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  • Top Contributers - a proposition for you.?

    I now have a personal policy of not answering any posts with more than one question - maybe two if not identical. When should anyone only get 10 points for 5 questions when they ought to get 50? (Not that points are worth anything other than to measure our efforts.)

    Contributers, I propose that we "go on strike" for multiple questions unless they are parts of the same problem. Let such questioners know this. If they stop getting good answers then maybe they'll stop posting their whole homework assignments!

    We all generously give our time. If multiple homework exercise posters cannot get quality answers any more when they just post obvious homework assignments -- i.e. 10 of essentially the same question, I think they are abusing our efforts. I would much rather answer questions of those who are obviously either really stumped or clearly trying to understand.

    I propose that when we see such things, we politely post an answer declining to answer and tell them why. Suggest that they post their questions individually if they want a quality answer instead of answers from people who may be just as confused as they are.

    What do you think? Am I being too reactionary? I have just noticed an increase in the number of such questions.

    Thanks for your thoughts. If you disagree with me, that's fine. Just sharing my thoughts. I know we can always choose to just answer one part, but somehow it just seems contrary to why we like to help. Some people need to realize when they are being selfish in the sense that if we answer five of the same question for them, we could have been helping 4 other people with 4 questions. They may just need a polite nudge to alert them.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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