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  • Overclocking ryzen 5 3600?

    I was facing problems with high voltage and high temperature so i notice that most people are habing same temperature problems so i watched some youtube video they told to overclock then to disable boosting so what i did is 1.15v @4.2ghz

    And i am maxing out at 72c which is perfectly fine for me and even getting very good benchmark results from stock.

    So i want to know if 1.15v is okay for 4.2ghz or its gonna harm my processor? I have done stress testing also

    Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong.


    Ryzen 5 3600

    Asus rog strix b450 gaming f

    32gb ram 3200mhz


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  • Ryzen 5 3600 running hot.!?

    I just recently built a new pc and everything was going fine until i checked the temperatures

    When running cinebench r20 my stock cooler was around 100 degrees so i bought an 120mm corsair h60 but still my max temperature was 88 degrees under full stress test which doesn't feels comfortable

    I checked the voltages they were 3.9ghz at 1.467v


    Ryzen 5 3609

    Asus rog b450 gaming f

    32gb corsair rgb pro

    Please tell me a good solution i tried turning off the core performance boost and getting around 65 degrees max but i think thats has much of performance loss

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  • does it improve my gaming performance?

    Spec spec

    I5 3570k i5 3570k

    db75en db75en

    8gb ram 16gb ram

    hd 4000 hd 4000

    which is better for good gaming according to now. Not future gaming

    Spec Spec

    I5 3570k Intel Core i5 3570k

    Z77 extreme 6 Asus z77 Extreme 11

    16gb ram 16gb Corsair vengance

    hd 7770 Sapphire r9 270x Toxic

    WHICH is better for today not future not wasting money

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  • what to do ? increase or default.?

    Hey pc spec

    I5 3570k

    Intel db75en

    8gb corsair 1333

    integrated intel hd graphics 4000

    I love playing games, I want to know that my default ( igd or igpu memory is 128mb) and I can increase it to 1gb and in gta iv I was not able to play there is resources graphics which is red colour showing my graphics memory low should I increase it does it benefit me or does it harm my pc.?

    Main: does it harm my pc if I increase it

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  • What to Do..? Increasing or not..?

    Hey i Bought a Pc


    I5 3570k


    8gb Corsair 1333mhz

    every thing

    I have integrated hd 4000 in my cpu i love to play games but i want to ask you that i have seen ( IGD or IGPU) Memory in Bios Mine is at Default at 256 and i can be increased to 1gb should i increase it does it benefit me or Plz Tell Does It Harm My Pc Or Not..? and which graphic card to buy with my Spec

    hd 7770 , r7 260x , hd 7850,

    or wait for some time and buy r9 280x

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  • Does these ps3 and xbox 360 emulators work..?

    hey i want to know that does these ps3 , ps4 and xbox 360 emulators work i want to play gta 5 etc on these really want to does they work..? i had seen many websites of ps3 and ps4 emulators and i recently bought a pc with best that i can do plz tell hows it in gaming


    Processor = i7 4960x

    Motherboard = z77 extreme 11

    Ram = 32gb corsair 1600mhz

    Graphics card = r9 290x

    Cabinet = haf x

    Cpu Cooler = h100i

    all accessory

    sorry for bad english

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  • is it good for gaming ..?

    i have a pc


    i5 3570k


    8gb corsair


    old hd 5450 2gb (gone for repairing)

    i love gaming i play games till now on hd 5450 but it is just usable it cannot play games like need for speed most wanted 2012 or rival or battlefield 3 at my resolution i have to lower the resolution.

    i m thinking to a bit upgrade to gt 630 or hd 6670 plz suggest they can handle every game (till Now )

    at my resolution1600x900 or how is it for games till now which setting they can play or any other card in this range

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  • why i m not able to play games ..?

    i recently bought pc with spec i5 3570k, db75enbox , 8gb corsair vegances , and smps and last i have a old other things need to run i also had a old graphics card sapphire hd 5450 2gb it runs lots of games but recently it died and i search on the websites that hd 4000 with 3570k is 25% more powerfull than hd 5450 but i smoothly play lots of games even some high end games but hd 4000 not even playing subway surfers on my pc its just very badly lagging on it ...plz Help..

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  • my graphics card is not giving display..?

    hey i recently bought a pc with around 4 months i5 3570k db75enbox and 8gb corsair 1333mhz and i have a old graphics card hd 5450 2gb and i was all going good but yesterday i opened my pc and the display is not coming i take out my card and then trying with integrated with motherboard it is working properly but i plug my card back it again not giving display plz help..?what to do..?

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  • gamepad controller for android phone..?

    hey guys i recently bought samsung galaxy grand quattro i love gaming i want a gamepad mean controller to play games plz suggest controllers for android devices and where willl i get it in india or any websites..

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  • Plz tell me what to do?

    Hey I have Samsung galaxy grand quattro I love gaming but I m a little confused plz tell on Internet I had see some vedios of how to make default install to external sd card what I found is to download some sdk file and connect phone through usd debugging plz tell

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  • give me some reviews about this ..?

    hey currently i have my 1st phone samsung galaxy grand quattro i would love gaming i have brilliant pc but i need a phone also so i m thinking to buy nexus 7 2012 plz tell me how is it ..?speciall gaming and other features

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  • What to do to increase internal space?

    Hey I recently bought Samsung galaxy grand quattro I added high end games ttoit its internal is 5gb for using I want more so I bought 16gb sd card but sd card is not like internal it is showing it as external card I want to install games in sd card and in internal both what do I do plz tell or only in sd card plz tell.?

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  • Which antivirus is best.?

    Hey I was using avg free edition from 2001 and now from last 3 day i m facing many problems my is is not able to stable is crashing plz tell which is best antivirus

    avg free edition

    Avast free edition


    Or any other plz tell.?

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  • Plz tell how much this gpu can give.?

    Hey I have sapphire hd 5450 2gb I want to know how much fps I get on which setting on this games

    Resolution on 1600x900

    Farcry 3

    Battlefield 3

    Black ops 2

    Dead space 3

    Crysis 3

    And plz suggest me other games which I can play with becoz I by mistake bought this.

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  • how to overclock..and is it safe..?

    plz tell i have sapphire 5450 2gb i wanted to overclock it plz tell i m going to do this with ati software and going to full everything plz tell is it increase performance and does it hurt anything in my pc.?

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  • how is my pc ..plz check.?

    plz tell me how much fps i get on my spec on these games

    i5 3570k


    8gb corsair

    sapphire hd 5450 2gb

    plz tell with resolution 1600x900

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  • how is my pc ..plz check.?

    hey i m going to buy

    i7 4960x

    z77 Extreme11

    16gb Corsair Vengeances

    hd 7990 devil 13

    corsair 850watts

    plz check my spec for gaming

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  • will this work on my pc..?

    plz tell me how much fps i get on my spec on these games

    i5 3570k


    8gb corsair

    sapphire hd 5450 2gb

    plz tell with resolution 1600x900

    battlefield 3

    farcry 3

    street fighter x tekken

    mafia 2

    i need to play these games for 2 or 3 weeks after that i m going to upgrade

    i5 3570k

    z77 Extreme4

    16gb corsair

    r9 270x

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  • which gpu should i buy..?

    hey plz tell me which gpu to buy

    Sapphire r9 270x toxic

    Sapphire r9 270x vapor x

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