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I'm Valkyri, but most just call me "Val". I'm 22, male, recently engaged to a sweet, sexy and intelligent Woman, and am also a Traditional Satanist of one amazing year. My days are dedicated Satanic Initiation, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and whatever benefit I can offer to those who have been good to me. I love music, and am quite the audiophile. A good song may not pay my bills, but it's about as sure as The Black Palace is glorious that it'll lift my spirits. To answer a few of the most common questions I get asked, no, I don't worship your foolish Xian "Devil", my soul needs no "saving", and no, I don't wish to hear the word of your God. If I wanted to hear something horrible for socitey, I'd buy myself a Britney Spears album, so don't pester me with Evangelical filth. Keep that in mind and we'll get along just fine. Ave Satanas Luciferi!! -Valkyri

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