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  • Personal or Mortgage?

    Looking at a house that is 25K. Good foundation but need minor repair and renovation. Wondering if the total cost ( loan, closing, interest, others) would be cheaper for a personal loan or a small mortgage loan. I know its difficult to find small mortgage loan for under 50K but if I am would it be more expensive than personal loan ? 

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Begginer gardener questions?

    I want to make a garden with fruits and vegetables. I plan to use raised garden beds and have a few questions.

    1. I don’t really understand fertilizers and why people use them or manure. I’m wondering do you use manure ? Is it mandatory ? If not what do you use to substitue. Also what organic ( label of ingredients are all things i would know without having to look up) fertilizers could i use? 

    2. I live in the midwest, and it’s mid october, when is the best time to begin planting?

    3. What vegetables and fruits grow best in the Midwest ? 

    4. How do you store your harvest?

    8 AnswersGarden & Landscape10 months ago
  • Whey Protein or Weight Gainer ?

    I need to gain 10-15 pounds. Im super skinny and I weight lift about 5 times a week. I try to eat 6 full meals a day but its quite expensive, so im look for alternative way to increase my calories. I dont really mind if i get a combination of fat and muscle because i have almost no fat and i dont want to be strictly all muscle since im a female it would look odd. So would Whey Protein + creatine or Weight Gainer + creatine work best ?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • Creatine powder?

    Having trouble finding A good Creatine Powder brand , one that dissolves easy and works well, any recommendations ?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • Is there any way for me to get the title to my car ?

    So I bought this car from someone at a car shop. They had a lien on the car because the original owner couldn't pay for the repair and seized his car and the title. They never got the title changed over to their name but sold the car and the title to me still with him as owner. I was about to submit the title to dmv to put the car in my name but left it at my uncle house. He then mailed it to me and it got lost in the mail. Now how would I go about getting a replacement title since the DMV say I can’t order one because it was never in my name. I don’t remember the name of the original person who owned the car before the shop seized from him. Can’t get plates without a title .

    10 AnswersInsurance & Registration2 years ago
  • Anime like Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail ?

    Looking for an anime that’s similar to those three animes. Has a great story, all the good stuff those ones have. However, Im looking for one that has romance as a big part of the story line. Naruto and fairy tail gets romantic towards the end, while one piece has little to no romance. So again great story line but includes more romance in the story.

    6 AnswersComics & Animation2 years ago
  • Voice recorder for teddy bear?

    Looking for something I can put in a bear ( its a huge bear) that when i press or squeeze it, it plays the sound. However i need to store 4 voice memos on it. Also something that i can transfer the audio from my phone or laptop to it

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics3 years ago
  • Little green balls in dog fur ?

    They aren't those plants that stick you in summer , they dont have any sharp parts on it , but they look to have spikes and white at bottom . They're on his head and around nose.

    1 AnswerDogs4 years ago
  • How to Find a Toll You Ran online?

    Someone ran a toll in a car in my name and they have no idea what toll it was. I live in IL, how do i find what toll it was so they can pay for it ?

  • Attachment image

    Find X+Y+ Z?

    Using Law of Sines and Cosines ( problem is attached, picture ) show work please

    1 AnswerMathematics5 years ago
  • Criticism On Claude McKay?

    I'm doing a research paper and i have to find three sources of Criticism on my writter , i've search up and down the web and can't find any on Claude McKay . So I'd appreciate if any of you can leave a link to any criticism you find on Claude McKay.

    1 AnswerHomework Help5 years ago
  • Starting first pack of Trinessa?

    So today i started my first pack of birth control taking the monday white active pill first . Stupidly, i took it without reading and now i understand i was suppose to take it on the sunday after period begins. But my period isn't to come until next week. So should i take the sunday white active pill with the tuesday white active pill tomorrow ? & will it still be effective since i started it without being on my cycle?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health5 years ago
  • Edgar Allan Poe?

    Im writing a argumentive essay on whether Edgar Allan Poe suffered from a physiological disorder or is dealing with the stages of mourning in his life. I decided to do the essay about the stages of mourning in his life .

    But i need help brainstorming , so i would appreciate if you could give a good thesis to start the essay, two reason that support thesis ( dont have to explain them, ill do research to backs them up ) . And a counter sentence . Thanks

    1 AnswerHomework Help6 years ago
  • Abraham lincoln?

    Do you think if abraham lincoln was alive today, he would agree or disagree with obamacare, why or why not ?

    2 AnswersHistory6 years ago
  • How long can my food sit in my car?

    I have a game so i put my food in my car and its 27 degrees outside.. The game should be over around 8 to 8:30 but it wouldnt get to fridge until maybe 9 . Is that to long ?

    4 AnswersOther - Food & Drink6 years ago
  • Ap U.S. History?

    "In the seventeenth century , the cultivation of tobacco made a profound impact on the social and economic development of the Chesapeake colonies"

    Time period:

    What to do: decide whether this statement is accurate about the colonial development


    1 AnswerHistory6 years ago
  • U.S history?

    Which house of congress is tasked with trying a president or other government officials for impeachment ?

    What is the senate's role in approving international treaties ?

    2 AnswersHistory6 years ago
  • Topic: To Kill a Mockingbird?

    what evidence does miss maudie point to in order to show jem that atticus, although he lost the case, has made a tiny inroad against the local prejudice

    1 AnswerHomework Help7 years ago
  • Camera Kind Of Broken?

    I ordered a GE x500 black 16MP ultrazoom digital camera from Walmart about two months ago . but about a week ago someone made my camera fall off the stand and the top lens came out and the sides cracked. The camera still works but sometimes the pictures get blurry and the zoom make pictures look awful. i have a 2 year warranty on the camera, so do i call Walmart , mail it in, or take it in. Oh and do i need the recite ?

    4 AnswersCameras7 years ago
  • What a definition for conduct used in the sentence ?

    1. Who will conduct the orchestra at tonight's concert ?

    2. Water conducts electricity .

    3. His conduct during the crisis was admirable .

    1 AnswerHomework Help8 years ago