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  • Beard or clean shaven? ?

    I'm trying to decide on a look.

    I look like Tom Hardy so a good example would be him, beard or clean shaven? 

    1 AnswerWrestling3 days ago
  • Does the rock use steroids? ?

    Does the rock or did he ever use steroids or is he just naturally that big? I understand the average person even with steroids and the work he does wouldn't reach his level but as much as I love the guy I struggle to believe it's natural even with his work rate and discipline. 

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 days ago
  • What's Russia like to live in? ?

    I fell in love with a Russian girl and she went home, we had a big fight about it as she wanted me to go with her and I wasn't sure and said no. I've since come around to the idea but there's so much anti Russia in the media and it seems like a crazy place. I'll most likely go and try living and working there and I'll see for myself but in your experience what's it like? 

    3 AnswersRussia5 days ago
  • Is it me or alcahol that's the problem? ?

    I drink a lot at the weekends, nearly every Friday Saturday and Sunday and then it's back to business during the week. I enjoy myself and am a happy drunk but I often wake up in the middle of the night and I get all emotional about girls I used to be with and life decisions that never come into my head during the week, perhaps they should I don't know. I don't get hangovers luckily, my eyes and mouth would be dry and I get the occasional headache but I play rugby every Saturday and it doesn't seem to effect me (not so much with covid now but usually).

    Now for example is one of those times, it's 2 am, I had my last drink at 9pm probably 8 cans of Guinness and I'm sober now but my mind is like "you retard, why do you drink so much? This is why you're single? Everyone thinks you're a fool" and I start dwelling on things like my ex l, during the week she sent me a big long message saying she wanted to talk and she broke up with her boyfriend because she wants to get back with me. I took this on board but I told her I'm not sure as things were complicated when we were together. Tonight around 10pm just before I hit the hay, I start thinking about her "this is a second chance, I'm lucky she loves me, nobody else Will" and I sent her a message saying "we can try make this work, I love you still..... We should talk tomorrow". I will of course, I'm not going to ignore that but at the same time I'm not sure I would've made that decision sober. I'm just thinking should I stop drinking?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 week ago
  • What is going on with the world lately? ?

    Trump becomes president, Boris Johnson becomes pm, brexit, corona virus, Leicester city winning the premier league, blm, it seems as though I woke up in a different universe one day I don't know where the hell it started or when but its as though someone travelled back in time and stepped on a really important bug. The whole world's crazy and with our focus on technology and global warmings effects are starting to make their presence felt where are we going? What is going on? Have a banged my head and missed something? 

    1 AnswerMedia & Journalism2 weeks ago
  • How to make a good CV? ?

    I am a really good systems engineer, I started off as IT Support and worked my way through the ranks. I know everything there is to know about mac, Linux and Windows os and servers I'm a damn good systems engineer. How ever I stumbled accross a discrepancy while working on something and I brought it to the attention of our firm. Next thing I know I was sent a thank you email and told that I need to take mandatory holidays as its coming towards the end of the year and I took none. When I arrived back I was told I was suspended and turns out in my absence someone had used my employee code to try frame me for this. It failed for them but the company had gone and done something they shouldn't have and it opened a tin of worms and it declared bankruptcy. There was a takeover and I was blamed, they wanted my head on a plate so they dug through my records and discovered I have no qualifications this is against complany policy and I had a lawyer look over this and its legal. I lost my job. Now I'm in a situation wager I have nothing to show for my years of service and I'm struggling to get interviews yet alone the job s themselves.

    I need to start fresh how can I build a good CV without education? Without references from my relevant work experience? I was senior. 

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 weeks ago
  • I'm scared I'll never meet a girl I love?

    I just woke up and I can't sleep I'm alone and I'm scared, I've got nobody to talk to. I'm working from home since March, no nights out, no opportunity to meet a girl I haven't gotten with a girl in almost 7 months I'm 24, these are supposed to be the best years of our lives. I'm actually so scared. I've dealt with covid really well so far, I'm thinking this every night but tonight I'm frustrated and there's no end in sight for another year, that's this plus 5 months again. That'll be 19 months without any girl. 

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 weeks ago
  • Do calories really matter that much? ?

    I know how it works, you have your maintenance (mines 2,500) +250 should equal weight gain over time and - 250 should equal weight loss and then the macro nutrients and exercise will determine how much fat or muscle is added or lost.

    The thing is I tracked my calories for months, it became easier and I meal prepped and I got into great shape and reached my goals. My energy was low though and I just stopped, I ate the bare minimum really for about 6 weeks and my body didn't really change or my weight. So for the past 8 weeks I've been eating healthy getting around 200g of protein a day (I'm about 90kg 6"4"), and then the rest is brown rice and green veg such as cabbage, peas, lettuce, peppers etc and frozen fruit like strawberry and blueberry for protein shakes, I eat Oats in the morning and sometimes before bed. I checked my calories today and its coming in at 2,500. My training and activity is high too so by "the rules" I should be losing weight, but I'm not. It's far more sustainable eating this way as I've learned how to make nice dishes like salmon in a lemon and herb dressing, cooked in butter with brown rice and broccoli. Gourmet burgers with cabbage and peppers, maybe rice or potatoes. My daily intake including the butter, oil, sauces comes to 2500 with 200g of that being protein. 

    Just wondering if this calorie tracking business is worth the hassle, I find this an easier lifestyle and I'm full of energy. 

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 weeks ago
  • Should I go on a blind date?

    My friends girlfriend told me her friend thinks I'm really cute and I was joking saying "great, I don't blame her" and I said show me but her battery died (which I saw happening). But all messing aside she said she'd set me up on a date with her and I said why not because I was leaving. Surely I should ask to see her first but I can't really say no after seeing her and thinking I don't like her but if I go and fí D out it'll be worse. 

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating3 weeks ago
  • At what age should I leave my parents home? ?

    I'm 24, at 18 I was studying in college so I lived in an apartment for 2 years, coming home at weekends and summer holidays. At 20 I left college and started working in the city and used to come home at the weekends only I'd be between friends houses and my home for the weekends. Since March I moved back in full time with my parents and I'm afraid to invest money in things like a gaming console or what people would call nerdy or childish things as I feel I should be out of the house and in my own place. Idk I'm a bit uneasy in myself over it I mean should I have moved back in?should I rent a place again? 

    8 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 weeks ago
  • Will an rtx 3070 or 3080 be able to run autocad, solid works and cad applications? ?

    I'm trying to build a budget workstation that I can game on so I was thinking ryzen 7 or i7 cpu, high around 32gb Ram and then an rtx 3000 series gpu so that would basically be a good gaming pc but would it be capable of rendering 3d design in the mentioned ad programs? 

    2 AnswersDesktops1 month ago
  • What GPU should I buy? ?

    I want to use programs such as autocad, unity, photoshop etc and games like Cod halo, etc. 

    2 AnswersSoftware1 month ago
  • Ps5, PC gaming or Xbox series X? And why? ?

    I'm preparing for the next generation, help me decide. 

    2 AnswersXbox1 month ago
  • Is it wrong to buy a light saber when you're 27?

    I went to a store to pick up something for my nephews 12th birthday, I bought him a millennium falcon lego ship because he's a massive starwars fan and I saw this awesome light saber. I always wanted one when I was a kid so I took it of the shelf turned it on and carried out a couple of moves, it was awesome the lights changed and the sound effects a d it cost me about 80 euro. So I have a very excited nephew his gift and decided against telling my girlfriend I bought myself a light saber. I was reenacting a scene from revenge of the sith and got a bit carried away I said "I've waited for this a long time my little green friend" and swung at a chair. I heard my name being shouted followed by "what the hell?" and a big lecture about how she doesn't want to date a child and a load of questions about where it came from, I luckily thought quick and said I found it in my parents attic. We then had an argument about it because I felt I should be allowed have it and do what I want in my spare time but now I'm on the couch and I'm thinking maybe she was right, I mean it is kind of childish but is it any different than her and her teddy bears? Idk, what do ye think? I have a good job and a degree so thers nothing to worry about in that department, idk, maybe she has a bad day or something, I honestly don't see the problem. 

    6 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 month ago
  • What happens my holidays when I leave work?

    I have 21 days holidays per year and on the 1st September I'm handing in my month's notice which means I only have 20 days left to work. Since its the 9th month of the year I divided 21 by 12 and multiplied the result by 9 whick gives me 15 days (rounded down). So that's essentially 3 weeks (I don't work weekends). I would essentially have to take 3 weeks and 1 days holidays out of my final month. Should I insist on these holidays or if not should I insist I get paid for them?

    2 AnswersOther - Holidays2 months ago
  • Does alcahol matter if you're still in a caloric deficit and your macros are right? ?

    So according to my fitness pal my macros and calories are the same as every other day, for today I swapped rice out of my evening meal and walked for an hour which gave me an additional 1,000 calories, this looks like it mean I can have 10 bottles and my calories are no different. I get the whole quality difference but would that count as a healthy diet?

    Ps I don't get hangovers so I'll kick on tomorrow morning as if nothing halogens

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness2 months ago
  • How to get more deep sleep ?

    I'm tired after 8hrs 45m of sleep, I always aim for 8-9 hrs, I got a watch that measures sleep as my diet is good, I drink enough water, I exercise etc, however 7 hours of sleep was light sleep, 1 HR 40m was REM and 5 was deep sleep, yesterday 0 was deep sleep, the day before 7m,the day before 3m and so on. I'm guessing this is why I'm tired all the time, how can I improve this, I don't drink coffee, I stay off my phone after 11pm. 

  • Why did I lose weight drinking alcohol? ?

    So I've been trying to lose weight and did everything right for 6 weeks, I measured my food, tracked my macros, ate in a 500 cal deficit and exercised 5 times a, week and it seemed to be working I was losing half a pound a week and toning up nicely. Still have a way to go with my beer belly but overall I'm happy.

    However I wanted to make this healthier lifestyle realistic as I love drinking with my friends so when we decided to meet up yesterday evening I said the diets out the window for this so I had 8 cans of cider (4000 ml) and I had two slices of pizza. So I logged this and was 2000 calories over my daily intake so I expected some negative results however I hopped up on the scale this morning and normally I'm slightly lighter or the same each morning, but this morning I was 4 pound lighter than yesterday morning, maybe its a fluke that will level out later or an unusual fluctuation that'll level out but it seems to be consistent throughout the day. 

    Could it be possible that drinking alcahol occasionally does something to help lose weight? Or will this gradually build up over the week? I don't obsess but I found it interesting 

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness5 months ago
  • How to learn Spanish? ?

    I'm in quarentine so going to class or visiting the country is it of the question, how can I learn Spanish during this free time

    5 AnswersLanguages5 months ago
  • Which language would you recommend I learn and why? ?

    I'm fluent in English, it's my native tongue but like many of us I didn't need to learn a language so didn't. Now I want to learn a language so what would you learn and why?

    Note: for some reason I have no interest in learning mandarin or Asian languages, I think outside our generic alphabet Russian is the most adventurous I'd be. 

    6 AnswersLanguages5 months ago