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Retired, only mildly burned out and overly middle aged retro 60's hippie chick! Being a night bird by nature, I find extra time on my hands at odd hours, so I come to Y!A to see what is happening with the "early" AM regulars. I enjoy the occasional ride on the "special bus" with the other insomniacs and characters I find here. I'll try my best to bring functional and/or humorous responses where applicable, (tho a bit opinionated or cheeky at times). Ask a silly question, get a silly answer! This older bird still has her wits and grits about her. Earning a hearty laugh from anyone keeps me young. I may not be the newest or sharpest crayon in the box, but I am still colorful and useful. For now, sorry to say, I am keeping private as far as dialogue via E-mail. (A few party poopers took the fun out of it). Maybe another day kids. Now, all that said, I need a cool drink and to get my sore tootsies up. How about you? Can Gran get you an Appletini?

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