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  • Is it possible to build a moving wall for a wardrobe?

    We are converting our loft & plan to have a walk through wardrobe. My partner, a builder is now concerned that our landing area will be too small to easily get stuff up there. My solution would be to have a rolling "wall" in the walkthrough wardrobe that could be moved if need be to accommodate larger items on the odd occasion we'd need to. I'm thinking something like a tall shop gondola on locking wheels would perform the function of a wall with the option to roll it towards the facing rail as needed. The height of the space is 2200mm and the width would be around 1200mm I'm thinking a depth of 300mm or so would provide some storage. I think my partners concern may be that from the end of that "unit" I'm suggesting an angled folding wall/door to the doors leading from the landing to the bedroom & the bedroom to the wardrobe, about 110mm. Or it may be something else entirely, I may not be clear in what I'm saying I'm just sure theres a solution that enables us to keep the walk through wardrobe & winder staircase but I'm concerned my inability to communicate in builder speak is hampering the process of finding a solution. Any ideas or suggestions most welcome

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  • working out u values in loft conversion?

    Living in a house built in 2000 with open roof trusses with 600 centres (if thats relevant) we want to turn the space into a room and have had structural calculations done for stairs etc and proposed to use 125mm of celotex for insulation in the pitched roof (with a 40/50mm air flow & 300mm of glass fibre in the triangle at the top of the roof. Building regs are asking me to confirm the U value of the pitched walls/roof which apparently has to be .18. Can anyone tell me if 125mm would be enough to achieve that or how I can work it out. (We will put in some velux windows that are uv1.3)



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