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  • What's your stance on "aggressive" dog breeds?

    I'm curious to know what people's thoughts are on "aggressive" or "dangerous" dog breeds such as pitbulls and rottweilers. I've never met or worked with one of those animals so I personally don't have much of an opinion, but I know it's a hot debate. So my question is this: are you for or against the regulation/banning of so-called aggressive dog breeds, why or why not?

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  • Is a 20 watt amplifier enough for this space?

    Hello, all! I'm planning my wedding and, as you might imagine, trying to cut costs as much as I can. My fiancee has suggested that we could use an AUX cable to connect a phone to her amplifier (Orange Crush 20RT) and just run through a playlist on Spotify for the night. I'm a little worried though that the amp wouldn't be enough to fill the room with sound. We are having our reception in a 2009 sq. ft. space with tile floors, suspended ceiling, and an interior glass wall, if that helps. We are planning on placing the amp in the rear corner, sectioning about half the space off for tables and about half for dancing/general milling about.

    We don't need the music to be bumping in the far side of the room where the tables will be, of course, but we'd like it so that one can actually hear the music from the dining area.

    Thank you for your help, it is appreciated!

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  • What (besides cream cheese) could you frost red velvet cake with?

    I know that traditionally, red velvet cake is frosted with cream cheese frosting but, between you and me, I don t really care for it so much! I m planning on having a red velvet wedding cake for my 2020 wedding and I m just curious, can you use say, a regular vanilla buttercream? What other flavours would work well with a red velvet cake?

    Thanks in advance ♡

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  • Choosing an officiant for my same-sex wedding?

    Hey y'all! I'm planning my big, fat gay wedding and the time has come to start interviewing officiants. I'm lucky enough to live in Canada so we do have anti-discrimination laws in place but for obvious reasons I don't want someone who harbours homophobic sentiments officiating my wedding. I suppose what I'm asking here is, how do I weed out potentially homophobic/bigoted officiants? What questions should I ask?

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  • Naming a star after my fiancee?

    Hello folks! I've purchased one of those "Name a Star" kits as a present for my fiancee, a super sciencey space nerd <3 I was thinking of naming it for her last name, she really likes it and I will be taking it when we get married. Is this a good idea?

  • How easy is it to get an elective/preventative hysterectomy in Canada?

    Hey folks! I have a quick question for you. I have a long family history of reproductive cancers, for 3 generations women have needed to have total hysterectomies (the removal of the uterus and cervix, in their cases the ovaries and fallopian tubes as well) before the age of 40. Anyway, for that reason and also because I have polycystic ovary syndrome, I want to get a preventative/elective hysterectomy. Now I've heard that people have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a preventative hysterectomy and even that some are flat out refused or told to wait until their 30s or 40s or later. I want to have an idea of how difficult it's going to be for me to get referrals or consults for surgery before I go into it so I can kinda be prepared.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Do you know this book?

    I was suddenly reminded of a book I read when I was about 12 today, but I can't remember the title!

    It was about a rather ordinary boy whose last name began with the letter Z, and that was the focus of the story. How he'd always been last because of his alphabetical place. I remember he had a teacher that put the class in reverse order to make this kid feel more important. I also remember him being friends with a young girl who gave him a bubblegum stone (hopefully you know what I'm talking about if you read the book.)

    I'd really like to find this book again, if you know the title that would be super helpful! Thanks!!

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  • Temporarily hiding a new tattoo?

    So, I turn 19 in a few weeks and I m getting my first tattoo this weekend, kind of as a birthday present to myself. My mom though, she seems to have the idea that one should wait substantially longer before getting tattooed even though she and my father both were tattooed at younget ages. My tattoo will be on my forearm, just below my elbow, and I m wondering if any of you have some tips so I can hide the tattoo until a little after my birthday, just to give the impression of a longer wait period.

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  • My cat lost her appetite?

    We recently moved house and I've noticed that my cat has not been touching her food. She drinks water, and she's used her litterbox, but she's not eating.

    I'm a little worried because we had to separate our cats (partially because my cat had rather badly injured our other cat in a brawl) during the move. Is there anything I can do to entice her to eat? She's already rather slim... the appetite loss is really worrying me.

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  • When to ask what we are?

    I've been seeing someone for a while. We met online and live rather far from each other, we went on a few dates while they were in town and they'll be coming up to visit me again in the summer so... should I ask them what are we? I really would like to be in a relationship with them but I'm not sure that's what they have in mind... help?

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  • When should I take my cat to the vet?

    My 2-year-old cat has been limping since Monday. We initially thought that she might have pulled a muscle in her leg so we decided to observe for a while but she's still limping. She hasn't been roaming around as often as normal, she's just been hiding in the house. She won't even come when we shake the treat bag or shake her favourite toys. I'm getting concerned, should I take her to the vet or should I observe for a little while longer?

    2 AnswersCats3 years ago
  • Good sources to start learning about Wicca?

    I've been on the outside looking in for a while, and Wicca intrigues me. I'm searching for a religious belief system for myself, and I'd like to do some in-depth research. Where should I start?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 years ago
  • Why can't I have dairy after getting my lip pierced?

    I got my lip pierced yesterday and my piercer told me that I can't have meat, dairy, or alcohol for three days. Why exactly is that? And what exactly does it mean, anyway? Can I have milk in my tea? Butter on popcorn? Chicken broth?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body4 years ago
  • Can your vagina just be... Too small?

    I've had issues with vaginal penetration for a while. Tampons never "fit" properly, and I have never been able to fit more than a single finger in my vagina despite trying with sex toys and partners. It just hurts! And even with a single finger, I have brushed my cervix more than once. Is it possible that my vagina is simply shallow and/or narrow? Is there anything I can do to alleviate the problem?

    4 AnswersWomen's Health4 years ago
  • Is "reverse racism" a real thing? How do you define racism?

    Generally, racism is a majority race using their power to oppress and discriminate against a minority. If this is the case, can a person of color be racist towards a white person? Whether or not you believe they can, how do you define racism? As systematic oppression of a minority, or individuals discriminating and disrespecting people on the grounds of race?

    7 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups4 years ago
  • Can I take my birth control two hours early?

    I'm very new to birth control, and I'm not actually taking them to prevent pregnancy but to regulate my period. Anyway, I have been taking them at 7:30 each morning. Tomorrow I am working from 6-12:30 and will either need to take it at 5:30 am or closer to 1 pm. Is that safe? Should I try and bring it to work instead?

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  • How to help your voice?

    I've been sick for a while now and now it's just getting awful. My throat is phlegmy, I'm coughing up a lung, and my voice is really rough. I have a vocal music exam tomorrow and as it stands, I can't sing. Does anyone have any tips to help me get my voice back?

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  • What constitutes pornography?

    In Canada, there are pretty strict child pornography laws. If a teen possesses a picture of themself, they could be arrested for possession of child pornography. But I'm curious.... A bikini picture wouldn't necessarily be pornographic, but would a picture of a teen in her bra? What exactly makes an image pornographic?

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Is it ethical to amputate all four limbs?

    Let's say Sarah is 16 years old and admitted to hospital with a rash on her arms and legs. Tests confirm that she has a flesh-eating bacteria that is impervious to drugs. The only way of curing Sarah and saving her life is to amputate all four of her limbs. If she doesn't have this amputation, she will die within days. Is it ethical to amputate all four of her limbs?

    12 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • What would happen if a quadriplegic was sent to prison?

    Say Bob was a drunk driver and got in an accident with a car full of teenagers. This resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic. The teenagers die as a direct result of their injuries and Bob faces criminal charges. What happens to Bob, seeing as he'd be completely dependant on others to take care of him? Would he go to prison or what?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago