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Well, I'm me. I like metal, but I'm not goth or anything. I'm into stuff like Kamelot, Tesla, Killswitch Engage, Queensryche, Nocturnal Rites, Scorpions, etc. But I also like Smooth Jazz like Chuck Loeb, and Easy Listening (elevator music), along with J-pop and J-rock (J=Japanese). I'm kind of like a music guru because I know how to look at it from a NON-biased view. I play guitar, sing, play drums, violin, and piano. I draw manga, and write short stories, and lyrics. I try to be as selfless as possible and be a good person. I have felt TRUE love before, so I am good with questions like that. Along with that goes the "hopeless romantic" part of my personality. My favorite anime/manga is Azumanga Daioh, followed by DBZ. I like video games a lot. I dabble in game design, and know everything there is to know about console games and the future of gaming. Well that's me...

  • Manga Studio Debut 4?

    I need some help recovering my toolbars in Manga Studio.

    I just connected a second monitor so that I could store all of my toolbars there, out of the way. I stored them there, and then ran into a problem with my tablet settings that required me to restart my computer. Unfortunately, when I opened everything back up, my toolbars weren't on either screen, and I can't find them or get them to show up. They're nowhere to be found, and closing then opening said windows isn't making them reappear. Please... Help!

  • Drake And Josh Episode Question?

    I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the artist and song that plays at the end of the Drake And Josh episode "Mindy's Back".

    It's the episode where Mindy comes back from the mental institution and starts dating Josh. Every time I hear that song at the end, I'm driven crazy wanting to know what it is, but the credits fly by too fast.

    The song has a mellow vibe, a female vocalist, and seems to only use piano and some atmospheric background instrumentation. It's played when he's appologizing at her window, and gets louder right as they kiss.

    I've looked everywhere and can't find anything on it. That's as much info as I can give :(

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Armored Core series... important question?

    I just recently picked up Armored Core 2 again, which I haven't played in ages. Long story short, I still love it. I love the customization and depth. The A.I. is still mostly fantastic, and there's a lot of content. However, I haven't played through any of the other AC games (I played AC1 ages and AGES ago, but I never went through it).

    So I've got a few questions, because I'm looking to buy another Armored Core... and it's not going to be 5, because I'm not spending $60, lol.

    1. What is the first game where the controls changed from the archaic D-Pad/L1&R1 setup to something that uses both of the sticks? This is a must, as it's really the only thing that I don't like about AC2, and makes the game somewhat exhausting and annoying.

    2. Which one has the most customization options? I want tons and tons of parts, and I'd prefer one where I can actually customize how the parts are used, akin to AC4. This includes decals and emblems and such.

    3. Which one has the most secret content? I love that in AC2 you can unlock the Human Mode extras by losing, and that you can unlock the ability to use overweight ACs when you beat it. Not to mention, finding a new part in the field, or getting one for free by doing the Arena is always nice.

    4. Which one has the most single player content? Being a huge fan of RPG's and classic games, I like games that have tons of content to explore. I'd prefer an AC that has a long, diverse campaign, as well as a nice sized arena mode. Local VS would also be cool, and I heard that AC: for Answer only had that on the PS3 (but that it also had framerate issues).

    5. Do AC:4 and for Answer have the same amount of fun and complexity as the older ones, or are they just dolled up with fancy graphics?

    6. I want something that is difficult, but not impossible. I definitely don't mind a steep learning curve, as long as it's not because things are cheap and unfair.

    7. Any information you can give me about the file/game utility sizes would be awesome also. I don't really want to spend multiple gigs of space to play a next-gen one, but I don't have a lot of memory card space on my PS2. I can get one for my 360 without worry, but I'd prefer to use my PS3 if I get a next-gen AC.

    Essentially I want the biggest, fanciest AC there is without it lacking anything from AC2, and with an actually useable control scheme, lol.

    Thanks for any help!!!

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  • What was the name of that show on SPEED?

    Does anyone remember the name of that show on the SPEED channel from a few years ago, where there were three contestants who tried to guess how fast a car would go down the dragstrip?

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  • Which band/group do you prefer?

    Which of these two bands do you prefer?

    In this corner, we have the 90's all-girl pop/r&b group Innosense:

    Youtube thumbnail


    In the other corner, the challenger, wheighing in at extremely proggy, with a hint of symphonic power metal, Innosense:

    Youtube thumbnail


    It's a battle to the death. Who will come out on top?

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  • Commissions on DeviantArt?

    I'm just curious if you think I could actually make a decen amount of dA points doing commissions on DeviantArt? I've seen some fairly mediocre artists doing a LOT of them (not to say I'm that amazing or anything), and seemingly making a decent profit. But I'm not sure if there's something I'm missing from the equation or not.

    My dA gallery from this year:

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  • DeviantArt Prints question?

    I was just wondering if setting it up so that people can buy prints of my art on DeviantArt costs me anything? I've scanned the terms of service pertaining to prints several times, but I can't find any place that definitively says that they DON'T charge you.

    I'd obviously prefer answers from people who've used said feature for their own art before. Thanks for your time.

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  • 'Metalcore' bands, ya know?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me the names of some metalcore bands that have good singers (preferrably lesser known bands, since I likely know of all the more popular ones).

    The more melodic, the better. I'm tired of finding a band that sounds like they're going to be unique, and then they ruin it either by having a 'singer' that only screams, or one of those damned annoying emo sounding singers. I want something with a good, powerful, singer; someone unique, like Howard from Killswitch, M from A7X (reffering obviously to their only metalcore album, Waking The Fallen), or Jesse/Adam from Times Of Grace. And if you know of any that have some progressive, or power metal elements, even better.

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  • Manga/comic drawing books (more to this question than it sounds)?

    Can someone give me the names of some good books for creating a manga? I already know how to draw in the manga style. Rather, I'm looking for books that can help me with creating a manga itself. I want something that talks about paneling, bubble placement, 'camera' angles, planning, etc. I want to know more about how to creating a manga that looks and reads interestingly. Most manga drawing books touch on this, but I can't find any that are geared towards these subjects (rather than drawing), and am not willing to spend like $200 to buy all of the normal drawing books I've found in order to collect all of these bits and pieces.

    As the question title says, at this point I'm willing to read comic style books about this too. Much of the setup between normal comics and manga is different, but I can still learn from a book about comics if there is one.

    Thanks in advance for the help :D

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  • Kamelot: Who's worthy to replace Roy Khan?

    Who do you personally think would be a good fit to replace Khan in Kamelot (I still can't believe he left...)?

    List absolutely anyone, even if they're not popular singers, and even if they're already in a band.

    Personally, I think the best (for studio work anyway) would be Edu F. from Angra/Almah:

    Youtube thumbnail


    He's got both the soft soothing voice like Khan, and the power that Khan has. Most power metal vocalists tend to be all power (obviously).

    Then there's this guy:

    Youtube thumbnail


    He has Khan's old high notes (for the most part), and can do his lower stuff. Though his accent is pretty strong. Listen to the second and third chorus. I also like his cover of The Zodiac, because he does the guest vocal part too (in my opinion, better than it was even done byJon Oliva on the album).

    Well, I don't wanna take all of the good ones. So who else has some good ideas (besides Fabio)?

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  • How many words on average?

    I desperately need to know; how many words on average are there in a single chapter of a novel say... the size of your average Harry Potter book? I'd like to know both in the publishing sense (6 characters equals one word) and in the normal sense that a word is a word.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Xbox 360 power supply question?

    Can you use a Jasper era 150 watt power supply in a Falcon era 360 without any ill effects (assuming you get rid of the piece of plastic preventing it from being inserted)? The Falcon chipset 360's came with a 175 watt one, but they have less ventilation, and can burn out (as mine did). I don't know much about the workings of electronics themselves though, so I don't know if 150 watts is enough to power my Falcon era 360. I bought a 150 watt, not knowing there was a difference, and now I'm wondering if I should take it back, or if it will work. It'd be nice if it did, because the extra ventilation is kinda nice.

    Thanks for the help.

    1 AnswerXbox9 years ago
  • Manga drawing help needed?

    I've been working extremely hard this past year and a half to learn how to draw manga (I couldn't even draw proportionally acceptable people when I began, let alone in that style). I'm just now refining my style enough that I believe I should start a simple manga. My question is; about how long (on average) should it take to draw a single page of a manga (just a regular page with 3-5 panels, not too complex or too simple of images)? That means, from beginning, to finished product (excluding any Photoshop additions).

    And going along with that, what are some techniques I can put into practice that can help me learn to get faster without losing quality?

    3 AnswersDrawing & Illustration10 years ago
  • Good Xbox 360 RPG's...?

    I need a list of all the J-RPG's for the 360 (that have come to the US... I don't want to import). I'm really craving a good, long adventure with plenty of difficult sidequests. Turn-based would be preferred, but games that play like Star Ocean or Infinite Undiscovery are fine too. I just really want it to have a lot of content. I don't care if it's a Live Arcade game, 2d, 3d, doesn't matter, as long as it's long and at least playable in quality. If you've played the games you list, please say about how long it takes to complete everything, and how much of that is the main story. I know that's kind of asking a lot, lol.

    By the way, the games that I've already played are listed below:


    Lost Odyssey

    Blue Dragon

    Phantasy Star Universe

    Infinite Undiscovery

    Enchanted Arms

    Last Remnant

    Star Ocean 4

    Tales Of The Abyss

    Eternal Sonata

    ...can't think of any more.

    Thanks for any help :)

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  • What is that song on DBZ Kai?

    Who is the artist who made the song at the end of the newest dubbed DBZ Kai episode, where Frieza transforms into his final form? I know it's a J-Rock power metal band (or at least the song is), because I can hear what language it is, but I don't know the artist.

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  • Why are you all STILL so childish?

    I'm about sick of all of these blind slaves ruining America. Thrashing Beck, slandering Obama, stupid nicknames, "witty" flames, and so much more. Whether this is going on here on the internet, or in real life, it DOESN'T MATTER. I am tired of the hate everyone spreads. We all want the same thing; a better place for future Americans to live. That is one important ideal that this great country was founded on; a better place for all who come. This is what MAKES our country as amazing as it is. So why when we are all on the same side, striving for the same goal, do we all fight like children? Just because we have different ideas on how to reach this goal, doesn't mean one side is evil and the other is good. No side is devoid of or made up of racists, haters, greedy people, or anything else. So why stereotype and act like they are? It only shows your own weakness when you call out others on a false weakness and make mass generalizations. This only leads to the downfall of everyone. No more 0bama. No more Crazy Beck. NO MORE! Those who do this are only slowing down Americas ability to prosper. You are holding yourself back along with your "enemies" when you do so. So I ask you...

    Why if you know it will cause your own doom, would you ever slander your opponent, especially when they are your brothers and sisters who share the same ultimate goal?

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  • Since all these people are asking about FFXIII?

    I guess I'll ask about something pertaining to an older one (that I'm playing to temporarily sate my hunger for XIII).

    On FFX, I'm at the part where *SPOILER ALERT* you battle the Sanctuary Keeper at Zanarkand right before you fight Yunalesca. I've done this part like 3 or 4 times before (though I usually get stuck and give up out of boredom on Seymour on Mt. Gagazet... stupid Zombie). My problem is that I for some reason can't beat him now. I haven't got the strongest party, but I'm stronger than I was last time I beat him.

    Does anyone have any good strategies that aren't pasted all over the internet already (I've tried most of them, and I'm getting frustrated now)? Or I guess I should say, do you have any that AREN'T about spamming Aeon overdrives? Any attacks that do well, anything like that?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • I just got an e-mail from Blizzard about WoW?

    The e-mail is from:

    It says (DON'T CLICK THE LINK!!!):

    "When you receive this letter the same time, means that your account will be locked.

    If you can within 72 hours visit our website at verify your account, we will cancel the lock operation.

    Blizzard Abuse Department"

    The thing is... I haven't ever played WoW or signed up or anything (I wish I could). It seems fake to me (not about to click the link provided just in case) but has anyone else gotten an e-mail like that which was fake? Or can anyone verify that this is real? If it is, I would like to tell them that they sent it to the wrong e-mail so that they can e-mail the correct person about it.

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  • Would this Japanese translation be correct (Romanized)?

    I've heard that people who know Japanese like to answer questions in this category, so if anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful :)

    Is this correct both in the words it uses and the grammar?

    From: Like music to my ears.

    To: Watashi no mimi ni wa ongaku no yō ni.

    And can someone separate that into the correct "sounds" so that I can find the Kanji for it (my computer doesn't display Kanji, so I have to find pictures of them).

    My guess would be: wa-ta-shi no mi-mi ni on-ga-ku no yō ni

    Thanks for your time.

    1 AnswerJapan1 decade ago