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  • Can a metal building affect how a computer works?

    I’m an 18 yr drummer trying to record drums with reaper and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I can only practice and record in a metal shop, as i have to live with my parents and thats the only place i can practice. I noticed that every time i would take my computer out to the shop to record that nothing would work and everything would freeze up, but when i do everything in the house it will work perfectly fine. Because the building is metal there is no internet in it, don’t know if that is important. Does the metal shop affect how the computer works?, please help, this is extremely frusturating.

    3 AnswersOther - Computers1 year ago
  • What happens if you only lower the front suspension on your car?

    When lowering your cars suspension what happens if you only lower the front and leave the back up?, is it dangerous?

    7 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Is it worth it to be a military pilot?

    I’m a junior in highschool and I’m thinking of doing ROTC in either the Air Force or the Navy to become a military pilot and then once i’m done going to work at an airline. I would like to know what the actual job is like and what military life outside of flying is like.

    8 AnswersMilitary2 years ago
  • How can I get a social life?

    I’m a 17 year old male and a junior in highschool. I have friends in school but we barely or don’t hangout on weekends. I dont want to do any sports or clubs but i would like to have some form of a social life, sitting at home and doing nothing gets boring after a while. What can i do to get a social life?

    7 AnswersPsychology2 years ago
  • How can I talk to this girl in class?

    There is a girl I kinda like. I have one class with her and we talk in that class sometimes. The conversation mostly consists of me and her talking about the work and me joking around but that doesn t last for very long before it dies out. What else can I talk about with her and keep her interested. I want to get it to the point where we talk outside of class and then I can become friends with her.

    Singles & Dating2 years ago
  • What is a good workout routine to get lean?

    What is a good routine to get a lean body?, what should I eat? and how many days should I work out? I can’t go to a gym and I can only use a bench press and a set of dumbells for weights.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • How can I fix my tablet not turning on?

    I found a Polaroid tablet in the couch while my family is moving. I plug it in to charge and press the power button and it won’t turn on. How can I fix the Polaroid tablet not turning on?

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks2 years ago
  • How can I relieve muscle soreness after working out?

    Yesterday I started working out and today all of the muscles I exercised were really sore. How can I relieve the soreness so I can workout again?

    9 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • Why do I have an accent even though I am American?

    People keep telling me that I sound British or Australian, and one guy said that I sounded russian. I don’t here any accent and I’m not British or Australian. Why do I have an accent even though I am an American?

    2 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups2 years ago
  • How do I immigrate to a foreign country?

    I currently live in the United States and I would like to immigrate to a country in Europe preferiably Germany since I am learning to speak Gernan. I don’t hate America thats not why I want to leave. I know its extremely complicated to switch countries but I would like to know what requirements I need to meet to move to another country. How do I move to a foreign country?

    10 AnswersImmigration2 years ago
  • How much does it cost to be a foreign exchange student?

    I see many foreign exchange students from places like Germany, China, and the UK around my school. How much does it cost to be a foreign exchange student in a place like Germany or the UK? and hypothetically if I wanted to, how would I become a foreign exchsnge student in a country like Germany or the UK?

    2 AnswersStudying Abroad2 years ago
  • How can I move out at 18 years old?

    I’m 16 and a guy. I’m currently a sophomore in highschool and will be 18 my senior year. I would like to move out once I am 18 but I need to know how to support myself. I know it will be difficult but I am willing to work every second of every day that I am not in school if it means I get independence from my Dad. My family issues play a part in me wanting to leave but also I just need to move on and start my own life. How can I move out at 18?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How do I heal swollen sinuses?

    Every time I get seasonal allergies my sinuses swell completely shut and I can’t breathe through them, how do I make them not swollen?

    3 AnswersAllergies3 years ago
  • Am I a narcissist?

    My brother called me a narcissist and I’m wondering if its true, and if it is true how I can fix it. I’m 16 and a guy. I don’t think too highly of myself, I don’t like being the center of attention and try to avoid drawing attention to myself. I keep to myself most of the time. I do have other people thaf I care for just not my family, honestly I kinda hate my family. I sometimes put others needs before my own. My brother told my I was a narcissist and that I have a high sense of self immportance, so am I a narcissist?

    5 AnswersPsychology3 years ago
  • How to make friends in highschool?

    I’m 16 and a sophomore. I have no social life and I would like to change that. I can’t join any clubs or do any after school activities. I’m not shy but introverted. How can I get a new group of friends.

    2 AnswersFriends3 years ago
  • How can I teach myself drums?

    I don’t have the financial means to get a drum teacher, so I have to teach myself. I practice daily and I want to take my drumming to the next level. I don’t get discouraged or bored but everytime I practice I see a cool fill and try to play that and then I see another cool fill and try to play that and I can’t learn anything. I need a structured way to practice. How can I teach myself drums?

    1 AnswerOther - Music3 years ago
  • How can I move out of my parents house at 18?

    I’m currently 16 and a guy. My father is an abusive asshole and I plan to just stick it out and move out when I’m 18. I will obviously need a job and to save money. I don’t plan on going to University college or the military, I would however like to go to Trade school or Community college or some other career training type education. My questions are, where will I go? How much money do I need to save?, What is the cost of living? I also plan on cutting off communication with my father and quite possibly my brother so if this doesn’t work out I’m homeless. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

    8 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • Why does this girl look at me?

    We’re both sophomores in highschool. I asked her out freshman year and she rejected me and after she rejected me, me being the immature little **** that I was I ignored her, it was very immature and I shouldn’t have done that and I was kind of an asshole to her which was also immature. Now its sophomore year and she keeps looking at me and every time I catch her looking at me she quickly looks away so why does she keep looking at me?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • What will happen to me if I call Child Protective Services?

    My father hits me, talks down to me, cusses at me, and has threatened me with physical harm. I want to call CPS but I’m afraid of what will happen to me and my brother. I have heard from people who have been in foster homes that they are horrible, I’m afraid for me and my brothers safety and I don’t want to put us in worse situation than the one we’re in. I have relatives whom I might be able to live with. What will happen if I report my father to CPS?

    9 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • How can I convince my father to let me live with my grandparents?

    For important details read my previous question. My grand parents have said that I can live with them but how can I convince my father to let me move in with them? How can I convince him? This isn’t a stable living environment anymore, all we do is fight and argue. The relationship between me and my father is not able to be repaired. I feel like I will do better at school if I moved. How can I convince him to say yes when he will most likely say no?

    4 AnswersFamily3 years ago