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Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista

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My subject interests are science astronomy cosmology, psychology & technology,and criminology I am an avid pc games player.....yes you got me i'm a NERD....P My favourite sports are motor racing, football& tennis, and i'm passionate about music but in general detest chart music I'm Spanish but live in Yorkshire now ,so much so that my other alias is EspYorkshireman My profile name is nothing to do with the Leone Westerns (Eastwood) but with a trance psy artist Martin Freeland (1990-2003) (Hombre sin Nombre) translates to Man with no name .Freelands Psy artists name, as translated by me into Spanish..P But, to sum up my musical tastes I generally prefer to hear guitars singing rather than people singing and always remember: View things from different perspectives Think outside the "box"

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