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  • Do temporary traffic lights have cameras for running reds/speeding? ?

    Hi all. I accidentally ran a red light on a temporary traffic light earlier, it was only by a couple of seconds and the road was completely empty, had just finished a 12 hour night shift so I wasn't fully concentrating as I was exhausted (not trying to make excuses, I'm just saying what happened). I'm not sure if I imagined it or not but I think that I may have got flashed by the light for going through the red, like I said, I'm not 100% sure, I could have just imagined it and I may just be being paranoid. I saw something that looked like a camera on top but from what I've heard they are just sensors to make the lights change. 

    So I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if temporary traffic lights with cameras for speeding/running reds exist as I've never heard of anyone being flashed by a temporary light before? Or if anyone on here has actually been flashed by these lights and recieved points or something? Because as I said, up until now I wasn't sure temporary traffic lights with those kind of cameras even existed? Basically what are the chances that I was actually flashed and I wasn't just imagining it? 

    Thanks in advance for any info. 

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