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  • How can Oprah lecture White People on "White Privilege"?

    Oprah Winfrey is engaging and shaming white people to accept that White People have privilege, coming from a Billionaire Black Woman. How is that appropriate?

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  • Ever stop Dating years after the Divorce?

    My Ex left me 10 years ago. It wasn't a bad divorce, and we ended as well as we could.

    I started dating pretty quickly thereafter. I regret that because I was rebounding. All those little relationships became more serious, and then I would ditch them.

    I let some time pass, and got into a couple of serious relationships, but I eventually felt trapped in those as well. So I let some more time go by and eventually ditch those relationships.

    Now I have not dated in two years, and in the last year many FB friends and coworkers keep hinting and flirting with me. I never take them seriously. But they keep on me, checking on me, and trying to get me to engage.

    I get panicky even thinking about another long-term relationship. I avoid even getting myself set up to even get near one of those. So I avoid pretty well.

    Unfortunately, I am not the pump and dump type. I do not like one night stands, and now hitting 50, even thinking about that kind of intimacy scares me because I am not horny like I use to be from teens to my 40's.

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  • Will the McCloskeys (Gun Couple) prevail over the Prosecutor Gardner?

    This couple came outside after rioters busted down a gate, and held about 300 protestors, some also armed with guns from ransacking their home. Their guns were seized by the police by order of Kim Gardner, who charged the couple for threatening a peaceful protest with deadly force.

    The particulars is that the couple did not have any police help during the riot. Many of the riots days earlier had building set on fire, and violence in various areas of the city. The couple said they feared the mob or rioters were there to destroy their property. The local prosecutor felt like the couple were the aggressors, and criminals.

    One of the guns, the pistol once taken to the crime lab, to determine if it was lethal, was actually deactivated. The firing pin was pushed back, and the spring placed in-front of the firing pin. Gardner swore the evidence she took in, before checking was lethal. Her assistant had the pistol repaired by the crime lab, to make the statement Gardner swore to correct with her statement. Effectively tampering with the evidence.

    Do you think the McCloskeys will pervail?

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  • Why do some people get mad at others not wearing a mask, after rules are lifted not requiring one?

    You always see people saying and shaming others for not wearing their masks, but take no personal responsibility to keep their own person safe, avoiding people without masks, avoiding situations and locations like high popilus areas like grocery stores and now public venues.

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  • Are you becoming Feral Working from Home during the Virus?

    For starters, I am a loaner. I am self reliant and very independent. I don't ask or look for help, and I do not seek out people or even a woman for companion anymore, with an ex-wife and two teenage children who live with me.

    Since the Virus Quarantine started, I work from home and only go to the store when I need stuff. I no longer go to school or after school activities. For nearly two months now, everything seems alien to me now.

    The oddest part, I don't enjoy work anymore. Deep down I don't understand why I do it, but know I need a paycheck. I have to pysche myself up to make it through the day.

    All the people I use to talk to, I rarely ever see anymore. I don't talk to any of my kid's friends parents or go to the activities anymore. But oddly, I don't feel any connection to them. I now have a little anxiety thinking about spending any extra time on that stuff.

    The scary thing for me is that I am losing the need for money. I am getting to wonder why I am wasting my time getting it? And I am now very conscious about all I do, and see everything I am around is for them, that world I use to belong to, and not excited to rejoin. Being conscious, I am wanting to belong.

    I did some research, and found this happens to men. They go lone wolf. And become a kind of mountain man who lives away from people. They often live in rural and mountainous regions to get away from people.

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  • Do you feel like you're becoming a Hermit?

    Over the years, I have really began to put a lot of distance between me and others. It went into overdrive after my divorce 10 years ago. I don't trust anyone, and the girlfriends I met, I just could not commit again.

    For the last three years I have remained completely single. No dating, no one-night stands or booty calls. Nothing. Instead I like to focus on my hobbies and kids. As a single father, with the kids living with me, I like to hang out with my kids, mess with my hobbies, work on my house and just do my own thing.

    The part that has caught my attention lately is that so many people are freaked out about the Coronavirus and being socially distanced. None of this is bothering me. It's business as usual for me. I looked back, and I spend so much time in loneliness early on, that being alone, or on my own is all ready how I am. I am no longer lonely or looking. I have come to realize that I am now a real hermit.

    The MGTOW movement from about 2015 on really made an impression on me. I self actualized back in 2018, and I just don't put a high value being with others, don't really care about money or having stuff other than what I have, like my classic Mustang, and stuff like that. I feel like I have what I wanted to achieve, and now just enjoying my own world now.

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  • Can you base your lifespan as a man on your father’s ancestors? ?

    The reason I ask is that my father died at 59, his younger brother at 54 and his oldest brother at 63 (The oldest ever). My Grandfather straight down the male line died at 55, and the rest were dead in their 40’s and 30’s since about 1590’s where my DNA trail ended. 

    The 54 year old died of cancer and led an average life, body size, no drugs or alcohol. My father died of complications with type 2 diabetes, bad diet and health, some alcohol and no drugs. And the eldest a heart attack very healthy, very active farmer lifestyle. Their father died of a heart attack or failure. There was no medical reason from the 1800’s the 1500’s. Just months and years of birth and deaths. 

    The women on the women side straight down live to about mid 70’s and 80’s on my mom’s side. My half brothers are all ready 70 and 65. 

    I am almost 50. 

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  • What do you think about Cohabitation Agreements before letting a Girlfriend move in?

    These are prenups for single people just moving in together for the first time. The agreement can be for just about anything. Most are for who will pay for rent and utlities, and how the relationship disbands financially if there are real assets like homes and cars. 

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  • Is it okay for a Girlfriend or Wife to keep and maintain Beta Male Orbiters?

    A beta male obiter is a guy who stays close friends with a committed woman in hopes of getting some action or hopeful intention to make her his. 

    Not unlike gay friends, some women keep these guys around and sparsely rewarded them for their attention and friendship. It could be just platonic friendship, flirting, sexting and even occasional sex, while she is in the committer relationship.

    As many guys will attest, it’s amazing how fast a woman can go from just being broke-up to be going on a date later that night after serving divorce papers earlier that day. 

    Most husbands and boyfriends see little threat from these little side friendships. Are they okay?

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  • What is the chance you could live in a town for more than 50 years and not know anyone?

    I just realized that I grew up in a town not hardly knowing or meeting anyone in my 50 years of residence. 

    What the chance of that happening?

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  • Should we stop educating Female Doctors unless they opt to be Sterilized?

    As the doctor shortage increases, it’s obvious that one problem is that taxpayers and available student loans are costing about half a million dollars getting each female doctor fully-trained, and many leave their profession after having kids in their mid-30’s. 

    Dollar to Dollar, you get more available doctors for your money when it’s a man. 

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  • How many sex partners destroys a woman’s ability to Pair Bond?

    I have heard it’s from from four to about seven?Too many sex partners and the woman becomes indifferent who her mate is, or if she has the sexual staying power during marriage.

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  • Is having a Girlfriend a Bad Idea?

    It seems like when you have to deal with a woman in your life, you have issues as a man. 

    First, women are expensive. They eat your money, time and resources. There is a certain opportunity cost just being too connected to a woman, where like Tesla, he only focused on his work and accomplished great things. 

    Second, women can complicate your life and cause drama. Ever heard of a woman’s scorn? Women do talk in groups and they share what they know about you and as a group assigns value to you. This becomes a headache because they always want to keep your attention, and heaven help you if you ignore them. 

    There are many more reasons why the fruit of women is not worth the squeeze. What other reasons why we avoid women beyond platonic?

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  • Ever wonder how many men the MGTOW Sandman have saved from Marriage?

    The legendary Sandman has been preaching strong for nearly five years. I know he has received thousands of personal correspondence thanking him from saving them from modern marriage and the gynocentric society we now endure through. 

    Has he ever saved you? 

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  • How serious is Paternity Fraud in Marriages ?

    This is where the wife has sex with another man, but passed the child off as her husband’s. 

    In the UK it was estimated as one and three marriages had some paternity fraud, and legislation was pass to ban paternal DNA Test unless the mother approved because of all the outrage from upset men. 

    In the States, do you think it’s one in three marriages? 

    Did you do a Paternal DNA test?

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  • Does a wife Date more before Marriage, or during or after the Divorce?

    We all know most wives marry their Beta Male Providers. Have since the first days of marriage. How do you know if your the Beta Male? There will be rules. Unless your the Alpha, then there are no rules. And hence why fidelity is a joke if your married. 

    And those rules include no porn. Not having your own personal bank account. If she says there are rules, and you follow, you’re a Beta. It’s been proven time and time again that women lose sexual attraction for their betas. Hence why most married men have crappy sex lives. 

    Do women date more married?

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  • Guys: How Red Pilled are you?

    Some guys know some, others a lot. How would you rank your red pill skills?

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  • As more No Fault Divorce destroys Men, will Hockey Mask time be more Popular than a Real Divorce?

    As more men lose their life in the Family Courts, for the poor unfortunate souls who are still married have to weigh the option of what to do when the wife attempts a no fault divorce. 

    The more disturbing is the idea not to let the wife make it another day on the rock. And this is a world-wide endeavor. As there was a guy who recently filled his home full of natural gas and lit a match with his future soon to be Ex. 

    All the guys will wait for the police to show up and happily do their time with 7-20 years of three hots and a cot as opposed to indentured servitude of 10-20 years of child support and spousal support, expenses, home and half their retirement and still face prison time if they lose their job. The value proposition is face the divorce or remove the wife from the equation. 

    Is this going to be the new norm?

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  • As a Girlfriend or Wife, would it disturb you if your man heard Tom Leykis?

    He use to have a syndicated radio show from LA. Many of the popular segments are now on YouTube. He sill has a private following that he sells monthly paid pass to listen to his content.

    His basic premise is don’t get married. Don’t let women move in wit you. Don’t spend a lot of money. And has a lot of proof why marriage is extremely dumb for any man to attempt.  

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