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Hi, my name is Lacey and my passion is singing/ songwriting.I also like figure skating and fashion. I can do all single jumps, and am currently working, double loop, layback spin, and axel. My favorite jumps are the split jump, lutz jump, and loop jump. My favorite spins are the sit spin and pancake spin. I am only doing recitals, but I hope to do competitions one day too. Some of my favorite bands and singers are: - evanescence - shinedown - linkin park - slipknot - the foo fighters - pink - muse - flyleaf - 30 seconds to mars - queen - paramore - the red paintings - bullet for my valentine -guns n' roses -within temptation -avenged sevenfold I also like harry potter (RIP snape!!) 92% of teens would die if Edward Cullen said breathing was not cool. If you would be one of the 8% laughing on the floor, put this on your profile