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  • Kids and animals.?

    Parents are so afraid to do their jobs these days. That's why we have to many ba$stard kids, ungrateful brats, and selfish **** heads. Learn to discipline your children and animals without being *******. IF you claim your respect they won't want to test you, try to hit you and they'll listen you to. End of story. Because I'll promise you this, if my future kids ever try to hit me. Well we're going to the hospital.

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  • Is there vocalist that needs lyrics? This is a sample say it sucks or whatever?

    This monster that’s been created,

    Every second its being hated.

    That house that it festered in,

    Is the reason i can never win.

    I write about my problems,

    Because i can never ******* solve them.

    Thanks to you mom and dad,

    You assumed I was a failure,

    So i turned out bad..

    It was all confusing,

    And mindful torture.

    Thinking i’d always come out losing.

    Beggars can’t be choosers.

    I had to get on my feet,

    And walk take journey ahead of me.

    Ill come out on top in the fame.

    But don’t dare approach me.

    Calling out to me saying my name.

    Why don’t you get lost,

    Cause whatever will happen

    It’ll surely cost.

    Because I can already tell that you’ve lost.

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  • Does anyone need a writer? Of course you can revise it however?

    Honey you’re beautiful.

    Thanks mah,

    Why don’t you tell that to the boys who can’t be men.

    Or to the cuts that are embroidering my skin?

    Here have a pen,

    Connect the cuts and see if it makes a pretty little picture.

    But before you start,

    Pour yourself another cup of liquor.

    Cause you’re bound to fall apart.

    Every now and then,

    You’ll uncover tragic stories.

    But please don’t bore me,

    With your pitiful criticizable lectures.

    That’ll just bring flash back memory projectors.

    Cause i’ll mess you up,

    Worse then before!

    And you remember the time you called me a whore?

    I do,

    It tore me up until there was no more.

    But before,

    I was perfectly fine.

    Until you made me collapse,

    Like the block 7 of Lotus Riverside back in 2009.

    I’m trying to now improvise,

    Words for my filthy worded lines.

    And the gaps I’ve picked up along the way.

    But it’s kind of hard,

    And I don’t know how.

    I can only visualize.

    And you,

    Just stop.

    Don’t you try to sympathize,

    With your false sympathy.

    Yeah I’m calling you out.

    And for every time that you doubt,

    I’m gonna be forced to shout.

    You’ll definitely hear me then.

    No more selective hearing,

    Cause I’m only goin to say it once.

    So you better be listening.

    And when I’m done with what i have to say,

    There better be none of your rhetorical,

    But to you it’s non-rhetorical questioning.

    I’m sorry I’m a failure to you,

    But i’m not like you,

    And I will never be,

    Cause I’m my own person.

    I’m me!

    So if you can’t accept that,

    Then just get out of my face.

    I’m done.

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  • Car accidents?

    My husband had to go to the hospital due to another driver not paying attention to the road. And because of that the car was totaled, his neck is fractured, both his right wrist and left ankle are sprained. Since she fled the scene I don't know how to get anything figured out on that half, what would we have to do?

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  • Job or acting?

    Online predator catching by acting as a younger teen for law enforcement?

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  • Who would I go to for this job ?

    Online predator catching by acting as a younger teen for law enforcement?

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  • Attachment image

    Is this ok for animal owners to do?

    Days can go by and they'll "forget" to feed their dogs and fill the water bowl. They refuse to clean up **** around the house and never let them out but reciprocate to their needs

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  • Had to quit my job?

    Ok so recently I had to quit my job because people get paid differently there and they thought they would be able to slide that pass me. I told them no I don't agree along with I never got trained nor drug tested for that role. Which that is a requirement. Along with one of their male associates putting their hands on me , I'm confused what should I do? This is Walmart

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