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  • Accountant: do you like your job?

    I’m interested in getting into the field and going to school for a certificate, not a degree, as I don’t want to be a CPA. Can anyone tell me what they like or dislike about there accounting job regardless of your lower or higher designation?

  • Is it rude to cancel on a friend because I’m worried about covid?

    I asked recently if it was safe to go out to a restaurant for dinner, and my self wear a mask due to fear of covid. Now that I’ve thought it through, and reflecting within myself, I have so much anxiety going through with this dinner, that I almost want to text my friend and ask if I can take a rain check and hangout another time. Does this sound okay? Or should I go through with the dinner?

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  • Is it safe to go out for dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in a while?

    I know most people aren’t doctors on here but I want your opinions on this. A friend I haven’t seen in 2 years wants to get together for dinner and drinks, while I said I’d go and I’m really excited, covid crosses my mind. I was wondering if I go to a restaurant, and wear a face mask, would I be okay? I’d sit across from this person so I feel it’s enough distance, and I’ll try and get a patio spot. Any thoughts?

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  • I’m looking to use Jenny Craig. Anyone who has on here can you answer some questions?

    I want to drop 50 pounds, and I’m not good with making healthy meals for there foods are what is tempting me to do this diet. I want to know if you pay a membership fee, and if so how much is it and is that on top of the food price. Also do I have to go to the counselling every week? And can I pay month to month for the fee, or am I locked into a contract. And what happens if I cancel my plan at anytime? 

    Thank you!

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 months ago
  • My friend is mad I didn’t answer her text right away? Read below?

    So my friend messaged me at 5am, I was awake, but away from my phone, and didn’t hear the text. When I woke up many hours later and read the message, I said “I was up until 8am as well” and she said “why didn’t you answer me then”, I proceeded to tell her I was away from my phone, and she got mad at me. Is this juvenile and stupid, or am I in the wrong?

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  • Planning on going to Europe for 3 weeks. Can you rate my country list I want to visit, and maybe give me tips?

    So far I’ve come to terms with going to the following country’s in this order

    -France (Paris)

    -Belgium (Brussels)

    -Netherlands (Amsterdam)

    -Germany (Berlin)

    -Czech (Prauge)

    -Austria (Vienna)

    -Hungary (Budapest)

    Keep in mind I’m only going to spend 1-2 days in Belgium, Czech, and Austria. I was interested in also Ibiza for the party scene, but I’ve heard you can party in any of these European cities, so I might skip it for now and maybe go to Spain at another time and go there?

    Thank you for your help!

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  • Would partying in Vegas alone be weird?

    I want to go to Vegas for my 21 birthday in a year, but don’t have any friends to go with. Would it be weird for me to go alone and party at clubs?

    7 AnswersLas Vegas3 months ago
  • Going to Europe for the first time, and alone. Debating on if I go with Contiki or just myself?

    I’ve never been to Europe and I’ll be going alone (female, 20). I was debating on going with Contiki as they will plan the trip for me. But I’m reading it’s kind of hit or miss, and that Europe is easy to do alone and as a young female. I plan on partying a bit, but would rather go to clubs in the city, rather then the bars that I‘be heard are assessable, I’ve heard your accommodations are more out of the city, where i would stay central. Any advice is appreciated. 

    1 AnswerOther - Europe4 months ago
  • Does my cat have a tapeworm?

    I just got that cat a day ago from some lady online. He’s meowing a lot, and I’ve noticed a few small white worms coming out of his butt. I have him in a separate room from me until the morning as it’s 2am, and will take him to the vet. Does this sound like a tapeworm?

    3 AnswersCats4 months ago
  • Why are men on dating apps only looking for a hook up?

    I’m not the hook up type person, and want a meaning full relationship. But every man I meet online seem to only want that! Why is that? Have people actually found love online or is that all a lie?

    Singles & Dating4 months ago
  • best party or booze cruise?

    I’m interested in a booze cruise, primarily looking for one that has a fun club like night life. I’ve looked into yatch week and honestly that looks disgusting and way to confusing. But I just saw carnival cruise. Only downside with carnival is I think kids are allowed on? What’s the best cruise with night life and partying?

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  • I want to go on a trip, use a tour guide or just go alone?

    I am 20, and recently got out of a long term relationship. I am scared of letting time slip away from me, so I have decided after covid, I am going to go on a trip to Europe. I have looked into contiki, and I like that they plan everything out for me, but I feel like its to fast paced, and would almost be the same price to go myself, and be able to do what I want. I want to be social though and go partying, but I think I can meet people in hostels?? what would you recommend? 2 days in each country seems way to crammed, but they plan it out for you?? Never travelled or planned a trip alone so I am kind of lost, I would rather wait until I found someone to go with, but I can't sit around and wait for someone right?

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