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  • Problem with shoulder?

    I play Varsity basketball and about 6 monthes ago I ran into a wall and my shoulder popped out and popped back in real quick and it really hurt. Three days later it popped out again throwing a baseball and popped back in again. It kept doing this over a span of a month. I didn’t have the problem again for a while until this month when I was playing baseball. I don’t what it is but should I get it checked out or what?

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  • What’s wrong with my shoulder? ?

    I was playing basketball about 6 monthes ago and I went up for a layup and somebody behind me shoved me into the wall while I was running full speed and I tried to stop myself using my arms and my shoulder like pop outs and it hurts so bad. Two days later I’m playing basketball and go up for a rebound and it pops out again just like before and hurts even more. Then another week later it pops out again. It kept popping out for about a month then it started to get better. Just yesterday it popped out when I was stretching and it hurt so bad. My arm also shutters when I bring it down? Should I get it checked out? Is it something with my rotator cuff?

    Injuries9 months ago