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Michael B - Prop. 8 Repealed!

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I am a Christian gay man. I do not have the slightest difficulty reconciling my gayness with my Christianity. I believe that those who use the Bible to justify homophobia are misinterpreting Scripture. If they bothered to study the supposedly anti-gay passages in the Bible, they would be surprised to see what they really mean. God created me as a gay man and He loves me as a gay man. Beyond that, I am single and the only male in my life right now is my pet dove, Fred, who loves me very much. He is 18 and a great companion. I'm sorry to disappoint those who rant about the "gay lifestyle" and describe it as an existence of sex, drugs and never-ending debauchery: I rarely go to bars; I do not do drugs; I have a beer or two once in a while; and I do not have continual one-night stands with strangers. I also like hiking, most kinds of music, movies, keeping up with the news, hanging with friends, walking, gardening and baseball (Oakland A's).

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