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  • How good is 3mbps?

    We have to get Centurylink and though we have money for better plans it keeps saying it’s the only one we qualify for.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating5 months ago
  • What’s the difference between a gaming router and a regular ons?

    I always thought the router and wifi speed and whatnot depended on what service provider you’re under. Im looking for a gaming setup and saw on a website a $400 router that had specs that I didnt even know existed.

    2 AnswersComputer Networking6 months ago
  • Looking for a good cheap gaming desktop tower?

    Last time I had a desktop was when I was 5 and I used my aunts computer. Being on my own and whatnot since I’ve had nothing but laptops, and I don’t like it anymore. I mainly stuck to laptops because of how much I moved but I would like to settle, and try something new. I didnt even remember what the tower thing was called I actually thought it was the monitor itself.

    I’m looking for a low budget gaming desktop that’s still fairly new and runs well and I am not good with picking. My current one is Alienware, but older gen and its been kinda crappy since I got it. I don’t really know how pricey desktops are, as before considering it I was gonna get the new alienware 51m for 4k (Not any time soon even if I was to still go for it) but Im looking at around 1-1500 worth if thats good enough. I just need more knowledge and help to know what’s good. The monitor’s I find are pretty cheap, it’s just the towers I don’t know. I don’t really know what each one is for either, other than to turn on the computer and the display.

    Desktops6 months ago
  • TV is on static with HDMI plugin?

    I have my PS4 tuned into HDMI 1 and it's all static-y.

    2 AnswersTVs8 months ago
  • TV is on static with HDMI plugin?

    I have my PS4 tuned into HDMI 1 and it's all static-y.

    3 AnswersTVs8 months ago
  • Jailbreaking a Switch?

    Not trying to, but what are the benefits?

    I don't need any lectures about how it sucks cause people put their time in games that are possibly free or anything. I'm not trying to Jailbreak anything, I just simply want to know what good it does. I recently came across a video with CustomFirmware installed on a switch which is what I'm takin as a jailbreak, and what does it do?

    3 AnswersSoftware9 months ago
  • Period suddenly disappeared?

    Came yesterday, gone today. Never happened before. Anyone know what this could mean?

    Women's Health10 months ago
  • How do I save iPhone Photos?

    I wanna completely wipe my phone because I think it has a virus or something, cause I had 100gb of free space and now it’s somehow full.

    I can’t exactly backup my phone cause there’s not enough space on my cloud but all I really want to save is my photos so I can come back to it. Is there any way?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 months ago
  • PS4 Problem?

    I have a Playstation Camera and it doesn’t work sometimes. I bought a VR Bundle and it’s fairly new. Only around a month old.

    The camera itself is plugged in and everything, and it works for a majority of the time but sometimes it’s just off. I’ll go to it in Devices and adjust playstation camera and it’ll say it’s off. Does anyone know why?

    PlayStation11 months ago
  • Can you use a wifi service in another state?

    Long story short I’m moving states and I have no idea if I can take my boxes and use them where I’m going.

    4 AnswersComputer Networking11 months ago
  • Sims 4 PS4?

    Just bought it. Used to play it but don’t remember much. I do remember that we could see through the houses and such, though. I can’t see through my house or go through the door for whatever reason, and my house literally burned down because I couldn’t extinguish the fire.

    Another thing-

    is there a way to change your sim’s appearance once you’re already in the game? I customized my sim a certain way but when it loaded into the game it’s not at all what I made and it’s making me mad.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games11 months ago
  • Laptop is being slow?

    I've had this problem for a while now, and at this point it just feels like my laptop is falling apart. I have an Alienware laptop and it worked fine for the longest time, and then one day I came home and hopped on and it was so incredibly slow and laggy. My games always ran at least 60fps and now they're no higher than 20. There's more issues than just lag for games. It's like the entire computer just slowed down by a crap ton, and it isn't a virus. I've got it checked, I've tried using malware to detect anything, physically there's no real problem anyone can find and it's pissing me off. I feel like I'm using a fricking Windows 96 computer. Not to mention the font for some things somehow changed. Using discord the font has always been this smooth white look, and now it's also like an older windows 96 font or something of the sort. For an upgraded laptop whatever happened it's like it just outdated my system.

    I know most of this probably won't make any sense but I know no better way to explain it.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks12 months ago
  • Whats the difference between an External Hard Drive and a Portable Hard Drive?

    Im looking for a 4TBH Ex. HD for PS4 and Im seeing it say Portable and External.

    Is there a difference?

    1 AnswerAdd-ons1 year ago
  • What’s the highest average internet speed?

    I just wanna see and compare how well my internet speed is to others, because when looking at services from different things like AT&T and Verizon (didnt even know they provided wifi) I see plans as low as 6mbps, then other providers thay offer up to 940mbps and it makes me question what’s good mbps?

    4 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 year ago
  • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories help?

    I noticed through Sora’s gameplay that none of my cards did anything to enemies. Every card would say “recover” over the enemies heads, as if they recovered with each attack I did.

    If I got lucky every so often my attacks would hit, but it was hardly ever.

    I managed to finish the game on Sora’s part, but now doing Riku, I have the same problem. But none of his attacks has hit and I’ve been fighting Maleficent for almost an hour now.

    How do I get rid of this “recover” thing?

  • Eating certain foods make my mouth itch?

    This does sound quite stupid, as it sounds like an allergy, but it isn’t.

    There are certain things I eat that make my tongue and in rare cases my gums itch.

    I do take care of my oral hygiene, so can anyone find out why?

    When eating bananas, my tongue itches for a while.

    Eggs, same thing.

    3 AnswersAllergies1 year ago
  • As of right now, what is the all time fastest car in GTA Online?

    Not in categories, but the *fastest* car.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games2 years ago
  • Something is wrong with my shift keys? (Alienware)?

    So, I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the side buttons but I don't think it does. Often times, the shift keys kind of manage themselves. Meaning, they work without my pushing it. It messes up my laptop. If I'm trying to type numbers or erase a full link, it'll do symbols instead, or take only some of the URL. I don't know what Sticky Keys does, but I don't think it's that since it's never shown up before.

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks2 years ago
  • Spiderman (PS4) help?

    I beat the game. In fact, I’ve done everything in game except the optional lab projects. I just finished the circuit one, but I can’t do the Spectograph one. I thought I was lost, so I looked it up. I went to the place where the Spectogram is and there’s no option for me to be able to do it. Am I missing something?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games2 years ago