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  • Dermatology botox procedure. Provider is insurance selective?

    My husbands insurance approved a derm consultation for botox treatment for his super severe palmar hyperhidrosis.. the Derm told him he will not do the procedure because he will lose money but will do it we paid out of pocket (self-pay) why would we do that if we have insurance and they approved it? I work w/ pcp and we cant even make pts with insurance do a self-pay because its against the law. U have insurance then we have to bill the insurance. Thoughts? What should we do? Call the medical board?

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  • Selling home after bankruptcy chapter 7 discharge?

    Is it safe to sell our home now after our discharge? It will be 2yrs on aug 2017 since our discharge date. I have read that once we do sell our home, whatever profit/equity we get needs to be re-invested on another home within 6 month period. Is this true? Will the trustees come after our home equity? We do have homestead protection but i think that it only protects our home equity during bk process. Not quite sure after discharge. Will someone help me please, its christmas eve and my lawyers office is closed lol, our home is currenty on the market :/

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  • US To Canada Family based petition?

    My cousin who lives in LA came here in the US legally but overstayed and is living in the US illegally, his fiance is a canadian citizen and wants to petition him. Can he be petitioned from the US or does he have to go back to his country and be petitioned from there?

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  • My daughter is 7 and she always feel like throwing up?

    I have brought her to the doctor because everytime she she coughs, she ends up throwing up. Shes had bronchitis before and so since shes been coughing for about 3wks, they prescribed her zythromax, singulair, claritin and some albuterol sulfate to take home for her breathing treatments. I just recently received a referrals note from her pedia that she can now be seen by a pulmonary doctor to check for asthma. She just finished her antibiotics and i know she is not ill anymore but she tends to overthink that she will always end up throwing up. Could she just be milking it to get away from school? She doesnt like to eat lunch at school because she tells me it will make her throw up again. She got sent home twice already and shes alright when shes home and doesnt throw up. I need help, i think shes only doing this to get away from PE and lunch or basically school itself. Shes the smartest in her class, does this mean she thinks she can outsmart the parents? I told the nurse nothing is wrong with her because the nurse called me and my daughter was in her clinic telling the nurse she doesnt feel well but doesnt have a fever. I explained to her the situation and she agrees not sending her home.

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  • I got bit by a tiny dog 5 hours ago?

    I got bit by a lil dog about 5 hrs ago, i cleaned the area with an ice chip and towel right away. My aunt whihh is the owner of the dog said the dog is up to date with the shots. It looks like a yorkie and maybe less than a year old. When would be he last time she got her dog anti rabies vaccination? The bite area is red and a Little bit swollen. Ive had tetanus shot done june 2012, do i need to get another type of vaccine just to be sure im safe?

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  • My iphone4 was dipped in water for 3 secs, HELP?

    My son dipped my iphone in water for like 3 seconds, so I did the rice trick. I let it stay in there overnight, blew dry it with cool air. It worked for a little bit but it was so slow so I decided to update it and maybe restore it. But during the "backing up" step, my phone was vibrating non-stop so I did a hard reset, it stopped but then the nxt thing happened. my phone's screen all of a sudden turned blue and now stuck on a black screen with a little light like it froze. =( is this the end of my iphone? could this still be repaired or am i better off just getting a new phone? coz i mean, if i end up having this repaired and end up paying 150-200 bucks, i might just get an upgrade for 200 bucks which is more logical. please help tyvm

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  • Completed Cancer Treatments but having some issues breathing and persistent hiccups?

    my dad has completed his cancer treatments (chemo/radiation). he is now in a 2 month vacation in the philippines. he was taking a self-injected antibiotics before he left and brought some with him. also his doctor prescribed him a pill (antiobiotic) when his self-injects run out. he took the pill, started having sore throat. so the doctors in the philippines prescribed him a different antibiotic and prescribed him thorazine? for hiccups, because he started to get persistent hiccups aswell. He is having a hard time breathing, i dont know if he is just panicing or whatever but he said he feels like his throat is closing on him. and one thing, could he have gotten infection when one of the doctors who checked him cleaned his throat with a swab? he is having a hiccups, like none-stop hiccups. can someone tell me if hiccups is one symptom of reccuring cancer? my dad had liposarcoma metastatic to the lungs. hes done with all surgeries and treatments. please help me im worried

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