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I love movies, favourite genre being mystery/thriller/drama. I used to think that I watch a lot of movies (hence the reason for joining this community) but I am humbled now to see the kids out there who seem to have watched almost every one out there !!

  • Most alluring role in a movie?

    I didn't use "sensual" as it is more on lines of evoking carnal desire as per the dictionary

    So which actor/actress has come off as most alluring in a movie for you? This question, of course, can have answers for either/both male or/and female stars. I am a guy so I would list Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment (1999). Let me borrow a quote from :)

    She has the right balance of sass and class that typifies the most alluring European actresses. Most sizzling in her roles in The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment -- movies where she was unquestionably sexy without showing anything truly revealing.

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  • So what job industry are you into?

    So a poll on what job function/industry you are into. I just wanted to know what the regulars on Y!A are into work-wise. Students have an option of listing the job they might be eyeing.

    I am an IT guy :)

    BQ : So do you hook onto Y!A while at the Job? If yes, do you get time or take out time for it?

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  • Favourite cameo in a movie?

    Is there a cameo that stands out for you even if the rest of the movie isn't really great?

    In my case, I found Tom Cruise's cameo in Tropic Thunder quite entertaining. The movie in itself is okay types, more a humongous vanity project for Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller acted in, co-wrote, produced, and directed the movie.

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  • Do you ever vote for your own answer?

    Do you vote for your own answer when the question goes into voting?

    Personally I like it better when the asker chooses the BA, but I know sometimes it is more suitable to put it to vote. However, there are a lotta people on Y!A who ask a question and then seem to forget all about it. It is a bit irritating because you actually make an effort to put in a meaningful answer. So I definitely vote for my own answers, especially for questions like these :)

    BQ: How many answers do you normally nudge up on the board in a day?

    BQ2 : How many of your BA's do you figure have been chosen because of your own vote? In percentage I mean.

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  • Immortal protagonists?

    Any movies that you have watched where the protagonist is immortal? Please skip vampires & werewolves in your answers.

    The two titles that come to my mind are :

    The Man from Earth (2007) - quite an interesting drama, shot mostly inside a lodge but nevertheless captivating.

    Valley of Flowers (2006) - okay types, could have been handled better.

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  • Redhot European Imports?

    LOL....its a list of non Hollywood actresses that some one has compiled on IMDB.

    I came across it and hence this question :

    Which one of these actresses(or any other not in the list) is your favourite? Please don't go by her being hot or pretty, instead base your judgement on her performance(s).

    I would list Monica Bellucci for :

    Irreversible (2002) - this movie left me quient shaken. I am sure it takes quite some guts to undertake such a role.

    Malèna (2000) - easily one of my top favourite coming of age movies.


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  • An older actor who has had a raunchy role or two?

    This question sprang to my mind when I was going through the answers of my yesterday's question about gracefully aged actors :

    So which of the older generation actors/actresses have had a raunchy role or two in the past?

    The top ones that come to my mind are :

    Marlon Brando - Last Tango in Paris - The infamous butter scene.

    Helen Mirren - Caligula - too many scenes too controversial.

    Malcolm McDowell - Caligula & A Clockwork Orange - need I say more?

    Michael Gambon - The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover - I was quite shocked to see such profanities coming from good old Dumbledore :)

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  • Which actor has aged gracefully?

    So which actor do you think has aged gracefully and still packs a punch when it comes to performance? I would love to name Marlon Brando, but it kinda saddened me to see him in his final appearances like The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) and The Score (2001).

    I would, however, rank Sean Connery (81) in one of the better shapes and his voice ROCKS :)

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  • Which animation movies do you prefer?

    So which kind of animation movies do you prefer, the regular two dimensional, the more life-like or the clay animation? What is your favourite in each category?

    Mine are :

    Regular - Shrek (2001)

    Life like - The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

    Clay - Mary and Max (2009)

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  • Do you dig actors with great voices?

    Favourite actor(s) or actress(es) purely because of their great voice?

    I totally dig Sean Connery's guttural tone - remember Dragonheart?

    or George Clooney - remember Fantastic Mr Fox?

    Recently I was floored by Yul Brynner - remember The Ten Commandments?

    oh yes - I used to love Demi Moore's husky voice :)

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  • Poll : Have you seen Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows?

    I saw it yesterday and couldn't help but surmise that the character of Sherlock Holmes is satisfied by this equation :

    Captain Jack Sparrow + Jason Bourne = Sherlock Holmes

    Explanation : He gets his quirky snippets of humour and swaggered style from Jack Sparrow and the faster-than-light fighting moves from Jason Bourne, plus the music from Hans Zimmer also adds to the image :)

    What do you think - Yes or No?

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  • Longest run time movies you have watched?

    I know this is not an original question and I can get the list of movies with longest run time from Google but my question is about such movies that you have watched? Can you please also give your opinion about any such movies you have watched?

    Mine are listed below and I liked all of them :

    1. Gone With the Wind (238 mins)

    2. The Ten Commandments (220 min)

    3. Lawrence of Arabia (216 mins)

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  • Opinion poll : Borat - love or hate?

    How do you feel about this movie? I know it is at times insensitive to some cultures and has some crude scenes, but it has some hilarious ones too which can have you in splits....I mean the scenes like where that American guy is trying to teach him appropriate speech and one in which he starts rambling the Kazakistan national anthem. The title itself is a laugh riot :

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    I loved it throughout and had more than a few laughs.

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  • Any movie which had a character named same as you?

    Can you name a movie which has a character named same as you? You can list the favourite movie in case your name is a fairly common one in movie characters (mine is not). And yeah, I understand you will answer this question only if you wanna share your real name :)

    I could not find any in my case, at least not in the lead roles except for Omar Mukhtar played Anthony Quinn in Lion of the Desert (1981) - which I haven't seen :(

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  • Just for fun, can you come up with a movie title?

    Its friday and just for fun, can you come up with a movie title which is at least 6 letters long and has at least 3 letters from the answer before yours? I will provide the seed title (has a few vowels to help) :

    American History X

    Your answered titled has to have at least 6 letters so that the next person can manage an applicable title to continue.

    Happy weekend in advance :)

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  • Any movie scene that you have actually lived?

    Is there any scene or sequence in a movie which you have actually undergone or witnessed in real life?

    Let me give you an example :

    There is a traffic jam scene in the movie Office Space (1999) which has happened to me personally quite a few times :))

    Although it is quite funny when you watch it, but being in such a situation is quite frustrating !!

    Happy weekend in advance :)

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  • Which movie you really liked after it was recommended to you?

    Please do not misinterpret the question.

    I am not asking for your recommendations in this question, rather the movie(s) which was/were highly recommended (on Y!A mostly) and when you watched it/them you ACTUALLY liked it/them?

    In my case, to name the most recent one, I came across "The Green Mile" recommended quite often on this forum and I finally watched it a couple of days ago. I totally loved it and all my gratitude for people who have recommended it till date :)

    Thank you in advance for your answers :)

    You can even name the person who recommended the particular movie to you here, to give credit if you please.

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  • best shape-shifter scenes?

    I am a big fan of shape-shifter themes, werevolves et al. Unfortunately there have been many, but only a few good movies on this theme. So my question is which scene(s) do you think are the best filmed to show the transition of a human into an animal? A few good scenes that I can recall are :

    An American Werewolf in London (1981)

    The Company of Wolves (1984)

    Cat People (1982)

    There is in fact an Indian film Junoon (1992) which had a similar theme:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • what is your favourite voice over character?

    Which animation movie(s) has/have the best voice over(s)?

    My top choices are :

    Eddie Murphy - Donkey (Shrek)

    Liam Neeson - Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia)

    Sean Connery - Draco (DragonHeart)

    Sacha Baron Cohen - Julien (Madagascar 2)

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  • what are some funny made-up words you have come across in movies?

    Hilarious pseudo/made-up words or lines, used in movies that have you in splits e.g.

    I am the Sherminator, a sophisticated Sex Robot sent through time to change the future for one lucky lady -American Pie

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