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I am addicted to tattoo's, have my nose pierced and am into the ol skool kustom rod scene. I love to hunt, fish, drink beer and generally just have fun with life. I have had six tattoo's done, and am working with my artist now who is drawing up my next piece of work, a pin up girl holding a margarita glass which is going to be added to my half sleeve. Told ya I was addicted to ink!

  • Where can I find honest, legitimate online work?

    I am a stay at home mom, with a military husband. I need to be at home with the kids since my husband has to travel with the military. We are in dire need of extra income and I would like to find online work that I can do from home. It has to be completely free, legitimate, and honest. Any ideas?

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  • How to cook frozen pizza with no oven?

    I know, sounds dumb but our element went out in our oven the other day. Money is real tight since my husband became unemployed (thanks failing economy!) and so we cant afford the element at this time. I am trying to stretch our food dollars, and use what we have in the freezer. So my stupid question is I guess, is there any way to cook the pizza either, on a bbq grill or using the firplace?

    Sounds fairly crazy I know, just trying to be frugal right now. Thanks in advance to anyone who understands my position and offers advice.

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  • How do I clean black soot off the outside of my fireplace?

    I have a small fireplace with limestone bricks on the outside of it. Is there any safe method I can do with stuff at home to clean it, or do should I go and buy a specific stone cleaner?

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  • How do I replace a nose piercing painlessly?

    I asked this question in another thread but thought I would ask it here too. I got my nose pierced over a year ago and every now and then I need to change it. Problem is, I am trying to replace the stud today and it hurts like hell trying to gety it through. I am stuck! Is there a way to lube it with something so it pushes the little retaining ball through with little to no pain?

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  • Is there a painless way to replace a nose stud?

    I have had my nose pierced for over a year now and every time I replace the stud (nose bone) it hurts like crazy. Today I have tried to push the stud in and it hurts so bad I dont know if I can! Is there a way maybe, to lube it so it pushes through easily?

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  • Reputable Tattoo Shops in Texas?

    Hey all! I am now living in Central Texas and am looking at finishing my sleeve and another piece I started before we moved.

    We live about an hour from Austin, maybe a little less from Killeen (although I really dont want to go to a base town for tattoo's)

    Anyone know of a good shop in Austin? Or how I might go about finding a reputable place?


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  • I cant believe this but at 33, I need make up help?

    Ok ladies.... I havent worn makeup since I was 15. And its all come such a long way from then! My question is this... my husband is coming home from his second deployment next week, YAY!!

    I went in, had a new hairstyle, color - highlights done, and she waxed my eyebrows so they look nice. Never had it done before. I'm amazed honestly at how much if opened my face and eye area up but I'm not what eyeshadows would be good.

    I have dark hair, dark eyebrows, and hazel/green eyes. I currently am just using Bare Minerals foundation and I dont want to wear a ton of makeup, so what is a good eyeshadow for me (inexpensive preferrably) and in what shade? Also..when you have your eyebrows waxed, should you use something to shade them in? Not where they were waxed but over the eyebrow its self, I figured maybe there is something to color in that area a little.

    I dont know... I feel like I am new to this whole thing. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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  • Where can I buy nose studs?

    I am looking for websites to buy nose studs that you bend yourself into an L shape. I got my nose pierced three weeks ago and my piercer said I could change it now. I tried a screw and couldnt figure the damn thing out, so I am using a nose bone now, but I worry about them cause I dont want it to fall out. I like the L shape but the only two websites I know of are and but they dont have a huge selection of bend your own piercings for the nose.

    Any suggestions?

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  • How Many of You......?

    I have been seeing alot of answers to questions lately about lower back tattoo's being referred to as "tramp stamps"

    I'm doing a poll here of sorts. I want to know how many of you who answer a question calling a lower back tattoo a tramp stamp have atleast one tattoo on you, or are you completely tattoo free?

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  • Okay, here's my dilemma. Please give me advice?

    I had melasma and my doctor referred me to a dermatologist who then prescribed me hydroquinone. It worked on some of the area's but not at all on the others. So I went and paid the full cost to get a laser treatment done. It worked really well at the stubborn spots, but now some of its returning.... little freckle type spots, and the area underneath my eyes. I really cant afford another laser treatment right now so I was wondering if anyone can give me advice as to how I can remove it, or even my skin tone out.

    My husband is returning from his second deployment in 3 1/2 weeks and I want to look my best.... HELP!!!

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  • Where's a good place to buy retro clothing?

    I am looking for stores, online preferrably, where you can buy retro style clothing, mostly from the 50's era... but any retro clothing sites would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  • How do you properly store leather?

    I live in Arizona, so the summers are hot and dry and the winters are dry too. I have a nice leather purse, and would like to know what is a good way to store it when it's not in use. Anyone know?

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  • I'm curious and need to know something?

    And be honest here.... I keep seeing these questions such as, "Am I pretty" "Rate me" "Am I ugly" "Can I be a model?" "Be honest, what do you think"

    Tell me those of you who post those questions AND those who answer... what are your ages?

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  • Natural Home Remedy for Uneven Skin tone and age spots?

    I've been googling, and using yahoo and for home made recipes that will help even my skin tone. I have melasma problems, had a laser treatment that removed almost all of it, but I cant really afford another treatment yet so I was wondering if anyone had any good home remedies using natural ingredients that will work on evening my skin tone and removing the light melasma spots I have.

    I already use a good skin care line by Clinique, but I need something now for the skin tone, and dark spots. They arent real dark, but its obvious to me.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • Is this normal for a nose piercing?

    I got my nose pierced on Friday, and I've been following the after care instruction such as rinsing with sea salt and warm water, not touching it or twisting it etc but it seems a little red around the piercing, and I thought it looked like maybe a little bit of pus was around it, it wasnt oozing, and it wasnt alot but, its not infected already is it?

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  • What is Rose Oil?

    I've been seeing it posted, and I was wondering what it is, where it can be purchased, what its benefits are etc...

    I had laser treatment for Melasma and am prone to getting it again so I was wondering if this would be something to help with the dark pigment (or age spots) that I have encountered and even my skin tone, or is it not used for that?

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  • New nose piercing question?

    Okay... so I got my nose pierced this afternoon, and he gave me aftercare instructions, pretty simple stuff really and obvious. Dont twist it, leave it in for about three weeks or until healed, and he told me to use a warm water sea salt mix to clean it with. My question is this, how do I clean the inside safely, without causing damage or a keloid from developing. Or does it even matter to clean the inside, will typical showers do the trick?

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  • Where can I buy......?

    Hot Rod Girl apparel, anyone heard of it and know a place online where it can be purchased?

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  • Does someone know where I can find pin up girl art for a tattoo?

    I'm wanting to add a small image of a pin up girl to my half sleeve I've started, but am having a hard time finding anything. I'd like a more modern style pin up girl, but anything will do because I plan on customising it to suit me. Any help is appreciated.

    Oh, I already looked at and didnt find anything good.

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  • Thinking about a piercing.....?

    I had my nose pierced once, a long time ago and it grew closed. I am fairly new to whats available but I am considering repiercing it, I dont want anything large or real obvious. I was wondering if there is a place you can buy tiny studs, subtle maybe silver. Anyone know of a good site online to buy that type of thing?

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