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  • Looking for a well written rebuttal has to how the US Military is currently defending freedom?

    I need a little help, I'm looking for a well written response/rebuttal to the question; "How is the US Military protecting my freedoms in this day and age"?.

    I understand it's more than just fighting, I'm a veteran myself.

    I need something that addresses the geopolitical and foreign interest and humanitarian aspects of the military's role in world affairs and how that affects out freedoms. Any previously written article or per reviewed essay link would be helpful has well.

    Thank you

    It's not for school, it's for my own edification and just in case

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  • Looking for a Navy pamphlet from the late 60's early 70's?

    I am looking for a booklet that was given out at the Gun School.

    It's written in the same format has an Army PS booklet like "My Sweet M16".

    It's called Care and Maintenance or Torque Wrenches and Gauges and was written during or around the late 60's early 70's.

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  • Looking for an editorial cartoon?

    I'm am looking for a political cartoon or editorial cartoon from the about 1986 regarding the Libya crisis of the 1980's.

    It's a cartoon depicting Qaddafi running down the side of a wall with a paint brush and he is heading toward the corner where just out of sight of Qaddafi is a large US sailor in dress whites.

    I think the caption was something like "Trouble brewing"

    If you can post a link or scan a picture I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

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  • Question about potential movie?

    There used to be a comic book from DC comics called "the Haunted Tank" It was about a WWII Tank that was haunted by the spirit of Civil war General JEB Stuart. The tanks commander was the only person who could see the ghost and received guidance and warning from the Ghost.

    Does anybody know if is being considered for a live action movie or do you think it would make a decent movie? Maybe if we brought into current times?

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  • Disagreeing with Obama's policies..?

    Can anyone name a major US news network cable or otherwise beside Fox news that disagrees with President Obama's policies?

    Provide a link.....

    If President Obama then had the Attorney General shut down FOX News and Brietbart and Rush Limbaugh woud you consider that a justified and lawful action by a sitting president ?

    Would that then be akin to socialism?

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  • Can anyone tell me what truely defines an assault rifle?

    Is it the barrel length?

    Is it the fact that it's semi automatic?

    Is it the fact that it has a large magazine capacity?

    I realize that an AK-47 semi-auto could be defined has an assualt rifle but where would a semi-auto M -14 fit in?

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  • Who are the job creators?

    Who are the job creators and how much money does it take to have a small business that has say 10 employees?

    Have any of you worked for and received a taxable paycheck from a person who pays no personal income taxes?

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  • Old US Navy training video?

    Does anyone know where on the internet I can find an old US Navy training video called "Synthetic Line Snapback" I know where to purchase the VHS but I'm looking for an internet version.


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  • Question about some old shotgun rounds for Vietnam Vets?

    I have a display board that has several shotgun and rifle rounds used by the Navy and Marine Corps during the Vietnam war. I would like to know more about how they were used. The display board is quite extensive includes whole round, a lateral cutaway of each round and a label board. I have refurbished it to its original condition

    1. 12 Gage shotgun HATTON round 792 grains DODIC A024

    2. 12 Gage shotgun AAI Ferret DODIC not assigned

    3. 12 Gage shotgun AAI CAW flechette round DODIC not assigned (was this ever used or employed?)

    4. 12 gage OLIN CAW projectile weight 1/14 once all brass shotgun round appears to contain several #4 buck shot rounds and a whole lot of wading.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • How long do you think is a reasonable time to be be on welfare/ public aid/ unemployment?

    How long do you think is a reasonable time to be on welfare/public aid/unemployment?

    Should a person, being of sound mind and body be on welfare for months/ years/ decades?(10 or more years)

    Should you be able to collect unemployment for 5 years straight or more?

    Should you be able to collect state aid for child and then have another child and collect state aid again and do this constantly?

    Should you be able to benefit from these programs having never contributed to paying into these programs or paying taxes via work or income tax?

    If you feel an individual is or has become ineligible for benefits what should be the cutoff or more appropriately what should be the motivator to get them back into the workforce ?

    That being said I understand children and the disabled can't pay into a system and they are more than entitled to benefits.

    But healthy able bodied adults are a different subject.

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  • Why haven't we found a cure for Cancer.?

    We have donated and contributed million if not billions of dollars over the many years and it appears we are no closer to a cure than we were when we started.

    I wonder how much, has a percentage, of the money has gone into the pockets of people who just administer paperwork.

    Maybe it's pretty much the same with any cause, if there's money in it.

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  • Why are their so many people trying to join the military while still trying get away with taking drugs?

    Why do people insist on smoking pot or using other drugs and then trying to pass through MEPS or get to boot camp?

    (example) I'm going to boot camp next week but I smoked yesterday and I smoked three times this week so far, do you think it will show?

    Folks.......THE US MILITARY HAS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY!!! Regarding drug use....

    That means you don't get a pass, you don't get a waiver, you don't get another try.



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  • If a border town such has Laredo, Tx. were given say 300 Army and Marine Corps assets.?

    How do you think the police force would implement them?

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  • Philly Cheese steak sandwich?

    Can anyone tell me what cut of meat provides the steak for a cheese steak sandwich?

    How is it cut and prepared for a customer?

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes9 years ago
  • looking for the proper name of this flowering plant;?

    Years ago my family had a plant they called and "Aunt Suzy" or "Aunt Suzie". I'm not sure if it was an annual or perennial. I know we brought it in in the winter. It had large white flowers that hung down and were about 4 to 6 in long. I may be off about the size of the blooms, it's been 30+ years

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