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  • how do you stop obsessing over a friend who doesnt want you in their life  how do you get over the rejection?

    we had two falling outs one was my fault but when i tried to make amends he didn't desire it .i asked if we could discuss it he said no . the problem is he spent weeks telling how wonderful i was that he loved me and really enjoyed me but if feel now it was all a lie its as if his love was conditional he was obviously grooming me not for sex  but for something he love bombed me then one day he basically said i was doing drama and i wasnt i was being honest with so i broke it off we got back together then we mutually decided to leave each other i wrote to him and said i was sorry i asked for his forgiveness but he doesn't want us to make amends what hurts is that he said over and over that he loved me and in the end it was a lie and i can't get over that 

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