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Michelle King

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My name is Michelle Grimsley. I'm a student and a mother. I go to Everest University Online, I'm majoring in Criminal Justice. I'm a nice person, I love to just enjoy life. My goal in life is pretty much to be a success and I know I will be. I'm ambitious and intelligent. I like no BS and I take no BS... My favorite pass time is learning... I guess I'm a nerd. Lol!!

  • Anyone expecting a refund on February 1st? (2/1 club)?

    Hey, there's a page for us guys. It's on FB at

    Everyone with a DD date is encouraged to partake and let the world know what's up with the refunds.. it may not be definitive.. but nothings not and it provides a good place to hear similar stories instead of clicking bs links all day.

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  • We filed on 1/17/2012, Why is the IRS telling us our DD will be 2/7/2012?

    My husband I filed our taxes through the H&R Block on January 17, 2012. On January 18, 2012 we got an email saying our refund had been accepted, and yes it was before 11 a.m. When I checked the WMR as well as Teletax (the automated system) 15 minutes ago (WMR STILL DOWN) but Teletax is saying February 7, the same date WMR said Friday (1/20/2012). Yet, I've read just this morning of people's taxes being accepted on the 17th and they got them today! Well, H&R Block told us we'd get our by the 27th, so why is the IRS saying the 7th of next month?? It's not that it's a LONG time, it's just wtf?? Is anyone else having the same problems? Can anyone shed some light on my situation?? It's really frustrating.

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