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  • If you could pick 3 Rick and Morty episodes to show to a beginner ?

    If you wanted someone to understand its genius but without needing back-story, which ones would you pick? Would be cool if you explained your answer. 

    Polls & Surveys4 months ago
  • Canceling Prime Channels? ?

    Prime gave me a 30 day trial and I subscribed to several channels that didn't heed your *cancel* message. I can't afford for them to take more out. Please help. 

  • Domestic Abuse Forums?

    I not only need to find a good place to get some SERIOUS advice on a personal issue regarding my best friend, who is being brutalized and controlled by a psychotic monster, but it needs to be active. I need advice PRONTO before I opt for my favorite solution.........please help.

    2 AnswersLaw & Legal2 years ago
  • Can you use rush card or prepaid for PayPal?

    Sick of paying transfer fees to Walmart, moneygram and Western Union.

    2 AnswersCredit2 years ago
  • Abuse statistics?

    A female friend I would die for left an abusive relationship, but like so many before her she was manipulated back into it. She has a young daughter. I am wondering where I can find statistics that state:

    A- How much more likely a woman beater is to also abuse children than a non-abuser

    B- How likely they are to become a child abuser, period

    B is the important one. Clearly anyone who beats a defenseless woman is more likely to hurt a child vs someone with no history of abuse, but I'm wondering how many are virtually GUARANTEED to do it. Any additional statistics are welcome.

    1 AnswerFamily3 years ago
  • Debit card stolen and used?

    I misplaced my card today and someone ordered football tickets and a pizza. I stopped payment as soon as I realized it was being used. My question is will they be able to use their tickets to that game? Or should I have a cop waiting at the seats they'll probably be sitting in? Please help it's my only way of catching them.

    4 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 years ago
  • Beauty and the Beast timeline?

    I thought I had it figured out - in Be My Guest it's revealed that they've been cursed for 10 years. 21 is the age he must fall in love. Everyone already knows this seemingly harmless Disney mistake, implying she cursed a child.

    Then I remembered something. When Belle gets busted in the wing she spots a picture of Beast in human form. Exactly the guy that shows up in the end.


    3 AnswersMovies3 years ago
  • Why does everybody criticize NBA for recent lack of parity?

    Everywhere I turn it's *NBA is boring, we already know who will be in the Finals* or *super-teams hurt the league*. Now I don't expect everyone to remember the 80s when the Finals featured one of 2 whole teams literally every year, but I would hope everyone knows the Bulls won 6 of 8. After that the Lakers and Spurs would take 10 of 13. Before this CLE-GS stuff we had 3 teams winning 16 of the 25 Championships awarded between1990-2014. What's more, that doesn't include the Celtics who own about 973 titles, nor the Heat who have become the gold standard of Unfair NBA Mega-Teams. But because everyone called GS beating Cleveland NOW it's suddenly boring predictable and unfair?

    But wait, it gets better. Between 2010-2017 suddenly 6 different teams have won championships, 2 less than the previous 35 years. The Mavs, Cavs and Warriors combined for zero the previous 40 years.

    NOW people want to criticize it for lack of parity? Please tell me WTF I'm missing here?

    4 AnswersBasketball3 years ago
  • Expendable Android Apps?

    I just got a new Android and am running into storage problems. My question is how many of these default apps are safe to uninstall or uninstall updates? Would it hurt anything, what do they do? Among others: Lumen Toolbar, Cloud Print, Hangouts, Uber, Google Play Books Games TV Movies and music.

    2 AnswersGoogle5 years ago
  • How about realignment, ONE more time?

    And by one I mean there more times. And by three I mean six. Depending on how you look at it. One more time we should try it, one team from each division switching leagues. Figuring out which ones were a cakewalk. Do you agree?

    NL East and AL East trade the Phillies for the Orioles

    -Baltimore and Philly are on the right currents for them to be the radical moves

    -Atlanta finally gets its rival when the Phillies get good again

    -Mets or Orioles will take the turn to 85-90 wins. NYY, BOS, PHI vs TB and TOR, love the market war and in the NL East they're 3 mid-markets, 2 huge ones. PERFECT!

    NL Central and AL Central swap Minnesota and Milwaukee

    -Brewers NL experiment has failed. They are more Cleveland and CHW than Cleveland and CHW are with their makeup and market. They need to build like it

    -Buxton, Sano and Arcia dukes out vs Baez, Bryant and Rizzo. MIN brings in great SP, CHC a stellar OF

    -Cards, Reds and Pirates watch all this. The AL would've had Trout, Buxton, Miggy. Not fair. Let the small-mid markets duke it out

    NL West and AL West do the most obvious overdue thing ever: Rockies for M's

    -Because the Rockies have always been an AL team. Always.

    -Because the Mariners have always been an NL team. Since Safeco

    -LAD, SF, SEA, SD pitchers parks for TEX, COL, HOU hitters grounds

    At least do the Western division one. Whether it's KC or MIN, swap for MIL.

    Should we do this or is everything fine already?

    2 AnswersBaseball6 years ago
  • When will Baez see full time?

    .310/.738/1.048 with 5 HR so far this Spring, including a 505 ft. shot at Coors Field. Only 1-2 in SB attempts given 8 of his 13 times on base were either HR or 2B. No walks yet and they're trying him at 2B, so starting his clock immediately isn't an option.

    When is? People show up at Wrigley regardless and they still need a full year of Bryant before they have a legitimate shot at not losing 90. Does anybody see him getting the Opening Day start? Leaving him down an entire year aka September?

    BQ: Project George Springer, Billy Hamilton and Jurickson Profar

    4 AnswersBaseball6 years ago
  • How many tackles for Romo tonight?

    Last week he engineered a 48 point performance but lost because he threw a late INT. He took a HOARD of criticism from a deluge of haters because of this. Tonight I noticed he had a subpar game but don't see or hear a bad word from anybody. Does this mean he had more tackles and pass deflections than he had last week? Was he better on special teams?

    BQ1: How long will it be before an INT will matter in the 4th quarter of a game for an offense that has 48 or more points? If not this season, how many years will it take before a QB actually still has work to do after a virtual 50-point effort?

    BQ2: Last year's Superbowl opened with Tom Brady forgetting that grounding the ball in his own end zone awards the opponent a safety, and it ended with 2 points being the difference between them needing a FG and a TD (50 yard line with 9 ticks left). What difference would there be in terms of backlash if it was Tony Romo who made the error?

    BQ3: In the same spirit as BQ2, what if the Dallas Cowboys were the ones to compliment an elite TE with one Aaron Hernandez?

    Please set the pure hatred aside and answer these honestly. I don't care if you're a Redskins fan whose Mercedes just got totaled by the Cowboys bus because Romo insisted on driving. If you can't manage that, at least be witty with your hatred.

    1 AnswerFootball (American)7 years ago
  • Season 5 Breaking Bad: Where did the shooter come from? SPOILERS?

    After they rob the train some guy shoots a kid. I totally missed the part where he came in. I just saw him yacking with them about robbing a train. Dude came out of nowhere. Who is he??

    2 AnswersDrama7 years ago
  • What do you get when you put 2 and 2 together?

    Seriously, I hear people say this all the time but NOBODY actually seems to know how to do this.

    Go for it. The fact I'm asking this here will answer it, but not one person I've told it to responded with the right answer.

    6 AnswersJokes & Riddles7 years ago
  • Bluetooth mouse: Why won't my computer allow it to connect?

    I'm attempting to connect a bluetooth mouse to my laptop but not only does it not work, nothing is even showing up in the Windows bluetooth devices list. Add to that, the Allow Bluetooth Devices To Find This Computer box will not allow me to check it because of some BS about the device being unplugged. Can anybody help me with this? I'm extremely saavy with computers so I'll be able to follow non-layman instructions, if that helps. THANK YOU!!

    OS: Vista

    PC: HP

    Mouse: Motorola

    1 AnswerDesktops7 years ago
  • Zodiac song? Towards the end when he stares down suspect?

    It's a really famous song, me and somebody else trying to remember, all I know is it's featured in the movie Zodiac. Towards the end where he walks into the killer's business and Jake G. looks at him, the trumpet or whatever wind instrument part was playing.

    2 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • UPDATED bracketology sites?

    Iowa just finished the season 9-9 and 6th overall in the Big Ten. I know we're in now, but I want to see what the analysts say. Problem is every major news outlet I found is dated like days ago. Anybody know a place that does this stuff on the fly?

    1 AnswerBasketball8 years ago
  • Baseball analogies used in other sports?

    Does any other sport come even close to baseball as far as terminology goes? A long TD pass is often called a Home Run Ball in football. A perfect pass is called a Strike. A basketball player who scores the most points near the end of close games is considered a Closer. What else is there? And does baseball ever use crossovers? I can't think of one.

    3 AnswersBaseball8 years ago