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Never argue with a fool ... people might not know the diffrence if problems are a deep ocean then . . . i am a high mountin Belive in Miracles . . . . . but Dont depend on them never explain. . your friends wont need it and your enemies wont belive you anyway Forgive your enemies . . . But dont forget their names A bend in the road is not the end of it . . . . Unless you Fail to make the turn. You laugh at me for being different . . . I laugh at you for being the same in the end we wont remmber the words of our eneimes . . . but the silence of our friends . . " luther king" i never fail . . . i just found 10,000 ways that didnt work . . " thomas edison" Love .. is Giving someone the power to destroy you .... but trustin them not to. its weird how the ones we love can break our heart ... but we still love them . . with all those broken pieces

  • Does anyone still visit this section?

    just though of checking this place :)

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  • is it hard to think this way ?;_ylt=AqTtIlt1JzHq92h4botY1h7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120102162134AAhpko9

    it disappeared ... just as every question i ask

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  • is it hard to think this way?

    en .. lw feh 7d motshaded le fkra ... ghsb 3ano ybd2 ytgahel el afkar el tania ..

    be m3na ..

    lw fe shakhs mse7y motshaded ... ghsb 3ano hyhtam bl ms7yeen we ytgahal el akhareen

    lw fe shakhs libraly motshaded ... ghsb 3ano hyhtam bl libralyen we ytgahel el mo7afzeen

    lw fe shakhs abyad motshaded ... ghsb 3ano hytam bl beed .. we hytgahal el sood

    lw feh shakhs islamy motshaded ... ghsb 3ano hytgahel el akhareen we hytham bl tadyon " tadyon wlays islamyeen "

    tani hga .. eh el moshkla fe en wa7ed yhtam bl tadyon ...we mythtamsh bl ara2 el akhareen ... el mshkla en el tadyon dh nesbi ... we mfish dawla t2dar t2om 3la shi2 nesbi .. lazm ykon feh khtot wad7a yt7aseb 3la asasha el kol ... be m3na

    lw eftrdna en 7azem sal7 b2a el ra2es ... we kn shyf el den b3tdal ... laken ftrto el re2asia khlst .. we geh wa7ed motshaded damar ele 3malo abo isma3il ... we m7dsh y2oli dh sa3b ... l2n ana shyef maslan en el sadat we 3abd el nasser kano by7wlo y3mlo 7ga lel balad .. geh mobarak bwaz kol hga ... 7d hy2oli feh kanon ... a2olo el kanon dyman mwgod bs ele fe edio eno ytba2o ... hwa ele bykhtar eno ytba2o wla l2 ... fa bltali mmkn 7d y2ol ana bta3 rabna .. lakn mn gwah hwa wla bta3 rabnah wla 7aga ... we ystkhdm el kanon fe masl7to hwa ... fakro feha kda ... en ay ra2is gy mmkn y3ml kwanen sa7 gdan .. we mostmada mn el shari3a ... bs btetba2 3la el nas el khlat bs .. enma as7abo wel 7ashia ma3fyeen ... mesal .. ana awl mra a3rf en nos amirat el so3dia gher mo7gben wla monkbeen .. laken motbrgen ... feen el kanon wel hay2a mn el kalam dh ?

    talet hga ... leh el nas mbtsd2sh we mbtbosesh 3la el tgarob ele 7slt ablt kda fl belad we tkaren bl byt2al dlw2ty ... ya3ni mslan ... el sudan .. 7d fakr yshof bytb2o el shari3a ezay we 3la meen .... 7d fakar y3rf iran ele bya3rd el 7koma by7sal feh eh " 3aref enhom shi3a .. bs el concept balad deni " ... 7d fakar pakistan 3mla eh m3 taliban we gherhom ... aw afghnstan ... kolha belad bt3tmd 3la el fkr el deni .. hal fe balad mn dol ba2et mn blad el 3alam el awal ...

    haga rab3a ... ana msh ded el islam ... wla ay deen 3mtan ... bs hal 7ad fakr yshof mostwa balad kolha mol7den .. we ykarno be balad deenya ... ana msh ba2ol en el el7ad sa7 ... bs akid fe sabab khalahom ytkadmo ... ymkn 3shn byboso lel bnyadam 3la eno bnyadam msh deen aw gens aw ay tasnef tani ?

    akhr haga ... eh el moshkla fe en yegy wa7ed .. wa2ef 3la bo3d wa7ed mn kol el nas ... el moslmeen 3yzen msaged ad kda .. yb2a nbni msaged 3la ad 7aget el nas ... el ms7yeen msh 3rfen ybno knisa ... yb2a ntla3 kanon nkhlihom ybno knayes ... el yahood 3ndhom azma fe ay 7ga yb2a n7lha " dh deen smawi brdo ... we msh kol el yahod isrealen wla kolhom syhoon " ... el mol7den 3yzen ybe7o zena ... yb2a l2 .. da ded a3rafna ka sha3b ... we ded el adyan el 3 ... we hakaza ... nfs el 72o2 ... nfs el estgaba le kol el nas .... mfish 7d motfwek 3la 7d aw leh 72 aktar mn el tani ...

    hal dh sa3b ... enna nb2a fe balad wa7da .. we kolna bnt3ml bnfs el tari2a .. we kolna lena nfs el 72o2 ... we lma el mse7y yb2a 3ndo moshkla el moslm yo2af m3ah 3shn ydghat 3la el 7koma t7l el moshkla bsor3a wel 3aks sa7e7 ?

    sorry lw tari2t el kalam btshatet ... bs 7ases el ayamdi el YA malyan gwases :D

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  • What conquers Hate .............?

    I tried Love ... & I tried Logic .... both failed

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  • what is something you totally changed your mind about?

    7ga ghyart fkrak 3nha 180 aw 360 darga

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  • How do God will judge us?

    well .. i idea is ...

    now God knows it all ... and i already have a destiny ... all what i m going to do is already known ...

    i dont really have a choice ... all my choices are built on how i was raised ... which i didnt choose ... i could be raised as a criminal .. or raised as a scientist

    they say i ve the freedom of choice and i can change things ... but when you look deeply on the incidents of life .. it looks like a domino effect .. all things are fallin in their place like it cant be possibly be other way ...

    aslo if your ignorant ... you possibly wont know how to find your way from ignorance to free thinking ... so you can be used and directed ... you would be doing the wrong thing without even knowing ... so how would i be judged if i dont have the knowledge .. and cant even find my way out of ignorance

    so ..

    you already doing everything according to your destiny .... your destiny includes how your are raised ... if your raised in bad environment you ll be bad .. and wont know to be good ... and wont know that your bad ....

    how do you think it will be .. the judgment ?

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  • Dont you think that .............?

    this revolution have been peaceful for more than enough .... should people start slaying involved army and police officers and turn to libya and syria till they finish us or us finish them ... should we give up and leave the people to live as animals as they were in mubaraks era !!! ... what should we do ... i m very pissed off





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  • Do you think that elections are?

    mozwara ....

    one of the best status i ever seen is ...

    المجلس العسكرى: انا اقتل اه اسحل اه اتحرش اه ادهس بشر اه اكشف عذرية اه انما ازور انتخابات اهو دة اللى مش ممكن ابداً

    yes EP ... i mentioned tazwir ...

    el shi2 el ghareb en b3d ada2 el magls el 3skari dh kolo ... we ethamo be eno ebn mobrak al shar3i .. we mo7awlt el eta7a bel magls l2no goz2 asasy mn fasad el nzam el adem ... we enna ethamnah be estkhdam ghaz mo7ram we sa7l we atl el motzahreen .... enma dh kolo kom .... we naga7 el mot2slmeen kom tani ... el mgls el 3skari mmkn y3ml ay 7ga ... lken talama el mot2slmeen ksbo .. yb2a akid deh eradet rabna wel magls malosh yad .... tyb lw fakrna sanyteen kda ... lw kan el libralyeen ksbo .. kn hyt2al eh ... we kn hy7sal eh fl balad ....

    tyb balash ... el istfta2 ... lma masr kolha kanet bt2ol l2 we la2ena brdo el natiga n3am ... we el nas a3dt tkn3 nfsha en el aghlbia 3yza etskrar we mshina wra kalam el tv ... we el nas a3det t2ol zy el bghbghnat en deh eradet el sha3b ....

    we fnfs el wa2t el magls el 3skari be kol seka .. alko 3yzna nmshi .. n3ml estfta2 we nshof el sha3b 3yz eh ...

    we brdo el nas lsa mosamma ... en kol 7ga fl balad mashia ghlat .... ela el entkhbat !!!!

    al deen ... afyoon ... al sho3ob !

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  • If your Life was a Movie?

    what soundtracks would like to be used ? you can use up to 10 tracks ... you can add description to tracks if you would like so ..

    inspired by Nemo i guess :)

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  • Are the Good and evil so similar that we get confused between them?

    if no .. why so . .

    i see it very clearly and simple ... we live in a country where i will be treated like you ... you work in good career and get well paid .. and me too ... you can build your religious buildings ... and me too .... you will be protected by law ... and me too .... we share what we got ... so ther wont be a huge gap between the society levels .... you are free to think and explore and discuss .. and me too .. without hurting anyone ... and forgiving who will ... and punish by law who exaggerate in the insult of the other ..

    why do we have alot of divisions .... while we can live peaceful if we considered that we are humans rather than we are ideas ..

    el mwdo3 ene mstghrab ... leh 3ndna folol .. ya3ni el nas bayen odmha enhom kno bysra2ona .. we lw m7slsh kda kn zmana 3yshen fe 7ala a7san ... we leh 3ndna ekhwan fl syasa .. we7na 3rfen we mot2kden enhom lw msko hyzlmo nas tania .. leh 3ndna salfeen ... we7na 3rfen brdo enhom hyzlmo nas tani ... leh 3ndna 3yza tantawy ymsk el 7okm we moktn3a bl magls .. rghm eno wade7 en el magls el 3sakri myfr2sh 7ga 3n mobarak .. we leh 3ndna nas 3yza 7azem salah abo isma3il .. m3no wade7 gdan en kol afkaro btetklm 3n el tafrika we fasl wel kam3 ... we leh 3ndna nas 3yza omar sliman we ahmed shafik ... m3n wade7 gdan enhom wald mobarak ekhwat tantawy ... we omar silman nfso a2l el sha3b gher gahez eno yt3ml bl democrtia ... we ahmed shafik 3agaz eno y7l mshakel wzarto .. msh el balad kolha ... we mknsh y3rf ay hga 3n ay hga fel balad ...

    hal f3lan el sa7 msh bayen mn el ghlat .. . wla e7na bnkhtar 3ndan fe ba3d ... wla e7na 3shn tl3en mn fatret gahl kbera fa msh adren lsa enna nfham kol wa7ed 3yz eh ....

    yaret ele yaktb answer dmagho mt3la2sh fe mwdo3 el deen wel morsh7een el deeneyen .. ana btklm bsfa 3ama .. leh feh inksmat kter kda ... we eh el sbab ele mkhli el nas msh 3yza tetfk m3 b3d ... we leh m7dsh moktn3 bl tani ... we ezay nrg3 nwa7ad el nas ...

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  • Have you ever thought about this?

    that you want to live your life as simple as possible

    like i dont feel like that i should work very hard to get the highest salary i can get .. or the highest position i can get ... i dont want to be an owner of a big business or have alot of possessions

    that doesnt mean that i dont want to work at all or stay the same stage for my whole life ... i just dont want to feel that i m in a race .. because i know very much that its not worthy ... but i ll keep working not to reach the best .. but to fulfill my needs .. and about 20 % more for my entertainment .. my goal wont be to be better than my friends .. or get more paid than them ... because the way i see it is that we are on some kind of a floating ball in an enormous space ... we dont know why are we here .. and if there is anyone else there ... we live for a certain time .. and the end can be at anytime .. and there is no way to know when is that ... so you can spend alot of time or very short time ... then we die ... but there are many ideas about what happens next ... some say you come back to life .. some say its the end .. so some say you ll get punished for your sins then you get to heaven ... then ... there alot of religions .. and point of views about them ... and proofs that they are right and proofs that they are wrong .. and proofs that we created them ... and then comes our way of living .. we work hard to get money to buy things we dont need just to impress people we dont like ... and we keep on doing it .. and teaching the kids that the more you have and the better you have the worthy you are ... so we waste alot of time working and spend alot of movie but still most of the people are not happy and feel empty ...

    what i mentioned was to let you imagine how complicated is life and not understood ... and purposeless ... or at least this is the way i see it ...

    so the question again because i think you were lost in what i said :D

    did you ever thought of living your life as simple as possible ... or you this is this lack of ambitions .. or that we should be working hard and what everything they do because its a better life ... whats your opinion ?

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  • What are some places I can go out with friends?

    somewhere not boring .. and have some interactivity .. since i hate to be just sitting without doing anything like in cafes


    btw ... i cant add details to my other question ! .. is there a problem with YA .. i tried 3 different browsers

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  • Am i wrong ...............?

    it looks like a message is being sent to me ....

    2 of my best friends who were married after big love stories complain from their partners now ? "the only 2 love stories i know of that succeed to get to marriage "

    which made me think if something called love really exist or we did invented it

    nothing seems to be working as its theory is telling

    " treat people as you would like them to treat you "

    you treat people right .. they abuse you and treat you badly and ignore you

    " love cannot be created where it didnt exist or killed where it did "

    really !! .. no body loves anyone and everything look fine ... only those who are in love who are suffering

    " Money cannot buy happiness "

    in real life money have bought every thing ... happiness ... pride .. love .. you cant find someone happy without money ... maybe you find someone rich is happy too ... but at least the rich can be sad without suffering

    " to find a perfect friend you have to be one "

    i never knew friendship ... people always appear so bright and good and pure until they want something you have ... then they may crash you and kill you if it was necessarily to get it

    there is no love or justice or any reason or help for anyone who would like to live by all the noble ways .. everything is turned upside down ... everything is unfair

    please tell me that i see things darker that it is .. and there is something good that i dont see

    sorry if the question is so negative ... but i passing through alot .. and i needed to ask that ...

    in case you dont know what they question ... here it is .. should i give up my thoughts and live like others ... work hard for money and then more money and then choose my wife using my mind ... and keep quiet when i see something wrong , fake my friendships and hypocrite people .. till life passes and die .. !!

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  • Have you ever witnessed Justice ?

    have you ever seen someone bad got punished by God or by law or by anyway ?

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  • Do you think the world will end on 2012?

    Now i ve seen alot of video about a planet called niburu and another comets and stuff are going to hit earth or cause massive earthquakes , floods and more ...

    i know it sound crazy and hard to imagine .. and everyone ll tell me that only god knows when its gonna end ... but there are alot of symbols say that we are passing through a weird and critical phase ... there is even a monument in usa with something like the 10 commandments .. graved on it that there should be 1 government 1 language ... and population must be less than 500 million !!

    and this monument is not the only example ...

    since day 1 in 2011 , we did not had a single moment of peace ... earthquakes in japan .. hurricanes in america .. threats of economic collapse ... governments fall apart ..

    what do you think ?

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  • which marriage style do you prefer?

    there a couple who take it too seriously ... like they should act responsible as much as they can ... the way they talk and dress and everything change ... they simply tries to be an adults ... while they are at their early 20s

    and another type ... the one who try to be youth forever ... they just look and live like they are still lovers ..

    i dont know how to explain it .. but you probably know these 2 kinds of married couples

    i dont say that anyone of them is wrong .. i just want to know which one do you prefer ,, ,

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  • Do you think there is any hope for this world to change?

    recently ... whenever i see a video or something ... there are always some comments on the nwo and the satanic rituals in music videos and movies ... even a pop singer denied that she is related to it by any way ... but we obviously know that she lies or still not aware of it ... but the voices that speak of it became more and people numbers and awarness are increasing everyday ...

    do you think that there might come a time where we will be put to a test with equal chances to win or lose .... or it has gone beyond any repair ...

    should people give up and live life as if they dont care for anything , and stop trying to make things right ... or should they keep on trying till their last breath ?

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  • how would you like to spend your life?

    trying to reach ... a mighty goal ... or wandering and having fun only

    you cant say both .. its a life style .. you either live your life trying to achieve something ... or you just live it min. by min .. but without any real purpose

    and why ?

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  • what are your favorite questions and answers in this section?

    well , Nemo said that she wish if the section is be back to life ...

    so this is a little try to revive our memories ... and make a real tribute to yahoo answers Egypt section

    what are the top 5 questions that you like the most posted by another user ?

    what are your top 5 questions ?

    what are the top 5 answers that you think thats answered by another user ?

    what are your top best answers ?

    5 is the minimum .. not the maximum ...

    they can be whatever you want ... could be a best answer or just a normal answer you think its your best ... a questions with lots of stars or just a question with none but you think its the best ...

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