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  • CANON EOS 200D 11 is there a setting to extend the filming time capacity?

    Hello, I just got a canon eos 200D 11 and I want to use it for filming.

    At the moment it stops recording after about 3 minutes.

    I have a 128 gigabit memory card in it. Does anyone know if I can change the max. recording time in the settings? 

    Thank you :)

    6 AnswersCameras2 months ago
  • Canon EOS 200D 11 recorded footage over 5 minutes long is not uploading to my computer?


    Just got this camera the other day, I am using it to film. I am uploading the footage to my windows pc.

    I have no issues transferring the files to my pc, however it seems to only be able to upload the shorter footage (up to 4mins) after that the clips seem to be completely nonexistent.

    They are still on my camera but just aren't showing up on my pc when I go to upload.

    Has anyone had this issue? How did you figure it out?

    Thank you so much in advance :)

    2 AnswersVideo Cameras2 months ago