahead.

    I have looked through the game offering on steam but boy are there alot of DLCs.

    My intent is to play it as sortof sandbox city builder with some public transport (trams are available i saw that in many ppl playing).

    I would like to ask what YOU (hopefully experienced player in the game) recommend as DLCs i must get.

    I would love to get art deco but thats not going to provide me with anything so my assumption is mass transit, parks and industries? I would like your insight as to why would you suggest the ones you do as opposed to spartan list - i am not certain what i am interested in afterall.

    My limit is peculiar (owing to source reseller limits) total limit of 5 items (including the game itself so 4 DLCs).

    I am avid TTdL and OpenTTD player (hence the public transport interest), but never gotten into things like SimCity. tho i suspect i could be able to just download existing cities. My interest in the game is mostly about connecting than constructing parts of town.

  • why do we call it a ton?

    Right so this is not very smart question but i am bored so here goes:

    Imagine if we called it MEGAgram! now that'd sound better than ton to my ears.

    so i am wondering why are we using ton in its stead.

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  • Is there anything that would taste similar to Cresta's Frothy soft drink nowdays? widely available at least?

    I too want to feel such a sugar rush that ill yell out loud "Rimsky-Korsakov" (or whatever the bear yells in the ad) sounds like contents of that drink might just be the thing i need to get around the problem i have with fizzy drinks.

    Problem i have is that there is most likely something that at least emulates Cresta (it was made for 30 years so there had to be something to it). Full production drink would make me able to purchase it online - at convenience store somewhere.

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  • Self-destruction?


    first some background:

    I have been allways bad, but last year events brought things into more focus.

    As far as i can tell i was having simillar problems even when i was little kid, there is a story my mother tells me: back when i was less than 5 it took entire family for me to crack a smile for a photo of me as smiling kid.

    Over the years i isolated myselve from people, favouring small number of loyall people over having to deal with most human beings. This has een especially present in second stage of elementary school wherein i began to be or gotten myselve isolated (no idea weather it was me causing it or them).

    During my existence (i do not have a life so this was one step below) i gone through people's lives leaving no notable positive trail, i think i am bad persson aswell because only thing i leave is bitter taste of dissapoitement.

    Midway through last year i've gotten great job that i could be allright at, met woman whom just shaped my dreams - gave me hope for not being complete failure. but than my brain just decided that happiness shant be allowed and brokme me the **** down. It gotten so bad that i lost sense of hummor, completly shut everything down and subsequently chased her away and gotten out of the work. I was very seruiously contemplating suiscide.

    I hate myselve for destroying dreams and being nasty towards woman i still love wholehartidly.

    Anny depresion survirors how did you get out of it?

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  • Grand Theft Auto Online Nonsencical ban?

    i was unjustly baned from GTAO.

    I am playing in passive mode while doing almost exclusively heisting/setups for heists.

    I stay away from annything exploit/hack related.

    Yet i got baned.

    To my logicall request to have somone look at the ban R* just spams me with nonsencicall pre-writen crap without reading what i have to say on the matter, instead of you know reading it.

    I do as much as i can do avert being annywhere near moders so not only i got baned for no reason it serves as perfect example of GTA (pressumed algorythm?) being usless - the fact that no human has ever even looked at the case AND noone but automated systems reply to me just cements the case.

    Annyways the question yeah.

    Annyone has anny idea how to force R* to pay attention to the appeal (in particullar since they are threatening to dele my account if another ban occurs... which as i estabilished could happen for no reasson and at anny time). i've allso poured signifficant time into my charakter and garages which is now suposedly lost to time.

    Anny help or recourse that you can think of would be helpfull.

    "Brady_B_1426" for reference is the bot that made initiall "reply" (coppy paste job from their legall document, that basicaly biols down to "**** you, noone will explain ****, and **** off") well done Rockscam.

    oh right attempted methods of contacting: ticketing system (read above the bot), Twitter - but that is allways ignored.

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  • How do i gain acess to race within fort Zacato (GTA4 san Andreas) without wanted levels.?

    so there is a race in fort Zacato which i want to do. i can not acess the damn base without getting wanted levels, therby preventing start of that race.

    i have tried:

    Helicopter landing,

    calling lester,

    jumping the fence,

    Parachute. (in night)

    i allways end up having wanted levels as soon as i i get within 3 or 5 meters of the ground.

    (i am playing PC steamless verssion if that is anny help)

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  • GTA5 ingame spam?

    why do i keep getting spammed by amu-Nation and customs shops in GTA5, how to delete those messagess

    and how to prevent them.

    (PC only)

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games5 years ago
  • Dose annyone keep track of supernatural (TV) main cast's death count? i am quite sure i have seen pretty much all of them die.?

    i would like to ask weather you know how manny times have:




    and Castiel died in ten years of this show's runtime.

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  • How bad things are if my HDD are dying (2 in last 4 years)?

    4 years ago my 1 terabyte drive had given up the ghost,

    Yesterday my 2 Terabyte died as well 2 different makes in 2 different slots on motherboard (data wise they vere connected to same power cable) . both died in almost exact same manner (i was loading game in both cases and heard scratching sound, immediately i took steps to stop the game and shut off computer through windows).

    However in both cases PC were freezing lot before HDD died and i had to hard restart it couple of times. i know i could damage disk that way but i always waited for HDD to stop reading (since i have PC opened i can head when drive is reading and when it is not alto i suspect i can not hear slowest speed).

    anyways my question is - if i have history of dying drives (annoyingly this never happened ot anny of my under tera drives) could there be something else amiss ere? Stuff like power spikes from misbehaving power converting thingy. What are your suggestions in protecting my drives and more importantly data in future?

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  • Dose Black Prophecy have private server(s)?

    Black Prophecy (Canceled Massively Multiplayer Online game)

    are there anny servers available for it after cancellation? I presume they would be held in private hands hence the question, but if there is fan group that also applies.

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  • Trackmania Nations Forever DEFAULT nation skin?

    Is there a way i can force game to use custom skin for some nations (you know like TMN ESWC could)?

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  • How to block Google chrome from installing on my computer ussing deffault MS (XP SP3) tools?

    i do NOT want google chrome to install EVER on my computer but i do not know how to make google untrustworthy provider or anny other way of blocking the installation. anny clue how to make that happen? oh i am using MS windows XP

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