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I'm from I love books, both histories and biographies, but my real love is in fiction, especially well written fantasy. Which means my favourite series is A Song of Ice and Fire. I am an agnostic atheist, I enjoy the company of my friends and dogs. My best advice to you, reader: Don't ever go backwards.

  • How long must I wait before I can access a game on Steam after accidentally giving my incorrect age?

    I was just about to download the game March of War on Steam, when an age prompt appeared. Without noticing, I had accidentally clicked 1996, instead of 1995, so my download was denied. When I try to return to downloading, I am told that I am not permitted to do so. Any ideas?

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  • What lyrics mean the most to you, and why?

    Just a small set of lyrics, maybe a line or two.

    Mine have to be a couple of lines out of Exit Music by Radiohead. For anyone who hasn't heard this song, I recommend it.

    Youtube thumbnail

    "Breathe, keep breathing, don't lose your nerve

    breathe, keep breathing, I can't do this alone"

    These lyrics, combined with the sinister feel of the song, mean a lot to me. What are your favourite lyrics, and why?

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  • Atheists, why do we get the asked stupidest questions imaginable?

    Where did the Universe come from?

    Why is the Universe so fine tuned?

    How did life arise on Earth?

    Why is Earth the only habitable planet in the solar system?

    If we evolved from monkeys, why are monkeys still around?

    Why do the tides go in and out?

    Where do we go when we die if our souls aren't immortal?

    How do homosexuals fit into evolution?


    Anyone else find these questions borderline retarded? And the funny thing is, despite us being able to answer many of them, except for the ones that we simply don't know enough about to answer(we're not all scientists people!), they still ask us them again and again. Now, I'm not knocking all religious people, just the ones who don't seem to be using their brains properly. Anyone else finding these exausted, empty arguments a bit warying? I don't know why I keep coming back to R&S. Maybe it's just to see what the fundies have thought up today.

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  • Fellow atheists, will you accept this challenge?

    Youtube thumbnail

    This link leads to Part 1 of a debate on evolution between Professor Richard Dawkins and former CEO of the CWA, Wendy Wight, that happened back in 2008. Some of you may have already seen it. To those who haven't, I warn you, I only made it a couple of minutes in before wanting to smash my head against a wall due to this woman's sheer ignorance. If you don't trust the link, I urge you to look the debate up on Youtube and see how long you can last through stupidity to such a degree as this.

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  • Are they actually trying to illegalize abortion in Canada?

    I've noticed a few ads on both signs and television that seem to be strongly advocating the outlawing of abortion. Now, I'm curious, is this actually a large movement? Here in Canada, religion is of less importance than it is down south, but is this actually going to be a large movement. Personally, I can't believe people are actually trying to move backwards from the progress we've made. Unfortunately I've been unable to locate a good source to cite. Any thoughts on this?

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  • Should all us R&S users, both atheist and theist, get together one day?

    Now I know we all have our differences(and some of us are just plain ******), but wouldn't it be nice if all the dedicated users of R&S got together for a night of drinks, loud music, laughs and adventures?

    And imagine the confrontations that will occur between bitter rivals from different philosophical standpoints! What if Fireball and and No Chance without Jesus were to meet Desiree and all the other atheists(me included)? It would be a night to remember.

    But half of us would be dead before the end.

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  • Why are Canadian atheists treated better than Anerican atheists?

    I live in Ontario, and since becoming an atheist, I've noticed that the nonbelievers in my community are treated as equals to everyone else. And I don't even live in a big city like Toronto, I live a small town. It's so tiny our high school covers the teens from 4 towns. Also, the atheist population is growing at a steady pace. Why is it that, despite Canada and America being so similar, atheists can feel comfortable around religous people, and vice versa, in Canada and not America?

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  • Religous folk, do you sometimes acknowledge or consider atheistic proposals?

    When you hear an atheist, like myself, give an atheistic proposal to an argument that seem realistic, is there ever a moment where you acknowledge that they may have a point, but you still have more faith in your religion because your strongly passionate about it?I'm not attempting to insult anyone, I would just like to hear your thoughts. Both sides have brought up their own arguments.

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  • Christians: If I, as an atheist, were a demon, wouldn't I know about it?

    So apparently some Christians think atheists are misguided. Others think we enjoy being heretics. And some think we're actually demons. I think I'd KNOW!

    And also, being a demon would be awesome! Fire powers, bat wings, bull horns, shape shifting. If atheists were demons,we would know

    Sarcasm. This question is purely sarcastic.

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  • Are people just as powerful as the Christians believe God is?

    It seems to me that to Christians everything good in the world was created by God. But when it comes down to the question of "Why did God make people serial killers, atheists, homosexuals etc," apparently its people's own choice and that we are responsible for all the bad stuff. Well if these people are how they are based on their decisions, why the f*ck can't he '"fix" us? If he can, but does not, because I'm an atheist and not planning to change, did he just create us for the purpose of hell? What a hypocritical story, the Bible is.

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  • Why do some Christians reject the term "Dark Ages"?

    Sorry, I would just like to have a clear answer, I just heard about it lately.

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  • What would you want to be if the entire world turned fictional?

    Say one day all manner of fantasy, sci fi and history became real, and everyone in the world had the ability to be the person of their dreams that reflected the real person. For example, a mechanic could become a cyborg warrior, a football player could become a half bull knight, or a chemist could become an alchemical sorcerer. What would your life make you?

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  • Why do Christians believe rejecting desires and learning in the name of "God" makes you a better person?

    Why do they say no to letting people experience life, and to the progression of humanity? Why do they believe that I cannot sleep with a woman before marriage, or try new things with her? Why do they look down upon homosexuals, who are oftentimes better people that the Christians themselves? Why do they feel righteous in going backwards instead of forwards, stopping the progress of humans to instead think that we'll never know? Why do so many of them insist on taking away the rights of others, and believe themselves holy beings? And WHY are so many of these people, in fact, most people, living in first world countries, where eduacation is available everywhere?

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  • Can you make up a fictional character?

    Off the top of my head, my character is an interrogator with 2 pet levitating snakes. He wears a trench coat, has glasses and is named Ouroboros Talz.

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  • Why does my father seem uninterested with me?

    I'm a guy of 15, the oldest child of three. And arguably the coldest. For about 6 years my father has been living with his girlfriend, and I visit him every other weekend. However, he seems to have lost a lot of his humor and interest in much of anything, including movies music, and even books(which he loves). He seems to save all his energy for when me and my siblings show up. But one thing I've noticed is that he seems to be indifferent to me, while he acts much more positive around my brother. The weird thing is, I resemble my father in personality far more than my brother(I love his history, reading, and philosophy but I still seem to be treated like an outsider. Any thoughts?

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  • help attracting a girl?

    I am really into a sweet, proud little redhead girl my age, and we have been friends since we started High School. There has always been a kind of odd friendship between us, though we look nothing alike. The bad part is that she has started to grow attracted to a twelfth grader with a history of cheating( who happens to be the brother of one of my best friends, go figure). How do I attract her towards me without being obvious?

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  • Giving help to a girl?

    My close friend at school is a strong and pretty girl, but can grow very insecure and confused when she is made fun of. She seems to think that she has done something to draw these remarks, but doesn't know what. I would like to be able to help her up when she is down. Any advice?

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