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  • how much will a speeding ticket cost in alexandria, la?

    70 mph in a 55 mph (reduced speed) zone. This was down Hwy 71 South around LSUA. I need as close to accurate price as possible so I know what to pay. I can't call the courts til morning and am very impatient.

    My speedometer only showed 61 but the cop said the radar got me at 70. I know the instrument cluster is off and recalled on my model vehicle and I also have 17" tires when they are normally 16" so the speed is off by a few mph but not that much!

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  • Are there any baseball cad dealers/buyers in Alexandria, Louisiana and how much are these cards worth?

    I really want to know if there are any shops/dealers in or near Alexandria, Louisiana.

    I am going to list some baseball cards and would like a guesstimate on their value. I know it's hard to determine value without looking but I'll do my best to give you an accurate idea based on the grading scale of 1 - 10.

    Autographed Yogi Berra *grade 9*

    The following are early 50's and early 60's --- Roy Campanella *grade 6*, Willie Mays *grade 5*, Yogi Berra *grade 1 or 2*

    Autographed Ken Griffey Jr

    Cal Ripken Jr rookie cards

    Obama presidential candidate card (also have McCain)

    There are quite a few others but my husband brought them to work today and I can't remember all of them. I know that the older cards, in good condition, are worth $400...on the lower side they are $100. I'd like an outsiders opinion based on how bad someone would want the card as well as the condition of the card.


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  • Wondering if bio mom or dad can be found - please read?

    We just received non-identifying information, for medical purposes, about my husbands birth mother and father from the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry.

    My goal is to find his mother or father and find out two things. 1. Why she gave him up and 2. Why he denied his paternal rights.

    Here's a little background info if anyone reading this is from Houston County Georgia and knows anything. FYI - The only acceptable form of communication will be via e-mail. We have no desire to see or hear from them.

    Born - 2/7/1975

    6 lbs 6 1/2 oz

    small reddish "H" birthmark on the right side of the head

    20" long

    blue eyes

    lt brown hair


    Mother was 5'6, 160 lbs, 21 yrs old, Baptist, drk brown hair, blue eyes. She was born with nerve deafness, couldn't speak very well, read lips some, and communicated by writing. She completed h.s. and lived a fairly normal lifestyle. She had spinal meningitis in 1961 and was hospitalized for 2 wks.

    Father was 20, drk brown hair, 6'2, 190 lbs, junior in college, of Finnish descent, Protestant & denied paternity.

    One great-grandfather died of a heart attack at 53, great-grandmother died of kidney poisoning at 52.

    Bio mother stated that she didn't feel she could provide an adequate home at this time. However, paperwork states family was of middle class and of average means and intelligence.

    So, if anyone knows any factual information as to why bio father denied parentage and why bio-mother gave him up info would be greatly appreciated.

    Serious responses only, please! Thanks.

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  • Have questions about adoption process in Louisiana - help?

    My husband and I are going to start the adoption paperwork in June. There is an orientation meeting June 11th and they tell you about the children available, what paperwork needs to be done, etc.

    I would like to get a few answers now if possible. :)

    1. Will we need to have the bedroom set up before the homestudy starts or can it wait until we know we've been approved as adoptive parents?

    2. Are guns & knives allowed in the house (as long as they are out of the childs reach; until they are old enough to properly handle them)?

    3. Hold old does a child have to be before being left alone in the home (while parents are at work)? I know I was 10 when I was home for up to 4 hours an evening after school.

    4. Will DSS tell us what clothing and shoe sizes the child wears (once we are matched to a child)?

    5. Will they tell us, or ask the child, what things he likes so we can have the room set up specifically for him?

    6. Since there are daily, then overnight visits before the child stays for the 6 month trial period, when do you enroll him in school (or add him to your vehicle & health insurance)?

    7. How much is a background check?

    8. How much is an attorney (when dealing with the final paperwork in adopting - name change, etc)?

    9. Is there any other helpful information that you can give me???

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  • Why in God's name would they throw a puppy?

    I hope this is the right link. This supposed "Marine" and his buddy throw a puppy - a LIVE puppy - off the side of a cliff!!!

    How can people that claim to be supporting our freedom and life do this to a living animal and ENJOY it?!

    I think they should be dishonorably discharged and charged with animal cruelty.

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  • I'll be moving back to my home state soon - mom isn't excited. Why?

    Here's the basics:

    When I was 21, and with a (now ex) b/f, I moved to Maryland from my homestate of Louisiana. I didn't get to talk to my mom for at least 3 years because of the ex. He was abusive, mean, etc.

    I got into truck driving, met my (now) husband and we moved to Louisiana for about 3 months. We couldn't find decent jobs and didn't have enough money to pay the bills so we decided to move to his homestate of S.C. Mom got upset cause she thought I was back for good. We went to S.C., did more truck driving, then ended up in Missouri. Now, almost 3 years after being in MO, we are getting to move back to La. in Jan. '09. When I told her she was like "mmm, ok." No excitement, no happiness at seeing her only child again, nothing. It made me mad. I've got my dad, stepmom, stepbro and an older sis I never knew I had (plus her family) to visit, plus cousins. But I like hunting/fishing/4-wheeler riding with mom. What's her problem? Any ideas?

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  • My dog got into some pesticide, called poison control - said he should be o.k. But he hasn't pooped in 2 days?

    What can I give him to make him go to the bathroom before having to go to the vet?

    The dr. at poison control said if he didn't experience any adverse reactions within 24 hrs he'd be fine. He didn't really get into alot of it, but punctured an almost empty bottle..either way, we got worried. This dog has a stomach of steel. He's managed to eat almost a whole 1/4 sheet of cake with NO adverse reaction at all. Not even diarrhea.

    Oh yeah, the morning before the pesticide incident he got into 3 of those leg/thigh pieces of chicken. They were in the trash and he knocked the can off the counter and onto the floor. I know he ate all three. I gave him bread and milk to absorb and cushion everything as it went through his system. He isn't acting like he's in pain and hasn't even tried pooping. I've felt his stomach, but it doesn't feel hard like he's full of poop. Still, shouldn't he have gone by now? It's been two days for God's sake! What can I give him to get his system going again?

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  • What would you do?

    We're having a litter of pups in early April. AKC reg. Labs (great temper, great conformation, hips Good/Excellent, numerous ch. in the pedigree, healthy). We've already got a buyer in Branson for a male and a local duck hunter for another pup and possibly a buyer in California.

    There is a boy with Multiple Sclerosis and his dad wants to get him a Lab pup so he can have a constant companion. In essence, he/she would be a therapy dog. We are selling them for $600 BUT I told the guy that knows the father if he wants one for free he can have one but if he insists on paying it would only be $200. Since this pup is for a disabled child, do you think we did a good thing? The guy that is spreading the word about our pups is allowed to up the price to get a "finders fee" for helping us get good owners that will hunt/play with their pups. He breeds English Mastiffs so knows exactly what we're looking for in a family. He thinks what we're doing is nice and doesn't mind giving up the money.

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