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  • How to go out on a mini date without my mom knowing about it?

    this boy asked me to go ride bikes with him on saturday. we are both 9th graders. My mom wil be at work but my 10 year old brother will be at home. we will prob just ridfe bikes around my house, no where far. i really like this guy and i known him for 3 years now and i dont wanna miss this opportunity.


    should i even do it even if its risky?

    plz help

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • can i have my period in the middle of the day?

    i ussually know its my period if i wake up and i have blood in my pants, i never had it in the middle of the day. how can i know what time it comes?

    6 AnswersWomen's Health8 years ago
  • is allways infinity heavy flow pads good?

    i tried the regular infinity by allways and once blood got on the pad it was making a worse oddor. when i wear u by kotex pads and when some blood comes on the pad it doesnt stink as much

    2 AnswersWomen's Health8 years ago
  • Allways pads or U-by Kotex pads???

    allways pads or u by kotex pads for a 14 year old??

    which brand is better?

    which one do u find more comfortable?

    my mom hates u by kotex but i feel that she doesnt understand me in such a way

    i started my period last summer so i had it for a year now and i find u by kotex comfy since i never wore any other pads before. and also my periods are supper heavy so idk if allways has heavy flow pads

    any suggestions?

    11 AnswersWomen's Health8 years ago
  • Going to the beach!!!body insecurity and PERIOD!?

    so im kinda pale and my mom is forcing me to go to the beach with her, my bro, my aunt, and uncle tomorow. Im scared becuase everyone is being mad at me for not taking my clothes off so i could have my bikini on. Im really insecure of my body even tho im skiny and weigh like 110 pounds(14 yearsd old 5''5) i just dont like to show my body off. what should i do? how to deal with it?

    also, my period is supposed to come on monday and tomorow is sunday so im scared that it will come tomoro. what shud i do? im scasred! shud i not go into the water? shud i wear a pad on my bikini and not take my shorts off? ( im not allowed to wear tampos


    2 AnswersWomen's Health8 years ago
  • Pro's and Con's of highschool freshman year?

    im going to highschool for 9th grade soon and im scared becuase i dont know what to expect! HELP!

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education8 years ago
  • why cant i get many "likes" on my profile pic on FACEBOOK?

    all my friends are getting a 100 likes on their profile pic on facebook while i get 10 likes the most. i think that my profile pic is so much better than my friends but why cant i get many likes?

    im 14 and im kinda shy but pretty. it makes me soo mad when my friends are getting so many likes and i dont

    im not the popular girl in school but everyone knows me as im good in art and drawings'

    this site below is my profile pic (PLZ LOOK AT IT AND TELL ME IF I LOOK PRETTY)

    5 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • how to make my boobs look smaller?

    hi im 14 and my bra size is 34B and i am curetly wearing two sports bras from victoria secret pink becuase they make my boobs look much smaller. I hate big boobs and all of my friends boobs are small. I like small boobs becuase i am very athletic and small boobs completes the look. I hate wearing two sports bras becuase it's not comfortable and in the summer i hate wearing bras with straps.

    what should i do? any suggestions?

    7 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Impact of desertification in africa??????

    im doing a project and i have to find an ARTICLE about environmental/weather imoact on the cointinent of africa. I have to explore the impacts of desertification

    im looking for an articcle too but its hard so any suggestions? articles? good websites? the article online has to be no older than 2011

    3 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • im going to six flags tomorow for the FIRST time. On what rides should i go?

    im in 8th grade and the whole class is going to six flags great america tomorow. its going to be 82 F.

    what should i wear?

    i never been so 6flags before, so im excited and nervous a littile, becuase i heard someone died while riding a ride. For beginers what rides should i take? describe them for me please.

    im not a person who is scared of rollercoster, in fact i find them really fun

    4 AnswersAmusement Parks8 years ago
  • How to ask my mom to get me contact lenses?

    im 14 and in a couple of weeks im graduating middle school and there is going to be a graudation aprty at school where we dance, and have fun. I have been wearing glasses like forever and i look really good with out them. I want to get contact lenses so that i wudnt have to wear glasses for the party and graduation.

    How should i ask my mom to get me contacts?

    my mom had glasses and contacts before

    im scared becuase she might say no becuase it could be expensive

    how much are the contact lenses?

    How should i ask her nicely?

    5 AnswersOptical8 years ago
  • Middle school problems: How to stay away from weirdos, and nerds ( they follow me)?

    hi im in 8th grade and i am from europe currently living in america. I speak english fluently but i still have to be in ELL classes where the teachers help you with english

    all the korean girls who are weird, too hyper, can speak english badly, asian accents, and are too weird come to me becuase we have same classes like ELL

    those korean girls follow me everywhere

    sometimes i hang out with them to be nice

    in classes they embarass me badly, a lot

    in gym all of those wird, nerds, ugly, shy kids are on my team and i cannot take it anymore becuase i dont want to look like im part of their weirdo group

    im not popular but im normal in school, im am know for a great artist




    2 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • Girls: what to wear with classic black TOM shoes?

    i just got classic black TOM shoes size 8 and I love them!

    the problem is, that i dont know what to wear with them

    its spring so maybe some shorts?boyfriend shorts?

    i cant really wear black yoga pants cz the pants will blend in with the shoes, right?


    4 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • how to get over a crush in middle school?

    im in 8th grade

    i liked this guy for 3 years

    we never went out

    we had memorable moments

    i knotices that this year he flirts with other girl ALOT nad plays games to hold her hand

    im guessing this is over

    everyday i come home crying because it breaks my heart to see him with another girl

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • How to get over a guy (8th garde) that I had a crush on for 3 years?

    I liked this guy for 3 years. Since 6th grade we were close and friend and sometimes I felt so close to him, that I would want to tell and ask him things that I wouldn't ask or tell my girl best friends. In 7th grade we have memorable conversation that I will never forget. In 8th garde I have knoticed that he is flirting with this other girl where he play, talks, flirts and does other fun stuff with her. I have beed thinking that if he liked me then he wouldve asked me out way before now.

    I also like this other guy who is way nices, and treats me better than the guy that i had a crush for 3 years. Its really hard for me to foregte him becuase there are moments that will stay in my heart forver. I cant even describe them, but they were super cute things that he said.

    How should i get over him? Shouldl i not talk to him? ignore him? not text him? We have same classes so how should i try to foregt all the things that we had and start fresh???

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Best Teen Magazine???????????

    I cant decide between 'M' 'Twist' or "J-14"

    so which one is better?

    * which one has more posters and articles on ONE DIRECTION?

    2 AnswersMagazines9 years ago
  • which magazine (twsit, m, j-14, tiger beat) has more of ONE DIRECTION?

    twsit magazine?

    M magazine?

    j-14 magazine?

    tiger beat magazine?

    or what? hELPP

    1 AnswerMagazines9 years ago