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  • Black Lives Matter Protest?

    Why are people so upset when a white cop kills a black citizen but when a black cop kills a black citizen we don't hear anything about it. If black lives matter, why are their so many blacks people killing black people in general. Their was no huge fuss when the white Australian women got shot for reporting a disturbance a couple years ago from a black cop! All sounds very hypocritical. 

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  • Do I buy 2 b-day cakes for my daughter?

    My daughter is turning 13 on Monday and we we're planning to do something special but because of COVID19 everything is shut where we live so she has decided to have her best friend sleep over Saturday night. My question is this, because her friend is coming over for her birthday but it's just the 2 of them, should I supply a birthday cake? On the Monday when it's her actual birthday I was going to do a cake just for us, her family. I'm not sure what to do. Have 2 cakes (one on Sat and one on Mon).... have 1 cake on the Saturday night...... or 1 cake Monday night. I really don't want 2 types of cake left overs in my fridge. What the proper etiquette?

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  • Attachment image

    Can anyone tell what this is on the leaves?

    We have 3 Magnolia's (little gem) and we have all these white things stuck to the leaves and stems (but mostly the leaves). It kinda resembles plaster. It's only on the underside of the leaf, not top. The trees look like they are slowly dieing.

    We live in Perth, Western Australia.

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  • Can I get in trouble for doing this?

    I live in one of Perth suburbs that has a rat problem. I've notice a little bit of rat activity in the front yard so have been putting bait around my yard. Something is licking the plate dry during the night and I presume it's the rats. I was thinking though, if a neighborhood cat comes and eats the bait and dies can I get in trouble. I always put the bait on my property in discreet areas but if I get caught can I get in trouble, especially if someones cat dies. I only put them out about 10pm so not during the day. So far I have done it twice.

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  • Should I let daughter who is 12 go camping with her friends?

    My 12 yr old daughter has been invited to go camping with 5 friends (13 yr olds) and 1 adult at Point Herron near Mandurah. Is it safe there or is their dodgy people around. It will be just for one night

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  • Would you let your 12 yr old daughter go camping with her friends?

    My daughter is 12 and one of her best friends is turning 13. My daughter has been invited to go camping at a public local camp spot about 1 hour away. Their will be 5 girls aged 13 and one adult (mum). I don't want her to go but all her best friends will be there. They are all good kids. I've met the mum once. My daughter REALLY REALLY wants to go and if I don't let her I know she will be forever upset about it. I think it's one of those moments she will always remember that she wasn't aloud to go. I don't know if I should let her go or not. I trust my daughter and the other kids, I just don't trust the situation or if something goes wrong. What do you think? We live in Australia.

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  • Tree hanging over back fence. Who responsivity is to trim it right back.?

    My back neighbor has quite a large tree hanging over our back fence and I want it trimmed right back before it damages the fence but who's responsibility is it, his or mine.

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  • The Bold and the Beautiful?

    Can anyone tell me what's going on with Sallys diagnosis.

    4 AnswersSoap Operas9 months ago
  • Husband won't connect with his kids and blames me?

    We have been married nearly 18 years and have a 11 yr old boy and 12 yr old girl and my husband hasn't bonded with his own kids nor even tries, he thinks it's their job to bond with him. He won't do anything with them except go for a walk to the beach with the dog and get ice-creams 4 times a year and when he does this he still barely talks to them. He demands respect from them but doesn't give it. He has a very annoying trait that he does with all of us were he touches us very slightly to annoy us coz he thinks it's funny. Our daughter told him today she hates it (as we have all told him this in the past) and she doesn't want him touching her again. He now says he will NEVER touch her again, no cuddles or kisses which is what he will actually do. He is constantly pushing them away and doesn't even realise it. He thinks Im to blame. He thinks Im telling them to keep away from him. If he died, I don't think the kids would even care. He feels its the 3 of us against him which makes him constantly angry but he refuses to see whats he's doing wrong. He refuses to see physiologist as well as we have tried this and he says I constantly throw him under the bus. He refuses to get divorced as well. Not sure how to get through to him. Its like living in an army camp. Kids are convinced he doesn't love them and part of me thinks he may not.

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  • Help from other parents with young teenagers?

    We are a middle class family that live in Australia and we have a 12.5 year old daughter. For the past year or so she is becoming quite demanding in what she wants. It seems what ever she gets isn't good enough for her anymore. If we go on a holiday interstate she wants to go overseas, if I tell her we can go to our local swimming center she wants to go a big water theme park. We are even looking for a house to buy and she's demanding she must have a large bedroom. It seems what ever she gets, she wants more, she wants to live the lifestyle of a millionaire and if she doesn't get what she wants she freaks out and yells, walks off and usually slams a door. Is this typical young teenage behavior for a girl or have I created something and if it's not normal how can I change it. We give her as much as I can because apart from this behavior, she is a really good kid. Nice friends, loves school and gets good grades, never gets into trouble and has goals as aspirations. Not sure what to do.

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  • Is mid-July a good time to travel to Phuket for a holiday?

    My hubby, me and two kids are planning to go to Phuket for a holiday in mid-July for the Perth school holidays as we have never traveled to Asia before. Just wondering what weather should we expect. I heard that Dec, Jan and Feb are the best times to travel their but we can't travel at those times so July is our only option.

    3 AnswersThailand11 months ago
  • Can anyone tell me how safe is Namibia?

    We live in Australia and my husband wants to go to Namibia for a 2 week holiday with myself and our two youngish kids. To be honest I'm afraid to go over and would rather pick another destination but he insist it's safe because someone who use to live there for a couple years told him this. My question is... how safe is it really. We would like to do the usual touristy things and probably stay in Windhoek.

    3 AnswersOther - Africa & Middle East12 months ago
  • The Bold and the Beautiful?

    Writing from Australia were we are way behind the USA. Just saw Thomas fall into the Hydo Acid. Is Thomas dead. Whats happened.

    2 AnswersSoap Operas1 year ago
  • Feeding a dog cooked vs raw food?

    I have a nearly 6 yr old Papillon and he has always been on a very good canned food wet diet (top of the line). We have a new player in the dog food world in Australia who sells raw food and everyone is raving about how great this food / company is. Just wonding if a can sometimes give my dog canned cooked food and sometimes raw food. I have been told by someone that I have to intoduce raw food very slowly otherwise he can get a tummy ache so that got me thinking... do I have choose which path I want to go down and stick with it or can I choose to feed him one day cooked food and the other day raw food. He has no allergies or heath issues. Thanks

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  • When's the best time to feed a dog when locking him away a night?

    I have a little Papillion and now it's getting quite cold at night so he sleeps inside at night in a crate. I want to make sure the crate stays fresh and he doesn't poop or wee in it so I was wondering when is the best time to feed him his wet food to avoid him toileting in there. He will only eat a main meal once a day (his choice) and that's usually about 8pm. Should I keep feeding him his dinner or give him a good breakfast each morning and no dinner. He's semi house trained, 5 yrs old. Thanks for your help.

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  • How do I get the speaker to work on the PS4 controller?

    I have just brought the kids a near new but second hand PS4 and I have discovered on the controller that it has a small speaker. How do I get volume through the speaker. I have YouTube it but it only gives instructions when using headphones but were not using headphones. No noise is coming through the speaker at all, only through the TV. Any help or instructions would be much appreciated.

    2 AnswersPlayStation2 years ago
  • Going overseas with a mobile phone?

    I'm making this enquiry on behalf of my dad as I haven't been overesas an adult. My dad doesn't own a mobile but in a few weeks he planning on going to Greece to visit friends and family for a few weeks. He wants me to buy him a mobile (Samsung Galaxy S7) so he can contacted by his family whilst his their but also so he can call back to Australia. He just wants a pre-paid sim but how does this all work. Will he need to purchase a sim card when in Greece and would it go into an Aust brought phone or can he get it all organised in Australia and be able have his contacts in Greece as well as in Australia.

    2 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Dealship wants to charge a fortune for window tiniting?

    I just brough a 7 month old car from Nissan in Aust and it needs to have window tintig applied. They have said they can do it for nearly $600 but if I do it aftermarket I can get it done for nearly $400. The catch is though, Nissan have told me if I do aftermarket it will void my warrenty for the electronics part of the car. Coz it has electric windows and airbags in the doors and other electronics it will void the 2 year manufactor warrenty the vehicle still has. Do I pay the huge amount or get it done elsewhere and void the electronics warrenty. They are making it sound like if any part of the electronics in the car breaks down, Im on my own.

    15 AnswersBuying & Selling2 years ago