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  • Can my employer make me stay home?

    I was exposed to my son who was exposed to covid. It’s been a week since his exposure and he has no symptoms, neither do the rest of us who’ve been around him. My work is hinting at I should quarantine for 14 days because I was exposed to an exposed person who is just fine a week later. My son is autistic and putting him through a test is not ideal. Especially when he doesn’t have symptoms. 

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 week ago
  • How long is a reasonable amount of time to expect one employee to do two jobs while you look for someone else?

    Our receptionist quit and I have been having to answer the phones and the door (from my desk upstairs) in addition to doing my own job, while they look for someone else. They’ve gotten 166 resumes and interviewed 3 people. They are running the ad again because they just can’t find the right person. It’s a receptionist! Not a high level VP or anything! 

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  • Women in your 40s, do you like your husband?

    I'm 48 and I still really like my husband.  I'm still attracted to him, I still like spending time with him.  From talking to most of my girlfriends, I don't get that they feel the same way.  They prefer to vacation with their moms/sisters/girlfriends, they never spend time together when they're both home (one in the living room watching TV, the other in the bedroom playing on the computer). They never go to eat/movies/out for drinks just the two of them.  Are some people truly happy like that?

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  • What kind of job can you get with a bachelors degree in political science?

    And, how much of a difference would a masters in poly sci make as far as finding a job/salary difference.

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  • Who gets the master bedroom?

    My husband and I sometimes travel with other couples and rent a condo/small house.  We always split the price equally on the place we rent but when we get there, it's always so awkward to decide who gets the master bedroom.  The bed is usually bigger and there is usually an en suite bathroom. Any suggestions? It's almost always just one other couple at a time, not several.  And not the always same couple every time so "taking turns" doesn't help"

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  • Why do men think it's cool to hate their wives?

    My husband says the guys at his work constantly complain about their wives.  That they have to beg them to go hunting or fishing all weekend.  That they've gained weight.  That they never want to have sex, etc.  My husband says he feels like the odd man out because he never chimes in and when they ask him about it he says he has no real complaints.  He said these men are not exactly underwear models and all have beer bellies. He said they brag that they don't change diapers or clean the house. And that they want to go hunting and fishing every single weekend, leaving the wife at home with the kids.  My female married friends will gripe every now and then that their husband snores, but for the most part we don't complain nonstop about our husbands.

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  • Question for married women in their 40s, do you have a hobby?

    Would you say you have a hobby? If so what is it? Also, does your husband have a hobby?

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce4 months ago
  • Is there a TRULY 2 year degree that is marketable and makes decent money?

    Because of my age I am not interested in spending $50,000 on a 4 year degree. But I'd be interested in a 2 year degree. The problem is, all the 2 year degrees I look at have 1-2 years of prerequisites before you start the 2 year degree. HOW is that a 2 year degree?? And the 2 year degrees that don't have said prereqs make $13/hour upon completion. And don't anyone say Medical Sonographer, Rad Tech, Surgical Tech, etc because they all have 2 years of prereqs before starting the 2 year degree.

    10 AnswersHigher Education (University +)7 months ago
  • Question for business owners.?

    I'm employed part time at a smallish (15 employee) office. I've been here 3 years. The first year I worked 20 hours/week and the last two years I work 30/hours per week. I get no benefits. Considering what I do, I'm probably maxed out as far as a fair salary for the area I live. This is what I want to know, would you continue to give a "maxed out" employee small raises to show appreciation for loyalty? For cross training on other desks to cover for people when they're out. Or would you be willing to possibly offer something else as a token of appreciation like paid holidays, or limited PTO. I like my job, but there is no room to "advance" in my office. I'm wondering if I stay here forever if I should never expect another raise or any modified benefits.

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  • In your opinion, should long term part time employees get modified benefits?

    Should a part time employee who has been with a company several years get some benefits? Not a full package, but maybe paid holidays? A few paid sick days, a few paid vacation days. Not necessarily a full health/dental/401k package. But SOMETHING to let them know they're valued after several years of service.

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  • Do you have to bring a gift to an engagement party if the invitation mentions where they are registered?

    My husband's aunt invited us to an engagement party for her son (my husband's cousin). The invitation lists the two places they are registered. I'm up to date on etiquette enough to know you should't do that. But since she did do that does that mean we should bring a gift? I feel like if she wanted to make it a gift giving event she should have called it a shower.

    11 AnswersEtiquette9 months ago
  • Can you charge to tutor a class you're currently taking?

    My daughter is in a college chemistry class. She's made 100 on both exams so far and loves the class. Many of her classmates are struggling. Would it be appropriate to offer to tutor them for a fee even though she's enrolled in the class and hasn't finished it.

    5 AnswersTeaching9 months ago
  • How does AA work?

    Does AA actually teach tools to help you stop drinking, or just tell you to surrender to a higher power and "let go and let God"?

    4 AnswersPsychology9 months ago
  • Could I have handled this better?

    My husband and I are taking my son on a small weekend trip for his 21st birthday. My Mom came over the other day and put a check in my purse for me to find, it was a little contribution to the expenses of the trip that she wanted to surprise me with. The next day I cleaned out my purse and didn't see the check and I must have thrown it away. Today she asked me if I got the check (it's been several days and I hadn't acknowledged it). I told her no and we determined that I must have accidentally thrown it away. I apologized over and over, I feel like an idiot. She seems irked at me. "I guess that's what I get for trying to surprise you!" And has not offered to give me another check. I don't NEED the check, I booked the trip based on what I could afford, but is it odd that she's not offering to write another check? It's not like it was cash that I accidentally threw away.

    10 AnswersEtiquette10 months ago
  • What's up with all the trolls?

    This used to be such a good forum, but now the trolls have ruined it. What kind of a pathetic low life loser just sits around all day spewing hateful nonsense to people are are sincerely seeking out information/advice. It's a shame some panty waste douche bags ruin it for every one.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 months ago
  • Why are good nurses leaving the profession?

    My daughter is a prenursing student. She's wanted to be a nurse as long as I can remember. She makes excellent grades, in fact people have suggested she consider med school instead of nursing, and she thought about it for a minute, but she said "Mom, I don't want to be a doctor, I want to be a nurse." So many nurse friends of mine are telling me she should reconsider, and many of them are leaving the field, but none of them are very specific about why. They just say "It's changed." "I don't want to do direct patient care anymore." Are they just burnt out? What do they mean "It's changed'?

    3 AnswersHealth Care10 months ago
  • Should I get my college aged daughter a Valentine's Day present?

    My daughter and her boyfriend are away at college together, I'm sending her a little Valentine's Day care package. His mom and I went in on a restaurant gift card for the two of them but I also saw a Kendra Scott heart shaped necklace I thought my daughter would like. I've always bought her a little something for Valentines Day but this is the first year she's had a boyfriend. I'm not trying to upstage anything he would do for her or buy her. Is it inappropriate for me to send her jewelry now that she has a boyfriend?

    4 AnswersValentine's Day10 months ago
  • What causes autism?

    The rate of autism is skyrocketing. I do attribute some (not all) of it to diagnosing some kids who are just "quirky" as autistic. But we can't deny that real autism is on the rise. In your opinion, what is the reason behind the crazy high number of kids who have it. Please, no mean or sarcastic comments like "they just need a good spanking"

    17 AnswersSpecial Education10 months ago
  • Is this parental interference?

    My daughter and her boyfriend are away at college together. Typical college students, money is tight. His mom and I are going to go in on a gift card to a restaurant and send it to them in a Valentines Day card from the two of us. (they went to high school together, his mom and I are friends). My friend told me I am "interfering with their relationship" by doing this. And she won't elaborate. Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

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