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I am a liberal democrat, who is very practical (conscious of the bottom line) and is cursed with self awareness. I guess that means I don't fit into any box, oh well.

  • Why was the comments on this article closed?

    Are the moderators afraid of free speech? Or do the moderators expect too much vitriol to allow people to comment?

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  • I don't want to neuter my dog.?

    I have a miniature dachshund that is an indoor dog. We live in a high rise in a large city. He doesn't go out of doors without supervision. Further, I know that if he is neutered he will get fat which is really bad for dachshunds with their long backs. Plus I don't like the idea of him being anesthetized as a friend's dog almost died, is it ok to leave him intact?

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  • How does one handle bad references?

    I work in mortgage banking and have to work on a contract basis often. I worked for a major lender for 3 days. On the 3rd day they decided to let me go for reasons I was never told. As a matter of fact I was told that I was very good at what I do, not to take it personally but my numbers were too low. At which point I noted to my agency that I completed 2 to 3 times the numbers required on the days that I worked - first day was spent in training. I have since found out that the manager has "it out for me" according to another hiring agent. Since I have worked for these people I have lost out on 3 work opportunities - one I was already hired and working in a completely different department and was on site. Someone from the old department saw me and mentioned to the manager that I was working in another department and she told the new manager that I was fired for cause and ineligible for work even nothing like that was noted on file in HR. This last opportunity was the job of a lifetime for which I flew in from far to test and interview. I was shortlisted for the job all the way through until the last minute and the reason they gave for declining to offer me the job was vague. It was mentioned only in passing that I worked in this department for this lender which actually was a big deal. I contacted two reference checking companies and was given one bad reference before the managers determined what was going on and they circled the wagons afterwards refusing to speak with the other reference company. Is there any recourse other than hiring a $300 an hour attorney (which I cannot afford)?

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