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Questions200 Hi! I'm Nick. I'm41 going on 16( still childish at heart) A PROUD Aussie, & a Victorian Married for 14 years, with 2 feral boys( aren't they all?) Aged 9 & 6. I'm a good friend to those i choose to side with. I love photography I am Passionate about Sports, Aussie Rules, Rugby( Union & League) Cricket,etc, etc. I HATE intolerance & ignorance & will tell you straight up if are being a wanker, if the thought of that offends you....BAD LUCK! Dont be a wanker!!! .A friend of mine says it beautifully" if you want to be lovable!"( Thanks Rosie) I have a sense of humour that is not left of centre, nor is it right of centre, IT'S JUST OUT THERE.....SOMEWHERE! Don't upset me OR any of my other contacts & we will get along fine. if you want to add me, that's fine....just e-mail me first, then wait for me to reply. if not, you'll be blocked! TOO many freaks out there. Have a Great Day :-)

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