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  • Every electric fan that I use gets malfunctioned after a few months, can anyone tell me how to fix this issue?

    I only use an electric fan in my room for ventilation, i use it roughly 3 hours in the day and leave it up all night when i sleep and had no issues. After a few months, i would turn the fan on and the blades wouldnt spin (but the fan is humming indicating that it is turned on). I tried oiling it up many times and would work if i take it apart and assemble it again. Every electric fan that I have used in my room had the same issue, and would get destroyed after a few months. My guess is that maybe my sockets have electricity issues? Like the voltage and stuff. And please can anyone determine what is happening to my fan and what should i do to fix it when it happens again. thanks so much!

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    I was just watching youtube and then my phone started to ring itself and it turned black and had a message of "bring back my phone" it was locked for a few seconds and i was able to access it by locking my phone ans unlocking it again. A few days ago, i saw this notification "updating "instant apps"" and i dont remember having that kind of app in my phone. I tired cliking on the notifs and it will lead me to the homepage of goodgle play store. Im so teriffied, what is happening to my phone?

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  • What is this condition? HELP ME!?

    My mom just had this instant headache that is so painful in the left side of her head. She said that her scalp numbs and she cant stand up. It lasts for 10-15 minutes, and it has this throbbing pain in it. She says sometimes it happens on the middle of her head. She is so stressed with her work. Iam so worried that she might have brain tumor, please i hope this isnt tumor. I dont know what is this condition, but when everytime this strikes she cries and it hurts me so bad seeing my mom cry. Iam so scared right now and as a daughter, i should also help in knowing this. Please help me i love her so much.

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  • Is theres any way to write on baking paper?

    I need to make this journal and the best texture i find for the inside pages is baking paper. When i started writing on it, it didnt absorb ink and just formed little droplets. So, is there any way to make this absorb paper like heat it, wet it, etc. Or do you have paper suggestions that is close to a baking paper s texture? Any comment would be apprrciated. Thanks💓

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  • 14 years old, wanted to have skin whitening?

    Iam 14 years old, a filipina. I wanted to have a lighter complexion because it makes me feel good about myself. I came across this product. "Kojie san soap" it claims to whiten skin by a "kojic acid" some people say it stings for the first week you use this. Is this okay for me to use in my body? I dont know if i have a sensitive skin. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Any quick cures for migraine aura?

    Iam a 14 year old girl and are having migraines once a month. I ve hadnt been in a doctor and idk what to do when this attacks in certain times. Do you have any quick cures or ways to relieve migraine aura? Thanks.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 years ago

    My father got mad and he changed the wifi password. Yeah i knew it but, i need to use the connection BECAUSE I NEED TO PASS MY REPORT. I tried accessing the computer which he changed the password, but the cpu wont turn on and iam wondering now how he used the computer. SO PLEASE ANY OF YOU KNOWS HOW TO KNOW THE PASSWORD OF THE WIFI WITHOUT ANY HACK. My router is pldt mydsl. Thanks

    6 AnswersComputer Networking5 years ago
  • How to grow bermuda grass from its seeds?

    Iam 14 years old. I saved money and boight my own bermuda seeds since i really love gardening. But how iam i going to let the seeds grow? Where do i supossed to place them? Should i water them frequently? Any comments would help. Thank you 🙂

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape5 years ago
  • Migraine aura at 14 years of age?

    I have migraine aura and it happens to me many times in one month. Iam suffering and so sick of it. Does anybody know how to cure migraine aura? Without the consultation thing cause iam just 14

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 years ago
  • Wierd happening before menstruation. Help meee?

    I have this weird situation that when my period is near my bottom cormer of my eye (my vision) starts to blur and start getting static-y. (I hope you get it and yeah i know its wierd) then when i close my eyes and rest, when i open it back, the static in my vision goes larger than the bottom corner of my eyes. (Its spreading) then after the static vision is gone, i will have a very very veryy painful headache. Iam really tired of this kind of life and i experience this every month before i get my period. Any one knows what that is? Any cures for that?

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  • Me and my first boyfriend broke up. Can you give me answers on how to move on from my first love? :( i feel so miserable?

    I told him that my feelings for him is fading because he doesnt give me happiness anymore. Four days of no texting. He is my first love. And he told me he also felt the same. So he broke up with me. I cant really help but cry so much cause its my first time in a heartbreak. I really cant sleep at night and i want to get him back but he just says "you want the break up many times before right? So iam giving it to you." Its so painful to hear him happy over the phone breaking up with me. He wasnt like that. We broke up through call and text cause he is in his vacation right now. Any ideas on how to get him back? Or should i move on? Any ways to move on from my first love? Please i really need you help. Thank you so much for answering.

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  • My boyfriend touches another girl and IM SO PISSED OFF?

    We went on an outing together with my classmates (my bf is one of my classmates). He gets really mad when i go near a boy so he gets me away from them. And when i got up out of the pool, i saw him had chicken fight with another girl (chicken fight is it called) and i saw her touch another girls hand and IT PISSED ME OFF. SO MUCH. What should i do? Any suggestions?

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