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  • When will an honest president have the guts to say we need to raise taxes to fix a failing infrastructure?

    With bridges, some 80 years old, falling apart, serious flaws in aging dams, a vulnerable power grid, and lead water pipes from the early 1900s, who will have the guts to raise the taxes needed to fix a crumbling infrastructure? Why do we keep supporting politicians who lull us into thinking reducing taxes for the wealthy is a good thing? 

    Where are the leaders who aren’t afraid to lead us into a future worth living in?

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  • Why despite record hospitalizations and deaths does Gov. of Iowa refuse to issue a mask mandate and refuses to allow cities also?

    Every expert in the field in infectious diseases says masks and social distancing are critical in fighting this pandemic. It’s like she wants Iowans to get infected or something. Fact is if the governor mandates mask wearing, perfectly within the law, most people will go along. The facts are clear wearing a mask stops the spread of this virus as much as possible. The idiots who think it patriotic will be less of a danger to the rest of us.

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  • Should Trump force congress got together to pass a relief bill first instead of focusing on stuffing the court and getting re-elected?

    Should he focus on Americans who can’t pay rent or their mortgage, can’t feed their family, and are losing their health care. Guess “the deal maker” is too busy campaigning, blaming the democrats for everything, and getting a court set up to back his pleas to delegitimize our votes and crown him again. Do we have to wait until Jan. 20 to stop the misery?? Even the Fed has warned the longer we wait to give citizens the relief they need the longer it will take to get the economy back on its feet. Even the rising number of sick and dying doesn’t seem to move him.

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  • Will Trumps record and the latest Supreme Court appointee mark the decline of credibility and the ruin of the Republican Party?

    Even GOP candidates are turning away from Trump. Exposed efforts to suppress the vote have turned voters against them. Those who go ahead with the Barrett appointment will be targeted as hypocrites when they come up for election. Just ask Lindsay Graham.

    Even democratic candidates are going toward  a more moderate independent posture. Biden won a nomination over Sanders because he was a moderate. In 2024 a new centrist independent party, more responsive to the majority, will emerge and America will be more united and stronger going into the future.

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  • Why do republicans try to suppress voting and then say they represent the American people?

    In almost all Republican states there is some effort to suppress voting. In Texas the governor removed many ballot drop boxes to where there is only per county. That’s one box for 4.7 million voters in one metropolitan county, an obvious an attempt to suppress where democrats do better. In California republicans put illegal drop in places like gun shops and churches. In many big cities across the country threatening phone calls went out to voters saying will be surveilled by the police and the IRS. Trump says he wants his minions to show up at polls to check voters.

    If you represent the American people wouldn’t you want all eligible voters to vote. Or just the ones you think will support one party?

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  • Other than Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, what Republican President since 1900 can say they did something for the average American?

    Roosevelt pushed for protective labor laws, minimum wage and breaking up monopolies. Eisenhower, led the allied forces in WWII,  improved Social Security, built our highway system and tried to pushed to end racial discrimination.

    Hoover failed to stop the banks from lending to market speculators which led to the Great Depression. Nixon was a crook and opened up trade with China. Reagan busted unions and pushed trickle down economics.  W. Bush cut taxes on capital gains helping investors and real estate brokers. Also gave a $6 billion tax break to big oil and failed to stop unscrupulous bankers from Causing the 2007 recession. Trump gave corporations, like his, a major tax break.  It boosted an already booming economy giving investors even more profits.

    Maybe someone can list anything major that republicans have done for the average American. In case you’re mistaken, Obama created more jobs during his last 3years than Trumps first 3 years.

    OK, go . . .

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  • How can republicans say they speak for the American people when they do all they can to suppress the vote?

    Two felons were caught running a scam calling people in Detroit to say if they mail in a ballot the IRS and the state police will have your name. Reports indicate the same intimidation scam was used in a number of major cities.

    In Texas republicans sued to stop the governor from increasing ballot drop boxes; the result is one box per county so in one metropolitan county there is 4.7 million people forcing most voters to go to the poll and risk Covid infection and long waits.

    Of course, Trump has said he wants to stop mail in votes and claims rampant voter fraud. He hasn’t presented any evidence other than nine ballots found in a trash can at one mailroom.

    Almost every republican run state has voter restriction laws that make it harder for the poor to vote including eliminating poll stations in inner city areas.

    Every time a Republican says “the American people this” or “the American people that,” I want to puke.

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  • Is providing one ballot drop box for 4.7 million people in one Texas county an overt act of voters suppression?

    Recently the governor of Texas increased the number of ballot boxes in his state to handle mail -in voting in the middle of a pandemic. . Republicans sued and now Texas is providing one drop box per county which greatly hinders voters in the larger populated areas. Democrats are now counter suing and hoping to make voting at least reasonably successful. 

    Also the absentee ballot application only is valid for Texans who are truly away or disabled only -one of the more narrow requirements during the pandemic in the country. 

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