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I am born August 27th 1976, male from the land of Tulips, Holland.

  • If the universe bends in itself would we not see light coming from everywhere?

    Some people and scientists say that the universe is bend into itself and that if you go long enough into a straight line into one direction you will end up at the starting location. Now this makes me wonder what happens to ALL the light that is emitted by all the stars in the universe? If that light cannot go outside the universe but only travels in circles through the universe, why don't we see an all illuminated universe?

    Would this indicate that the universe is by no means bend into itself?

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  • If a marble sized piece of Neutron star would appear on Earth, what happens:?

    A: It falls to the ground and sinks all the way to the center of Earth

    B: It falls to the ground and creates a huge crater

    C: It explodes immediately

    D: It consumes part of the Earth but stay's in orbit around the Sun

    E: It just falls to the ground and nothing happens with it, it's just 'heavy'.

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  • Are we matter or energy?

    Scale down to the smallest particles we are made off and more and more empty space you encounter. Let's start in the atoms. Atoms are 99.99% empty space. Well that's great,  enough room to loose some weight. In the nucleus of the atom we find protons and neutrons. So, these things are made of so called quarks. I still cannot really understand the nature of quarks, because they are described as being 6 'flavored' objects with zero size. To me they have more properties of energy than real matter. So, what does this actually say about us and actually all space and matter around us? Does matter in this case even exist? (It's like watching tv, you do see a film, but in reality it's just a whole bunch of pixels changing colors).

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  • I cannot remove a blocked email address from Outlook?

    I have one specific email address in my blocked list in my Outlook (website version When I remove it from the list, click save, then add it to the save list of email addresses and save again, then it will reappear in the blocked list after clicking to the inbox and back to the list with the blocked email addresses. Why can't I unblock this single email address on

    Software1 week ago
  • How do they measure Jupiter's rotation speed?

    It just occurred to me that if I am looking at Jupiter I only see atmospheric structures, moving from left to right and vice versa. All this atmosphere is constantly in motion. How can you calculate the exact rotation speed of Jupiter? Even the Great Red Spot is not entire fixed to it's location, although it's a good candidate.

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  • What would China do if the US takes the Islands?

    China took illegally some islands in the South (Chinese) Sea and even made a few new island from existing atolls. Also it took an aggressive stand against The Philippines over the Scarborough-rif, a very low lying atoll, about 100km west of The Philippines, by harassing Filipino fishermen. With the constant build up of US Military hardware, 3 aircraft carriers, which is quiet unusual it would not be impossible to think that the US would capture those islands from China. The big question is: If the US would do this, would China risk an all out war against the US, and all it's allies, for those islands?

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  • Can the TANIX TX6 media player also play 4K 60fps content from a NAS device?

    Lot's of reviews, but this critical information I keep constantly missing. Yes, it can play 4K 60fps from YouTube, also from any internal devices or usb 3.0, but how about over the Network from a NAS?

    Other - Hardware1 month ago
  • Proposing to Latina woman, after separation?

    Oh my, this is a tough one to ask. I did post a topic before about me having a Mexican girlfriend who was bitter jealous about several things. After another jealousy attack I had enough of it and decided to ignore it. At first it worked, the second time it did not. After she tried contacting me several time, and me ignoring it at first, it went quiet and she removed our relationship status on Facebook. It seemed such a black & white situation in which she wanted so much, and I know she did love me very much because just a few days before the break up she wrote me this huge nice poem. And now all communications are silent.

    But, to my understanding, "Love" does not just go away, we had our bad moments, said bad things, but that's all in the moment. A day, or two days later you realize what you said and you think: Argh stupid me. My question is, in regards to Latina women, how would they feel if their (former) partner coming from Europe, comes back all the way to Mexico City, taking all the effort, buying a nice ring, and go to her house and then propose to her there? What would be my chances? Would she appreciate it or send me away? She had said SO OFTEN she never wanted to loose me.....this is just what makes me think. Her not communicating with me now maybe is a way of forgetting, processing, even though she might also not like it?? I have no idea.

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  • Is it okay to use a copyrighted song on YouTube just because you want to use that song in your own video, because of certain reason.?

    And you are fine with the fact all revenue's go to the copyright owner? If so, there are two types of warnings on YouTube, the first is Copyright Claim, the second is a Copyright Strike. Now that last one you want to avoid at all costs, since if get a few of those your channel gets deleted. A Copyright Claim is fine as long the owner says, it's okay to use my work, but I want your revenue. In what way can I test certain songs without endangering my Channel?

    2 AnswersYouTube2 months ago
  • Why can an iPhone record 4K 60fps without limits and a Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and even the newest S20 not?

    I am up to getting a new phone, and I have always had the Samsung Galaxy type phone, and having the S9 at this moment my biggest annoyance is the time limit Samsung puts on the video recording:

    4K 60fps = max 5 minutes

    FHD 6fps = max 10 minutes

    Family member of mine has an iPhone 10 (I think) and does not halve this problem at all.... so why? What better to do? Get an S20 or an iPhone 11? Will the switch in OS be difficult?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 months ago
  • After Duterte steps down will The Philippines go back to it's former ally the US?

    The Philippines has been an ally to the US for a long time and the country is nearly the most PRO US country in the world. Duterte, the current president of The Philippines instead cut these ties and drew closer to China. A move most, if not all Filipino's did not like, consider the Chinese harassments of Filipino fishermen and it's territorial claims in the South Chinese Sea. For the interest of The Philippines will the next leader step back into the protective hands of the United States?

    Politics2 months ago
  • Will super carriers be obsolete in the future?

    Back in WW2 we had 'battleships', which eventually became obsolete because of the super carrier. Why do I get the feeling that the same fate will happen to the super carrier with the development of faster and more accurate supersonic missiles, in combination with mini nuclear warheads. I see a picture in which the US 7th fleet is in formation in the South (Chinese*) Sea and the Chinese just launch a mini-nuke and let it detonate a few km of that task group, or using super sonic missiles, that can't be intercepted and will strike the super carrier and sink it. Is this a real scenario that can make the super carrier obsolete, or do you think the carrier will remain an import power projection? This is a serious military question, no bs around here please.

    *Something to dispute (We should call this sea just "South Asian Sea" or just "South Sea".)

    7 AnswersMilitary2 months ago
  • How to deal with a paranoid girl friend?

    So I am in this Cities Skylines group on Facebook, where I often respond post messages, but my (Mexican) girlfriend constantly says:

    "Why are you always online, and to whom are you talking too?"

    When I try explain she keeps on going saying "I am not crazy, and I won't be your lamp".

    I am at a loss, I don't know how to respond to this? I can't even get in between because he accusations on the video call keep rattling, and whatever I say, she always says "Who are you talking to", and "You don't really care for me" and many more negative statements which are all so far from the truth.... I do love this woman, and I do care for her, and we do video call every day, why can't I have some time for myself and be on Facebook in a group with a game I like? How can I make her this clear if she is so hotheaded? What is wisdom? Help me please....

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  • What are "Third Countries"? regarding Corona and Flight?

    I read the following travel restrictions:

    " Q&A's Travel restrictions for the Netherlands ( EU travel ban)

    From 19 March 2020, the conditions for entry by persons wishing to travel to the Netherlands have been tightened. The EU proposal of an entry ban for non-essential travel is extended until 15 June 2020. The Dutch Cabinet has decided to adopt this EU-proposal. It concerns a restriction for all non-essential travel of persons from third countries to Europe (all EU member states, all Schengen members and the UK) with the aim to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus."

    What do they mean with "third" countries?

    1 AnswerOther - Europe2 months ago
  • Any people here who misses the 90s?

    Such good music with a lot of vibes and especially very happy dance music was made during this era. I do miss those days, going to the cd shop and pre listen a single or album you wanted to buy and sometimes you bought an entire album for just one song. Don't you also believe that both the 80s and the 90s were way more defined in music than the other two decades that followed? What made the 00s and 10s so special? To me nothing.

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  • At what age does a child figure out which kind of music he/she likes and will this choice influence the rest of his or her life?

    You have people who like merely Jazz, Electronic Hardcore, Heavy Metal, to name a few, which are all very different kinds of music. I am just curious when I child develops an interest in any form of music. Mine came when I was around 10 years old when I started to appreciated Synthesizer music halfway the 80s and hardcore and dance music because of the demo scene with Commodore Amiga computer during the early 90s and the Eurodance hype that started back then.

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  • Can the US navy intercept a small nuclear warhead if launched by China towards it?

    It's all in the news about the US being present in the South (Chinese) Sea but I am curious, they say those carriers are nearly invisible for the regular Chinese or Russian army, but what if China launches a small nuke on an ICBM and let it detonate a few kilometers from the US Navy task force? Can it withstand such an explosion? Can it stop the warhead before exploding? What would the response of the US be if China even tried it (and sink that carrier group)?

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  • How far do our earliest signals stretch?

    We have been broadcasting radio and tv signals for like 100 years or so. I guess these signals will get weaker the further they go into space. At what distance would our signals not be recognizable as being artificial?

    Theoretically spoken, even if our signals would reach a planet with intelligent life, at 250 light years distance, but the signals are so garbled that no useful information can be obtained, still the alien species could locate it's origin and determine its not natural. And since we are sending out CONSTANTLY into space they would be able to pinpoint the exact source and if their technology is as advantaged as our they will notice there is a planet exactly in the habitable zone of the relative quiet solitaire G-Type star with the proper age.

    6 AnswersAstronomy & Space3 months ago
  • Would it help if you filled up Yellowstone caldera completely up with concrete?

    And I know, we are talking about a LOT of concrete. But just for the sake of argument.

    7 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology4 months ago