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  • Only 2 history questions!!! 10 points to best answer!?

    Please check my answers:

    1. Why did Prince Henry of Portugal sponsor voyages of discovery?

    A. He was motivated by Columbus's voyages to the New World.

    B. He wanted to find a way to circumnavigate the world. <---- my choice

    C. He planned to be king.

    D. He was looking for a sea route to Asia.


    5. Which became part of English government and culture during the Glorious Revolution?

    A. a constitutional monarchy <----- my choice

    B. Parliament

    C. the Magna Carta

    D. the Commonwealth

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  • Mountain Bike for Teen on Budget?

    Okay here's my dilemma. I am a 15 year old girl. 5'4 and 124 lbs. I'm not fat but defiantly not fit. So I would like to get some exercise. I'm not a big fan of walking or running in my neighborhood, but I love bike-riding. I only have $120 to spend on a bike (maybe $150 if I stretch it but no more than that). There are virtually no yard sales in my area so I can't buy one from there. I used to have a NEXT mtb a few years ago and that was good enough for me. I'm thinking about buying one from walmart but I know a lot of people say that's a bad idea. but I don't need anything fancy just something that will be good for riding around my neighborhood or at the park. Also my parent's are on a really tight budget so they can't help me out. Any ideas on what bike I should get? Remember I only have $120-150.

    Your Ideas and suggestions are very appreciated.

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  • Please check my English quiz?

    This is a quiz I can take for extra credit, but I want to make sure my answers are correct before I turn it in. My answers are marked with a *. I highly appreciate your help, thank you in advance. :)

    1.) Choose the answer that identifies the compound verb.

    Haven’t you researched this issue or found any evidence for your point of view?

    A-Haven’t researched

    *B-Haven’t researched, found

    C-Have researched

    D-Have researched, found

    2.) Choose the direct object.

    Festooned with garlands, the banquet hall struck me as quite lovely.





    3.)Choose the indirect object.

    Why don’t we send her a special invitation to the party?





    4.)Choose the answer that identifies the word in parentheses.

    The commission has named Pedro O’Brian (chairman) and will accept comments from the public.

    A-direct object

    B-indirect object

    C-objective complement

    *D-predicate nominative

    5.)Choose the answer that identifies the word in parentheses.

    Kyle will remain (president); however, you will take his office during his vacation. (Points : 3)

    A-direct object

    B-objective complement

    *C- predicate nominative

    D-predicate adjective

    6.) Choose the answer that identifies the word in parentheses.

    The puppy was very (persistent) about getting on the couch.

    *A- predicate adjective

    B-objective complement

    C-direct object

    D-indirect object

    7.)Choose the adjective phrase in the sentence.

    Just in time, the referee blew on his whistle, and the player with the ball shot it into the basket.

    A-in time

    B-on his whistle

    *C-with the ball

    D-into the basket

    8.) Choose the word that the adjective phrase modifies.

    From the project’s start, the engineers applauded any progress toward complete automation.





    9.) Choose the adverb phrase.

    It’s hard to load these thin pieces of lead into the mechanical pencil.

    A- of lead

    B-thin pieces of lead

    C-of lead into the mechanical pencil

    *D-into the mechanical pencil

    10.) Choose the word that the adverb phrase modifies.

    The kids camouflaged their fort with large palm fronds and ferns.

    A- kids




    11.) Identify the phrase in parentheses.

    Place one bulb, (either tulip or daffodil), in each hole.

    A-adjective phrase

    *B-appositive phrase

    C-adverb phrase

    D-misplaced phrase

    12.) Choose the answer that describes how to correct the misplaced phrase.

    Look at all the photos of famous people who have dined at this restaurant on the walls.

    *A-Place on the walls right after photos.

    B-Move on the walls to the beginning of the sentence.

    C-Move at this restaurant to the beginning of the sentence.

    D-Place at this restaurant right after on the walls.

    13.) Choose the sentence in inverted order.

    A-Several dozen timbers were stacked in the driveway.

    *B-Did the truck driver unload them?

    C-The receipt is on the counter by the sink.

    D-A new fence would be built by Sunday evening.

    14.) Choose the answer that describes the following word group.

    The book was on the table it was open to the first page.

    A-sentence fragment

    B-comma fault

    *C-run-on sentence

    D-dependent clause

    15.) Choose the dependent clause.

    A-a person capable of great sacrifice

    B-the only memorable night of the whole summer

    C-than I usually am

    *D-in a storm of questions about the controversial project

    16.) Choose the answer that describes the structure of the sentence.

    When all is said and done, we’ll always be sisters.





    17.) Choose the answer that identifies the function of the relative pronoun in the clause.

    The list shows whom the band directors chose for the flag squad.

    A- direct object

    *B-indirect object

    C-objective complement


    18.) Choose the verb that best completes the sentence.

    Six of the eggs _____ already been boiled.

    A- are




    19.) Choose the verb that best completes the sentence.

    The Producers ____ a hit musical.

    A-were remaining

    B-have remained





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  • does anyone know where i can get a german shepherd puppy for $100 in atlanta GA?

    I really need to get a german shepherd puppy and i can only afford $100 dollars or less. and it has to be in Atlanta GA

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  • my hair is naturaly very curly, and i want it to be straight but i have to wash it every day?

    my hair is really curly and i want to keep it straight. but the problem is i have to wash it every day too so it gets VERY frustrating!! help!! any ideason how i can keep i straight but not get so tired.

    by the way my hair isnt thick and i cant get perms ot it will give me dandruff.

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  • why cant the world live in peace?!?!?!?

    muslims.christians.jews,etc. why cant we live in peace?? there is no need 4 war!!!!! god made the land for ALL humans. this whole war just to name a piece of land!!! u no wat i mean?? Palestine yes Palestine NOT Israel all the bloodshed death and murder of innocent women children and men....... TO NAME A PIECE OF LAND IT SICKENS ME!!!!!!!!! people should respect other folks religions and we could all live HAPPILY ever after.............................THE END

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  • what does a mathematician look like?


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