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  • Security License/Certification ?

    So I recently just got my certification for Class D Security Officer & I’m unable to apply for my license because of all the Department of Agriculture Offices are closed due to COVID. So my only option is to mail my application to DOA but I have to get finger printings done but all the places that provide finger printings aren’t doing them atm because of the virus. I have an interview tomorrow for a Security position at a hospital, so my main question would be, would I be able to just show them my certificate that shows that I took the courses & that I passed, or are they gonna need me to get my actual license in order for me to actually work as a Security Officer? There isn’t much I can do because everythings closed due to COVID. 

    any answers or suggestions would be helpful, thanks :)

  • Co signer for Apartment ?

    my boyfriend & I live in Florida & we are looking at this apartment but we need a cosigner & his dad is willing to co sign for us but he lives in another state.. do they accept out of state co signers or do they have to be in the same state as you & need to be present? 

    answers would be helpful! thank you :)

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  • Dress code for Bealls outlet?

    I’m starting a new job at Bealls Oulet (its a discount store like Marshalls, Ross, TJMaxx, etc) I’m aware the dress code is like a plain red shirt, black or kaki jeans & any type of shoes as long as their not open toed. I haven’t started yet, but for those who have worked there before, can I wear kimonos & cardigans? I’m just curious, because they weren’t really specific at the interview & i didn’t think to ask. 

    thanks :)

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  • Job hasn’t called back after accepting offer letter..?

    so I had a interview this past Monday at Bealls outlet. the store manager sent me an offer letter that same day. I accepted it & filled out all the necessary documents that needed to be filled out. The store manager wanted me to call him to let him know that I got everything done, so I called the next day (tuesday). 1st time I called, he wasn’t in yet, so I told the lady to have him call me back.. he never did so I called back & he finally answered & told him I finished everything. He told me he had a conference call that day so once he finishes, he’ll look at everything & call me if he has any questions. Towards the end of the call he said, “I’ll be calling you soon” Its currently Thursday and I haven’t gotten a call back. Is it possible that they moved on with a better candidate even though I got hired? or am I over thinking? Any suggestions or advice would be helpful! :) 

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