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  • part of a business want to make it house?

    about a quarter of business it been empty. want to separate in two .. and keep it as house .. which in fact really is corner... what are the law stepping in? 

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 months ago
  • transferring ownership in business?

    one business with gross of $ M. second cousin is stepping down as its too much profits on his paper. he can't take care of it. now he wants my niece to take it over. he do not trust anyone for now. he better gives ti someone who real can make it real. so what will be taxes.. counted. 

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics7 months ago
  • Transfer business to household land?

    Have a half part .. of a business. The owner doesn't mind selling so want to learn what are the procedures.      .... If anyone knows. ... How? 

    State AR TX. Law should be same Almost everywhere. 

    Small Business7 months ago
  • First cousins (2) of mine ran business for 4 years, one coming out and bring in my sister as a partner? Pros and cons? ?

    My friend's two cousins run a business. Now younger cousin is moving out of business and only sole owner is elder cousin. 

    They asking if my friend's sister can step in? 

    How will tax be calculated from person who is moving to Out? 

    How will it impact on new owner? 

    Bank guarantee is not a problem. Can do same one cosigner after putting something for bank to hold. 

    How will be the process? 

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  • loan from a bank ... i want to know.. why will bank give loan and why wouldn't or someone is making someone else fool?

    my neighbor called his friend. his new partner for business. they trying to open a new business, his friend said, bank does not give 100% loan. (*yes i know we have to keep "25% of asked loan as a guarantee and guarantee to pay back loan after credit is good) question is not this. question is: if there are 4 partners, each with 500k, can each get 500k loan with a down payment of 25% of loan amount for each individual.. (whenever credit gets approved) and not a question about guarantee. or bank can only give.. 25% of total business amount comparing... or all this is b***S****

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  • Mere (deep question) details on loan+property value+taxes?

    All transactions in same bank. 

    A business with bank value of $2million. Sold in $230,000 (xyz reason),New owner paid his loan of $230k which he borrowed. Will the same bank give him loan of $ 1million to re-establish the same business and instead of cosigner, he keeps his own business as guarantor? Serious answers only if wanna be helpful. 

    Small Business8 months ago
  • friend A was eating at his friend B, house. meeting = eating etc. friend b- not be at home somtime. wife B started to lyk my friend A. ?

    She couldn't say. he didn't figure it.. she still rolling hair, bend etc" + know wife B color of Pa*ties. whenever she bend etc. Notouch. nothing he did. She had a fight with neighbor. friend B was not at home, friend A (my firiedn) was passing by her house n she calld him n said fights arose--- plz come .. before things go off hand. friend A helped. she cried. she was going to cry on his shoulder. he moved back.  5 minutes later her husband called her phone n she siad blah...he said to her on speaker he can't do anything rightaway call cops. she said can you please call from your cell, he said, let you do it(let his wife B call herself)_ "friend A heard on phone call, "dear it will beasier for you to call because you are facing trouble (firend b) i am not "

    friend A got shocked. wife b looked at him as she needs some hug or proection you know men and women look at each other and they hug n more .. but he still control. firend a said to wife b. he got her. didn't touch and stood with her for next 2 hours. 

    end of sotry. - after 2-4 months. both are looking at each other, same flirt is back--- she is flirting he is not .. he is not even smiling and he looks at helps if she needs anything without touching a single finer,... and eventually . Friend A said to "wife B", he has some "thoughts" about wife B. 

    last end of story - that ***** wnet back to husband B and told "your friend A is hitting on her!"    

    what you say? 

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 months ago
  • Met first time and walked all day almost!! Need to understand plz... Dont talk anymore. so no worry/?

    1) My sister gave me a cell number via family talk, 2 approach a girl after the parents permission.

    2) I called with in 2 days.

    3) She was shocked.

    4) Kept talking for 2-3 mnths.

    5) Meeting 1st time

    6) Family told us 2 meet after long talk for 2-3 months on the phone and chat and xyz.

    7) When met, I saw her, I was happy.

    8) She Stumbled up when she look at me, and looked happy. Like Kept Looking.

    9) She told me during all that few months talk, she walk every day 10/15/17k while to and fro from work.

    10) I was the same. same thinking and same talk. every thing she says i agreed! Everything I said, she said thats the thing that she is looking for.

    11) After meeting first time, we started walking towards a park. 8miles down the avenue.

    12) talk, saw, xyz, xyz, etc etc..

    13) sat for 2 hours in park. talk agian. family how we connecting within the family. my sister topic came in. her thing was never about family. i mean she never said anything about her family except she has two cars and her both the parents are driving to work every day.

    14) we kept talking and walking from 11am till 4pm. then took dinner.

    15) you offer each other the sweets old tradition in family. as togetherness

    16) b4 the day end, we talked about going to movie. .10.30pm was her flight time.

    18) we were 2 hours far away 4m airport.

    19) I was speaking fast n all suddenly i said you will not reach on time.

    20) maybe she just walked with me and said "ok!"

    21) we don't talk anymore.

    22) what you think?

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  • met first time and look what happen dont know..need to understand plz... Dont talk anymore. so no worry/?

    family let us meet. i got cell, sister told me 2 take 1st step. called. she got stumbled how did i make that call. in 4 days till 3 months, later met 1st time. main thing 4m my side that i asked if she likes to walk.. I made a mistakes-i was happy so much taht i couldn't wait to see her. so kept walking 12 miles thinking i am happy.. took breaks + had munches+made many stops reached park - sat for 2 hours. saw around+play group = dancers + took heavy lunch around 5pm almost dinenr time. didn't ate decent lunch. my half craxy told me to offer her a spoon of food if she accept with my hand - think its little positive- i offered -s she ate n smile.etc. left home after while. we didn't sit except 2 - 3 hours in park with 1000 people. sat in restaurant. twice. afternoon n 5pm dinner time.

    planned to watch movie bought tickets she has flight to take back in2 hour . and movie was 1.30 minutes. theatre to airport was 30 minutes didnt took chance. i insisted not to watch movie after buying ticket.

    i know i did wrong. walking all that.

    so from 11am til 8pm we just walk and stay in big city. outside. didn't got a rest area in a room or xyz. hotel place.

    please share .. yours reviews people/

    Update: relationship - meeting first time and having walk all day, she said she had that counter to count the steps at work she has to walk - coming back home 5k steps atleast a day. or i think 16k. she walks. she also likes to walk she said for sure before i said ilike to walk

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  • About tax, 1employee here, 1 employee ...?

    my close friend came with an idea. He needs my help. So question is- if he has an LLC, have one employee here and have 3 employee in Toronto. Canada. How the paycheck system work? And how will the tax? Check payable to Canadian currency? Normally I ha e first a payment transfer in-between LLC account registered in Canada and Here, then paying from the transfer funds! . So need to know the Real Fact!

    2 AnswersUnited States1 year ago
  • Its about tax return! 3 years consecutive received refund, 4th year, they asked us back!?

    I dont know if it was filed individual or joint, for the first three years, but my friend received a tax return of $1800 for three consecutive years with out break. Than his pay got little bit change more or less, the 4th year, he was asked to pay $1500 as a tax return (charges billed by IRS), now my concern is this:- what happened - did the tax was filed one or together( he is married) or the employer paid so much money that he was asked to pay back as more income your tax fluctuates and jumped back on his own foot or something. What may be the best possible thing happened here? Reason why we dont have answer - employee is 65+ he cannot read carefully, he went to one of the tax people, they did nt answer him straight doing blah blah.

    9 AnswersUnited States3 years ago