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  • Starbucks question about lattes!!?

    So I’m learning to like coffee. I really like the caffeine, just not the taste 100% yet. I wanted to try a caramel latte. What’s a good balance of extra caramel and espresso shots that I can add to make the caffeine level go up, just not the strong taste? I have an early morning tomorrow and will enjoy the extra shots of espresso. 

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance1 month ago
  • Top of ankle pain?

    Yesterday I slipped on a wet floor and hit the top of my ankle on a metal table. I got up and was fine. Today it’s a little uncomfortable to walk and there’s visible bruising. It’s pretty tender to the touch and It hurts to point my foot and flex it and roll it around. I’m not super concerned I was just wondering if I just bruised the bone or something. 

    1 AnswerInjuries2 months ago
  • iowa labor laws?

    I am 14 so have a couple restrictions on working. It says that I need a 30 minute break when working 5 or more hours. Today I worked 10-3, and was wondering if I would need a break for that? 

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • how to write quadratic with x-intercepts?

    How do I write a quadratic equation given ONLY the x-intercepts? They're -1 and 1.

    1 AnswerMathematics4 months ago
  • how to write quadratic given a vertex?

    They gave me the vertex (8,8) and that's it. How do I write a quadratic equation with only that?

    1 AnswerMathematics4 months ago
  • Acute nerve injury?

    I was just cracking my knuckles like I usually do, but I have sudden severe pain in my left hand underneath my ring finger. It goes from the joint to my forearm and hurts more when I bend the upper part of that finger. What did I do to it and how do I fix it because hurts 

    1 AnswerInjuries6 months ago
  • Strep throat?

    So my friend and I hung out last Sunday. Both of our throats started hurting but it was minimal. It got worse throughout the week and now it’s Sunday again. She’s going for a strep test today, and if it’s positive I’m going too. But my throat doesn’t have white patches on it. Could it still mean strep even without them? It’s still very red and very painful and there’s a low grade fever present, but no other symptoms of a cold or the flu. And would a normal sore throat last this long even with exposure to someone else who likely has strep too? (She’s had strep so many times she just knows when she has it now).

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases6 months ago
  • Broken toe?

    So I hurt my toe the on Thursday (so it’s been two days) and it’s pretty swollen, and hurts to do anything. I’ve been icing and stuff but I don’t know what else to do about it? I’d go to the doctor but there’s not a whole lot you can do but I’m in show choir and just want to be able to walk without pain. I’ve tried buddy taping but it hurt worse. Please help? 

    2 AnswersInjuries7 months ago
  • eBay fees?

    So I owe a $7 eBay fee but my account only has $5 at the moment. Will they still charge it even though there are insufficient funds?

    2 AnswersOther - New Zealand1 year ago
  • Questionable ankle injury??

    I was at cheer practice today and landed one of my passes on the very edge of the floor causing an uneven landing, prompting a moderate amount of pain in my ankle (the pain on the top of my foot, near my ankle) I shrugged it off after a few minutes because it felt better. I continued tumbling and when we started standing back tucks, I kept landing short producing even more strain on my foot. Again, the pain didn't last too long. When I got home, I iced for a little bit just for good measure even though it didn't hurt anymore. This happened about six hours ago and now there is an achy pain in my lower leg/calf- front and back. Sometimes it will get all the way to my knee. My ankle is fine- a little pain but I can walk and flex it normally. The pain in my leg is really bad though and I can't sleep due to it. What should I do short term and long term?

    1 AnswerInjuries1 year ago
  • Is this normal???

    I’ve been doing tumbling for less than three years. But my knees, ankles, and wrists have all started to hurt so badly even on simple skills! It’s getting worse RAPIDLY and started suddenly and not over time. It’s all in the same places too. Should I be concerned or is this just normal stuff?

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management2 years ago

    I’ve already tried asking about this, but got no reply. So a month ago I went skiing. After I got off the ski lift, it pushed me forward and caused all my weight to be on my legs and BOTH my knees went inward. It hurt, but not enough to stop me from skiing the rest of the day. Ever since then my knee pain has been getting progressively worse. It interferes with daily activities like running, walking, and sitting. In p.e the other day, we were running and the pain in my left knee got so bad I almost had to stop. It was almost like a pounding sensation. That’s close to the worst it’s gotten, but it keeps getting worse. Should I see a doctor?

    3 AnswersInjuries2 years ago

    I’ve tried asking this before but got no answer. At least a month ago, I got off the ski lift a bit late. My knees got a lot of pressure and went inward. It hurt a little but not too badly. Starting after that, both my knees have progressively worse knee pain. Running, walking, sitting, several times a day they hurt and not dull- it’s more sharp. It affects my daily activities like bending my knees to squat or kneel, and running. It’s been getting a lot worse, like in p.e the other day, we were running and my left knee hurt a lot I almost had to stop. It was like a pounding pain and so far that’s about the worst or close to the worst it’s been. Should I see a doctor about this? ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management2 years ago
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    Elbow injury after fall?

    Last Wednesday I was walking down the stairs at school and fell down them. I was holding all my binders and stuff in my left arm so I instantly put my left elbow down to stop myself. The way I fell, it looked like I had hurt my back, but when I stood up I felt dizzy and could barely hold my stuff but I pushed through it and got to my next classroom. I went to the nurses office because the pain shot up through my forearm to my elbow. My arm was so shaky writing so my friend had to write my nurses pass for me. While I was waiting there (there were a few other people there) the pain shot up to where I was almost in tears. It was really tender to the touch but I could bend my arm with little pain. It bruised instantly (the impact was smack dab on a bone) and today is Sunday and the bruise is still there and it still hurts (it hurts to straighten and bend it too, a little more than the initial injury) Is this just bruising or should I be more worried?

    2 AnswersInjuries2 years ago
  • Phone buzzing but nothing shows up?

    So my phone will buzz with my ringtone buzz (it’s always on silent) many times a day everyday (but not at the same times everyday) and nothing comes up. Nothing that says the caller ID it just plays while I’m doing whatever on my phone and I can continue doing whatever I’m doing. This started a while ago and hasn’t stopped. Also, when I check my call log, nothing comes up. What’s happening and how do I fix it?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Post skiing knee problems?

    Last weekend I went skiing with some friends. One time getting off the ski lift I was a little late so it propelled me forward and my knees went inward and I fell. Yes it hurt, but not too much. I got up and continued skiing the rest of the day. Now at random times I’ll be standing or walking and I’ll get 5 scale pains around my kneecaps (usually right above). Like I was running a few days ago and got severe pains and had to stop immediately. Will this go away? I am a cheerleader and have had my share of knee pains and tendinitis, but is there something wrong?

    2 AnswersInjuries2 years ago

    I ordered some Nike pros off of eBay yesterday night. I found a better price so I tried clicking “cancel order” it said it was too late to cancel the order. So I tried “return item” but it said it was too early and I could file a return on January 24, 2019, and it IS January 24, 2019 today. I will also note that I already messaged the seller to lower the price and feel weird messaging them again. Also, it said the package hasn’t even shipped yet. How do I fix this?

    4 AnswersCorporations2 years ago
  • Cast for avulsion finger fracture?

    I recently found out I have an avulsion fracture in my finger. We still have to go to the hand orthopedic specialist but for now they told me to splint it and be careful. My question is- what are the treatment options for this condition? My splint isn’t really working, I’m the athletic type and I still want to TRY to play volleyball in p.e. class, want to try to base for my cheer stunts. But I keep reinjuring it and it is getting worse. So I was wondering if a cast was an option?

    1 AnswerInjuries2 years ago