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  • I need some guidance. I'm 30 years old and they say hitting the baseball is the hardest thing to do in all sports.?

    I've never played baseball before but I'm athletic. I want to see just how short I fall and not by someone's word. I hit the batting cage but it too easy.(nothing below 85) Any ideas?

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  • Should I sue an elementary school for child neglect? My 7 year old was able to escape from her special needs class to the highway off campus?

    My daughter was found by a teacher who saw her running toward the road. My wife doesn't know what to do and I am across seas.

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  • Should Jaguars Pick up Tebow?

    2 points from the jaguars. I'm willing to bet my entire paycheck Tebow could have done better. I am steadfast in my belief that he is better than Christian Ponder. Any thoughts on this. BTW we all know Tebow can't throw but that doesn't mean he can't win. get my drift. Go 49 ers.

    5 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago
  • would Tebow be a better fit for the Vikings instead of Ponder?

    Ok, I am indeed a Vikings fan but I am not a tebow fan. Christian ponder is not a threat to throw the football. he is also not a threat to run the football. Which makes him useless to Adrian Peterson. They also have a washed up cassel. Am I wrong for thinking tebow would at least be some threat to the running game even though he can't throw? I think the Vikings should give him a chance since they are a running team. Thoughts anyone? And yes we Viking fans are desperate far a "quarterback"

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  • What's the best way to approach baseball?

    Greetings. I'm 27 years old and I'm currently learning how to play baseball. Basketball is my first sport but I can play tennis, football, soccer, and volleyball. What's the best way to get better at chasing pop flies and grounders. I don't think I'll have a problem hitting the ball. I don't tell people that the ball seems to be kinda slow at 85 mph. It's probably from my mad table tennis But seriously what's the best way to approach this game. FYI I know most of the rules already. except for bak ans stuff. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm willing to put in at least 3 hours a day.

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  • What's the problem with my black "brethren"?

    First of all. I want to say that I'm black and was raised in the projects and a black neighborhood(yes there is a difference for all you ignorant folk). I really perplexed by the lack of understanding when it comes it comes to true freedom. There is all this talk about what martin king did but there is little understanding why he lived the way he did. Instead of giving a history lesson I believe an example would be easier to understand...blacks have been known for having famous rappers and athletes as role models. To this day I have yet to figure out why? Because someone is rich doesn't mean they have values. just because they throw a couple of pennies to boys and girls club does not mean they are making a difference. Just because we have a black president doesn't mean racism is not in america or anything is owed to us since there is one. True freedom is living your life with the understanding that you need to live the way you want to live. If you are living a stereotype. You are just another person caught in the trap of mind slavery. It's not just with blacks it's with whites as well but that's another topic. It's not about being smart as a white guy or intelligent. It's about taking you and your brain and maxing out your capabilities. Yes I do believe that there are many whites and america's laws that hold many blacks back...However I have one question. What is the difference between kings time and ours.answer......They weren't complacent! Blacks supported one another and helped one another more than ever. There were a couple of haters back then but even those individuals realized what the situation was...As far as the current black community....Pathetic...I'm not trying to down my fellow brethren but if we don't tell each other the truth and face problems we have we are NEVER going to be truly free. So why are my fellow black brethren looking up to those who don't make a difference. Yes there are some famous people who give to the community but we need someone who is not only making a difference but leading other blacks into the success they want. No...rev. jackson is not one in fact he is an embarrassment. We can't help each other trying to gain fame. Same for herman cain. he doesn't understand the problems that blacks face every day....So my fellow brethren who will it be? I know this was long but this is a serious question and not a joke. We have to work together to get this right. We need a leader that not only will help blacks but all races understand what our nation can be when we get rid of senseless culture. Ohh yeah I personally HATE b.e.t. It's seriously holding a message we need to know. I won't reveal that...quite yet....america is not ready

    Peace out

    Peace out.

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  • why Do Christians believe only parts of the bible?

    When I ask a christian do they believe in the 10 commandments they say yes,

    if you ask them do they believe that their body is God's temple they will say yes,

    But if you ask them why is their body fat and out of shape(most christians)

    they have all the excuses in the world... why? Could it be that christians don't believe the bible as much as they put on? What's your take?

    FYI(whisper) My faith is in the bible.

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  • What's up with these officials in the nba?

    Ok this is crazy. I'm not a miami heat fan but if i was i would be ticked. Do the refs think that derrick rose gets fouled every time he goes to the line? Not only that but if you watch the game closely miami gets beat up....bad. Do you think the refs were told to milk the playoffs?

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  • Who is ultimately the Judge in america?

    If someone kills my kids can I kill that individual? Who is the judge for right and wrong?

    2 AnswersGovernment9 years ago
  • Women...what makes a real man?

    What qualities in a man makes him a real man other than the way he dresses. Anyone could dress right if they wanted to.

  • Why do black girls only go for guys with"swagger"?

    I don't get it. Very rarely do I even see black girls who want to talk to educated black men with a good head on their shoulders. why? And I don't want to hear about "white girls are taking all the black men" Because we all know that's not true.

  • Are there rules in the nba you think should be reviewed?

    I'm getting tired of the false charging calls and the 3 or 4 point play because the shooter decided to jump into the opposing team. I think these rules need to be reviewed more closely.

    4 AnswersBasketball9 years ago
  • As as Christian I have to ask? Why are Churches not getting along?

    Even in the same denomination churches can't seem to support one another. How do they expect Americans to the same?

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  • Do you believe that the NBA should have a rule against a team fouling one player?

    Let's take dwight howard as an example. Are they really going to coninue to let and individual get fouled so many times? We wonder why he gets mad. Well you try being hacked all series with only a few calls.

    3 AnswersBasketball9 years ago