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  • Is this depersonalization/derealization?

    Sometimes I will have these sort of panic attacks. I will be living in the moment, oblivious to the profoundness of life and then I am suddenly hit with a wall of panic. It literally feels like a smack to the face. Then I suddenly feel everything sinking around me and I keep asking myself "Where am I, where am I, where am I?" I know, in a literal sense, where I am. I'm at school, for example, or I'm in a car. But my mind just goes crazy for a while and I suddenly feel an intense fear. Nothing feels real. I am still capable of feeling and understanding the basic facts of life but the mental side of me sort of freaks out. This sensation happens sporadically and in different intensities. Sometimes it happens occasionally at low intensity and sometimes it happens several times in a day with high intensities. 

    I did some research on DR/DP but I am not sure that this is it. I think DR/DP is supposed to be continual but mine are sporadic and hit in sudden waves. Please help me understand what is happening to me. I am scared because nobody I know has really felt this before.

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  • How can I have a better work ethic?

    Whenever I am doing homework or studying I always get distracted by something! Sometimes there is nothing for me to get distracted by at all but I'll start staring off into space for a while before realizing that I am not paying attention to my work. You could put me in an entirely empty room with nothing but my homework and I would still get distracted. How can I get that drive to work hard? I've tried making schedules but my problem is sticking to them. How can I stick to a schedule?

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  • Why do I sometimes like feeling upset?

    Like sometimes I'll feel sad or angry or disappointed with someone or myself. And then I like to stay there. Like it just feels so good to hate everything. To yell at people. To scream at myself. It feels real. Happiness feels like this fake fantasy. Sometimes happiness feels real but there are times where it just seems weird. 

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  • How do I learn to have better work ethic?

    It s not necessarily procrastination that is the problem, it s usually a lack of focus. I get distracted super easily by just about anything. Even if i do my homework away from other people, tv, phone, etc. I still get distracted by something.

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