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  • Is echolocation 360 degrees? Or is it a scope?

    Echolocation involves around sound being emitted and returned, so I was wondering: if sound travels in all directions, can bats detect what is behind them with echolocation?

    Or, is echolocation limited to a scope just like our vision?

    1 AnswerZoology6 years ago
  • In High School, am I doomed?

    I have a D and a C in Freshman year in two honor level courses.

    In Sophomore, I predict two C's in two Honor classes in Sophomore.

    I will be a Junior after summer, and I have not yet taken the SAT. I do plan on spending the entire summer on focusing EVERYTHING on Junior year and the SAT!

    I made a program, and if everything goes well after Junior year, my GPA would be between 3.6 and 3.69 (The max GPA system varies due to the misinformation the school gives me It's either 4.0, 4.15, or 4,25). But this is merely a prediction. The prediction already includes that all of my classes in Junior year will be Honors, plus one AP course.

    Perhaps Senior year would improve it, I do not know.

    My question is: Am I doomed? My first two years in High School seems to be between Horrible and so-so.

    I do not plan on taking foreign language for 11th & 12th grade for the sake of GPA.

    I am in a after school club: Weightlifting (though I am pretty weak).


    Another problem: I have no clue what sort of career I wish to pursue. My heart is numb of motivation, and I lack passion. I have a talent in art, but I am told that art leads to a horribly paid career. Thus, I never really enhance my talent. Regardless, I am always the best artist in my art class. Is there a solution or advice for this? In Junior year, I do plan on taking an elective (Art), except the part where they lied to me, and it turns out that Art (honors) is Full year.

    Is it too late for me? All of my other grades are just A's and B's.

    If it is too late for me, does this mean I should just quit and give up?

    By "doomed", I mean do I have a gloomy bad, horrific future, like a beggar on the streets?

    I have no clue on what college I wish to enter either. I'm not sure if all High schools are like this, but mine does not give any information unless you roam around the school aimlessly, looking for a Guidance Counselor.

    Should I replace art with another Ap course to raise GPA?

    What are your advice?

    How can I participate in more after school stuff? It's not like the school will give me a list. No matter who I talk to, it's always: "I am not sure, go speak to (Adult's name) in room (number)" I hate being sent on a wild Goose Chase!

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  • The Right of Self Defense (Particularly in the United States)?

    I know very little about the laws, so I Google it. It said something along the lines: "Civilians may act on their own behalf to engage in a level of violence (reasonable force/defensive force) for the sake of defending one's own life or the lives of others, including, in certain circumstances, the use of DEADLY FORCE.

    In terms of martial arts, what would be considered an "appropriate" level of violence given to a situation?

    For example, in what level of situation would Stabbing someone's eyes consider to be appropriate?

    What is the appropriate level of violence if an opponent simply punches and kicks you (Not exactly a immediate death)?

    Is breaking joints appropriate if someone attacks you with a knife or a gun? Would you have to pay for their medical fee? If the knife was intended to kill, should you kill that guy?


    I am not so clear on these sort of stuff. The sort of answer I expect is a list of situations with a list of appropriate level of violence in response to that situation. What are your thoughts?

    My final question: Should martial art classes teach to the students the laws that involves self-defense in their respected country,state, or province?

    10 AnswersMartial Arts7 years ago
  • Why do people participate in ring fighting such as MMA?

    The main question: What is the reason?

    1. If your reason is self-defense, isn't it more rational to avoid fights instead of beating the living daylights out of each other in a ring?

    2. If it's health, it doesn't even need to be a knockout; punches to the head repeatedly in one's life will cause brain damage. You may not notice it, but the damage might be there. Injuries is quite often.

    3. If you get too old, wouldn't you be unable to use the one thing you love?


    This question is inspired to me from this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    It's a TED Talk, explaining the sociology of MMA or Cage fighting.

    The conclusion to the video is: Hyper Masculinity - to express your masculinity?

    Is this accurate to you?

    11 AnswersMartial Arts7 years ago
  • How do Muay Thai fighters condition their shins and body?

    Muay Thai has a great reputation for their brutal combat, and their success in the ring.

    I have heard people kicking Banana Trees, and that sounds very painful to my ears.

    Exactly how do that condition themselves? Are their nerves on the shin really damaged? Can they still feel?

    And my question is: Will there be any health issues as they get older?

    3 AnswersMartial Arts7 years ago
  • Under multiple opponents, would you fight the strongest first, or the weakest first?

    If you fight the weaker opponents first, you may be too tried to deal with the tougher opponents.

    If you deal with the stronger opponents, such as the leader, it may discourage the other opponent's fighting spirit.

    What are your thoughts? Is this just a personal preference? Or is there a right answer?

    9 AnswersMartial Arts7 years ago
  • I have a question about Grappling?

    I am ignorant about the grappling aspect of martial arts.

    When a grappling-fighter attacks you, their arms would cling onto your leg or body, with their head against you to knock you off balance, then end the fight on the ground.

    However, when I imagine such an opponent staying low on the ground and attack, a kick would be suicide, since that would further the in-balance. A punch won't work too well if the opponent is so low. So my question is: What about a strike to their eyes?

    In the split second they cling to you, their arms are wide open, leaving the chance for you to attack. Would a grappling-fighter have any way to avoid being jabbed to the eyes?

    A regular stand-up fighter would have their arms guarding themselves to prevent such a cheap shot. What about grappling-fighters? What would they do?

    7 AnswersMartial Arts7 years ago
  • Which is worse: Fighting without knowing martial art or Fighting based on Youtube Tutorials?

    In combat, would a person have a better chance succeeding without knowing a martial art,

    or would a person who learns from Youtube and the internet have a better chance in succeeding?

    9 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • What qualifies one to "know" a martial art?

    For example, if Person_A took an Aikido class, could he say he knows Aikido if he only knows 1 technique?

    Or does he need to know all the techniques?

    What do you think is necessary for a person to say, "I know Aikido!" or any martial arts.

    Is it how long a person practiced? Could Person_A say "I know Aikido!" with only 1 year of experience?

    So my question is what do you think is enough for a person to claim that he or she knows a martial art.

    9 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • Should I take wrestling in my High School under these circumstances?

    I never done wrestling before, so I do not know if I like or dislike it. I love martial arts, and wrestling is somewhat similar but not really.

    What discourages me is this:

    it costs $225

    Plus the cost of wrestling shoes

    Plus the money spend on schoolbus would be wasted since I'll have to be driven home by car

    What encourages me:

    People at my school encourages me to take wrestling since they think I'll be good at it from my size and strength.

    Conclusion: My family said to ignore those encouragement since I should not do wrestling for other's sake.

    The money is NOT AN ISSUE but it is kinda sad.

    If I ignore those encouragements, I don't really feel like it anymore.

    I am sensitive, what people say about me can either encourage or discourage me.

    Personally, I believe there are many kids with strength greater than mine and shorter than me.

    However, Wrestling involves the skill in techniques too.

    Is "muscle strength" important?

    What really matters is for me to HAVE FUN! So please tell me, try to encourage me or discourage me.

    I am in a neutral zone where I don't care if I take it or not. So tell me, How is Wrestling fun for you guys?

    2 AnswersWrestling8 years ago
  • Is my life normal, is my family cruel?

    My life is very empty. I never had any friends, never been to another friend's house, never really had fun with other people, and never been on a vacation before.

    I have no siblings, and not pets. Family is very small.

    I am Asian. My parents strongly believe in the positive side of the Asian stereotypes.

    They always discourage me, belittle me, and complain why did they have to have a son?

    They would compare me to other Asians. They say I have no future, they said I am too stupid to go to college.

    Example: One time I got an Honor Roll certificate. My mother “jokes”: “HA! If you made it to Honor Roll I would give you $200. You can never get honor roll.” I showed her the certificate immediately and she gave me the money and was dumbfounded. THAT was how STUPID they thought I was!

    She would constantly complain, “Having children is a waste of money.” “Die early!” “You’re useless!” “Americans are rude!” “I hate animal!” “You have no future!”

    She would be angered when I have no school. Because if I am at school, she is free at home.

    She would insult me in the harshest words you can imagine. Her logic made no sense.

    Every day, she would discourage me. And she is ALWAYS WRONG! She thought that I didn’t receive a textbook in Math Class because the students were too stupid to read. She thought that “Study Class” was for retarded kids and thought I was the only student in it.

    My moral life lesson: Never listen to parents.

    So how do I cope with all this? When I was young, I created an imaginary friend that I childishly named “Shadow”. Now, he’s just part of my conscious. I would constantly talk back and forth to myself. That way, I tricked my brain into thinking that I am not alone. My parents would sometimes ask, “Who are you talking to?”

    I always thought other people were “weird” for having “Girlfriends and boyfriends”. I had my own philosophy. To me, love was like a piece of glass: “Strong yet delicate, transparent of emotions, as it shatters it leaves a wounded heart.”

    My heart is also quite numb. I can cry yet not feel sad. I also feel like I am the only person who knows what it feels like to “Not talk to a person for an entire summer”. It is such a strange feeling once I go back to school. However, I always hated school.

    1 AnswerPsychology8 years ago
  • Is it normal for my High School (After school activities) to cost $250?

    I have heard of high school kids going after school to play sports and have fun. However, I found out that it has a fee of $250. And each sports is limited to only a season. I want to know if that's normal. Do other high schools do that?

    I find it kind of stupid for kids that pay $250 just to run in track. I can run at home for free.

    I was thinking of Wrestling, Volleyball, or maybe tennis but,..... is $250 worth it?

    Because if I quit, that;s $250 out the window right? If I don't go to after school every time then I waste a lot of money. Is this normal?

    4 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education8 years ago
  • Is falling in love with a fictional character unhealthy for me?

    I'm a boy. And this anime I watched long ago, has scared my heart. Shameful for me to admit this but the anime is: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker. Or something like that.

    A character named Vivio, at first I couldn't care less, there are cute scenes and such. Then, when it came down to episode 18, that's when I pitied her. Vivio's little wrists and ankles were binded by magic. She was surrounded by evil people. Vivio cries and yells in fear, "MAMA!"

    Q_Q It was horrible to watch! That episode was intense. Ever since then, I developed feelings for Vivio. The feeling of wanting to protect her.

    But this is a problem. In reality, Vivio is nothing more than a fictional character. However, I even hug a pillow pretending it's her.

    Ironically, I have no feelings for real human but I do have feeling for fake humans.

    What do I do now? It this unhealthy? Do I have a mental, psychological problem?

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Weight Class in Certain Martial Arts?

    Martial arts such as Judo, TKD have weight class for both male and female.

    What confuses me is that: Judo is about taking down a larger opponent. Wouldn't it be just as effective if the opponent were heavier?

    o.o In TKD, what does weight have to do with kicking and strikes?

    Are heavier fighters really have more an advantage?

    3 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • What superpower do you want? (Be creative)?

    I have heard many people say that their superpower would be to fly, super speed, super strength, teleport, read minds, see into the future, the five elements...etc

    However, these powers are so common. So, do any of you think you have a creative super power that not a lot people would have thought of? Like, creating a bubble of empty space (void/vacuum).

    I kinda find myself having an issue answering this question. Since so many ideas are taken.

    5 AnswersOther - Arts & Humanities8 years ago
  • Is there a limit to the human brain ability to contain knowledge?

    Let's suppose a human lives forever. The human brain constantly gains information and knowledge. My question is: Do you believe the human brain has a limit where it can no longer hold any information? Or, do you believe it can hold an infinite amount of information.

    8 AnswersPhilosophy8 years ago
  • How to calculate the force needed to destroy a material?

    It would be some time till I take physics and even then, I am not sure I would learn this. Is there any formula to use to calculate the force required to destroy something? For example, how much force does a punch need to be to destroy a single layered brick wall. Or perhaps how much force is needed to destroy the planet. Or how much force needed to pierce through a human. Is there any way to calculate such things and how?

    2 AnswersPhysics8 years ago
  • Can a programming language be more efficient in making anime than drawing by hand?

    There are several programming languages and Java might be the best suited for making anime. Anime is like my dream. It may be impossible but I believe there are ways around it. However, artists have to draw like 100 pictures for a episode. A website said they draw 8 - 12 pictures per second of a episode. To me, that's a hell a lot of work. I am wondering if this type of animation could be replaced by coding. Would Java be more effective in making anime than drawing and editing? Is it harder or easier?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • A question I ask all of you!?

    If a close friend or family member were killed and a magician magically created a duplicate of that

    dead person (including memories and such) would you treat this new living person the same way?

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • What is the limit of the weight of an object without changing its shape or size?

    For example: A small marble weighs one pound. With more mass added to it, it can be even heavier, however, there will come to a point where no more mass can be added without changing its size since atoms can't just fuse together. I am curious as to what is the maximum weight any object can theoretically possess. Doesn't have to be a marble.

    2 AnswersPhysics9 years ago