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Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I've been doing graphic animation for film and television for a long time. In the beginning it was with Oxberry animation stands. I had to learn how all that worked because I had to make the artwork. When the first computers were adapted to animation all they could do was to plot out wireframe images. So we did wireframe animation. As computer programs became more sophisticated everything changed, and I started in with a little 3D program, LightWave, version2, on a thing called the Video Toaster which ran on the old Amiga platform. That version of LightWave had a total of 24 buttons. Then after a few years LightWave was ported to Windows and then to the Mac. Today, what used to take several people two days can be done by one person in an hour, for a tiny fraction of the price. The 24 buttons in the original LightWave have become many hundreds, if not thousands. It's scary sometimes to think where all this is headed.

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