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  • British Bra Size Fitting Experts Only - COVID-19 - What's My Bra Size?

    I can't have a person to person bra size fitting because of the virus. I really need a sports bra.

    Here are my measurements:

    Without Bra: underbust/band: 25 inches, bust: 30 inches

    With Bra: underbust/band: 26 inches, bust: 32 inches

    Can any experts tell me what my bra size is?


  • Can you take a combination of academic and vocational subjects in Finland?

    Out of curiosity interest, after you have graduated from comprehensive school at the age of 16, given that there is a two pathway system, of academic and vocational schools. Is it possible that you can take a arrange of vocational and academic subjects? Is there such a system like that in Finland?

    Finland has been ranked among the best in the world; I know here in England, that there are sixth forms and colleges that offer A-Levels with vocational subjects (BTECs), Is that the same applied in Finland?

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