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  • Dating Website Etiquette - Seen the profile of someone I knew 10 years ago - a friend of my late partner - Is it fair to approach her?

    I has been years since I asked a question on this forum and I know I am going to get trolled badly but I need to gauge just what the mood is to my predicament. If indeed it is a predicament.

    I met my life partner 20 years ago, after moving in together I became friends with some in her circle, dancers and fellow wiccans, even though I was neither a dancer or wiccan myself. We had 12 years together until she passed away from cancer. I moved to a new town and started again, started dating about 5 years ago, a couple of longer term relationships and a few shorter ones but currently not seeing anyone.

    I decided to start dating again and set up profiles on a number of sites and apps like  Bumble and OKCupid but also on a couple of hookup sites.

    I logged on to one of those for the first time in months and last month a new member joined. One of my late partners friends. I knew her for almost all of the time that I was with my partner, used to see her every week, but lost contact once my partner passed and I moved. I remember her as fun and entertaining and good to be around. She also has ME and spends most of her time in a wheelchair. During the time that I knew her I never once thought of her as a sexual being. I would like to say that it was because I was in a long term relationship with my partner, but on reflection the wheelchair has to have had an impact.

    Would it be too weird to contact her after all this time. She might not be into me, but would it be worth finding out?

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  • Why do perfectly reasonable questions get deleted?

    In the last few weeks I have drafted answers to some 20 or 30 questions that once I hit the submit button, have been deleted due to the community guidelines. On maybe 2 or 3 occasions the questions were, well, questionable. But the rest, genuine queries as far as I can tell.

    Yet at the same time, serial trolls are allowed to ask inflammatory question after inflammatory question, set up multiple aliases so that they can answer their own questions and once their account is shut down, just set up another one. It is high time that Yahoo was able to ban individuals rather than accounts.

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  • Time for a change in the law?

    The British Red Cross informed a Glasgow pantomime that the use of a red cross on a panto dame's costume was a contravention of the Geneva Conventions Act 1957. The next paragraph makes it an offence to wear or display a white cross on a red background. Not that I am likely to but it is illegal to fly the Swiss flag without express permission from the Secretary of State.

    As a completely unscientific straw poll, I searched a well known online shop for dress up nurse uniforms, and of the 27 items that were available 20 were illegal under this law.

    I understand the necessity of protecting the red cross symbol in times of war or natural disaster, but there is no way that a panto dame, young child in a costume or fetishist in a latex uniform is going to be mistaken for a genuine red cross worker.

    Time to insert the words 'in a conflict zone or emergency declared by the Disasters Emergency Committee' into the relevant schedule?

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  • 1 pints a day causes cancer. Are they serious?

    I have just read the Nov 07 WCRF Diet and Cancer report Chapter 4.8, the one that deals with Alcohol and cancer risk, and I have two major concerns about Dr Thompson's assertion that 1 pint a day increases risk of bowel and liver cancer. Firstly the report specifically states that there is no measurable increase in bowel cancer unless at least 30g per day of ethanol is consumed (that is nearly four units and is therefore two pints not one) and for liver cancer the dose response charts showed that moderate consumption of 20 to 30g per day reduces cancer risk in 4 out of 6 studies.

    I am also concerned that the studies into upper digestive tract cancers which do show a correlation between increased consumption and increased risk are based on the less scientific (by the reports own admission) drinks per week basis, and that there is no vertical scale on the graphs, so there is no way to tell the absolute risk.

    When even the authors, or representatives of authors are being so cavalier about the basis of their findings, how are the rest of us to take anything they say seriously, even if it merits serious consideration!!

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  • Human Rights - Hypocricy or What?

    "The US believes the people of China deserve the fundamental liberty that is the natural right of all human beings,"

    So says Dubya, on his way to the Olympics.

    Can someone explain how this man who has consistently flouted international law, with his continued use of rendition and the detention centre in Guantanamo, has the gall to lecture the Chinese on human rights.

    The tribunal has just sentenced someone to 66 months in detention for driving someone around. In the same breath confirmed that they have no intention of releasing him when he has served the sentence.

    It is about time that the American State was brought to book for its continued denial of basic human rights to Guantanamo Detainees.

    These men have committed no crimes either in the U.S. or in Afghanistan or Iraq, for if they had then they would have been extradited to face justice not flown secretly to a Military base outside of U.S. legal jurisdiction to face a Kangaroo court, whose judgements are already being ignored by those in control.

    It is time that the U.K. in particular broke all economic and diplomatic ties with this pariah state.

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  • In Military terms, what is the difference between Gallantry and Valour?

    Royal Marine L/Cpl Matthew Croucher was awarded the George Cross for laying himself on a mine to save his comrades. My understanding of the order was that it was for civilians or for Military personnel 'not in active combat'.

    Surely a foot patrol is combat, even if not under fire at the time, you are expecting engagement at any time, and triggering ordinance placed there specifically to kill must come under the umbrella of active combat.

    Someone who rescues a comrade from an over turned vehicle that is on fire deserves the George Cross. Someone who jumps on a mine to saves his comrades deserves the Victoria Cross.

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  • Anyone know where I can get La Chouffe beer within an easy commute of Salisbury in England?

    I was introduced to this Belgian artisanal beer a few years ago as genuinely probably the best beer in the world. I haven't drunk them all yet so I can not say for certain but it is certainly my favourite. Unfortunately both the off-licences in Salisbury that sold it no longer do and I am bereft. (and more sober)

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