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    Fruit from lemon bonsai?

    I have a old lemon bonsai, I always trim the leave and twigs. And I stop to trim, to let it grow.

    Now I would like to have fruit from my bonsai.

    Is it possible?

  • My lemon plant, have lot leaves but don't want to bear fruit?

    I already sprayed with grow more and put organic fertilizer .

    Garden & Landscape3 months ago
  • Why Upin and Ipin like Chicken?

    Why they like chicken  food? Why they always drumstick of chicken? I only once saw they got chicken wings

    Comedy3 months ago
  • Bajaj Bajuri atau Si Doel Anak Seholahan?

    Di lihat dari jumlah episode mana yang lebih banyak tayang Bajaj Bajuri atau Si Doel Anak Sekolahan .

    Just curious

    Komedi3 months ago
  • Kenapa Upin dan Ipin selalu makan paha ayam?

    Saya tidak pernah lihat Upin dan Ipin makan dada atau sayap ayam. Apalagi kepala ayam. Kenapa ya ? 

    Komedi3 months ago
  • Upin Ipin Drum Stick Chicken?

    I just curious why Upin and Ipin like drum stick chicken food.  I never see they eat another part of chicken, like chicken wings or breast

    1 AnswerEntertaining3 months ago
  • colonies of ants?

    I found some colonies of ants in some place of my house, one of them even have a temporary hole in my bedroom. By temporary means it is sometime many ants come and go inside, another time, like this morning, there is no even single ant.

  • single eye fish?

    in my pond there are many koi, and today I realized that one of them, one of the whites, only has one eye. How can it be? He is very aggresive and normal growth, now about 12 inches in lenght. 

    It is difficut to be photoed.

    1 AnswerFish5 months ago
  • I plan to have a radio frequency ablation to supress my painful knees. I want to know, must I stop taking tromboaspilet for a while?

    for how many days I must stop taking tromboaspilet before RFA? Is it ok for me with my 5 stents on my heart?

    I have also diabetes, what should I consider?

    I ask here because my doctor did not ask my conditions.

    Thanks for your advise.

    2 AnswersMedicine6 years ago
  • Colonoscopy?

    My doctor advise me to have colonoscopy next week. However I am still worry . He already explained the purpose, risk, preparation etc.

    My simple question : is it painful during the process?

    3 AnswersOther - Health6 years ago
  • eucalyptus leaf for vermicomposting?

    I read that eucalyptus leaf should not be fed to compost bin, because it can danger the worm. Meanwhile everyday I collect many leaves from yard.

    If I chop the leaves and compost them first, say for one week or two, is it still not good for the worms?

    I apologize for my english.

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape6 years ago
  • how to set hdr in fujitsu x10?

    I just bought fujitsu x10 camera. My friend suggests to set into hdr to have a clear sky images. I do not know how to do setting hdr in this camera. Thanks n regards

    1 AnswerPhotography7 years ago
  • Does it correct that ratatouille is a fat burner food?

    My friend said, because of it ingredients, ratatouille is a fat burner food?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • after the heart attack, please advise on drugs I take.?

    In April 2010 I got heart attack and the doctor put 5 stents and now I regularly get drugs as prescribed by doctor. These are my drugs, in the morning plavix, cardio aspirin, maintate, and metformin (for my diabetes). Before bedtime, I must take lipitor . And after 6 month I can maintain my LDL < 80, trigeliseride < 100. However my HDL also decreased, last it was 27. My doctor already advised me to do regular exercise, and almost everyday I walk 1 hours per day, and I put pedometer on my waist belt and at least I walk more than 6000 steps per day. Yesterday I met my doctor and he gave me niaspan to take on before bed. I forgot to ask him, whether niaspan to replace lipitor or take both drugs together. Your advise is appreciated.

    4 AnswersHeart Diseases1 decade ago
  • I got diabetes and my foot seems to change?

    After the doctor said that I got diabetes six month ago, he prescribed metformin for twice a day. Last night I realized that my toes are changing in shape. Why? What is actually happening? Is it normal because I am older now 55 years old, or because of this disease? thanks

    4 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • How many maximum stents should put in the heart?

    I recently got heart attack, and after being diagnosed by the doctors they did angioplasty and put 5 stents surround my hearts. After three months I consulted another heart specialist (and he is an MD of course) and he said in his opinion no more than three stents should be placed in the hearts? It hurt me of course, however it is already happened. Just curious is it ok with 5 stents? Anyone have 5 stents also? Please advise how to manage live with stents in your own experience.

    7 AnswersHeart Diseases1 decade ago
  • What do we call "someone who must confirm"?

    What do we call to someone to must do confirmarion?




    Please help me, I must write a business letter

    1 AnswerLanguages1 decade ago
  • I do not see any reaction from Saudi Arabia on Gaza Attack, why?

    As I know Saudi Arabia is the powerful Arab country in Mid East. But I never hear any comment from the Saudi elite on the case.


    With its powerful and money I think Saudi can take strong role in bringing PEACE to Palestine.

    1 AnswerCurrent Events1 decade ago
  • How many Palestinian are Christian?

    I heard that not all Palestinian are Muslims, how many are christian?

    In percentage.

    And how many percent of the current victim in Gaza are Muslim and/or Christian?

    Just curious, because only Muslims react to Gaza Attack.

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago